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Jennifer Love Hewitt Still Has Fat Legs

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Fat Legs, Oh Yes She Does


Go ahead. Yell at me for saying it, like you did before.

I’m not saying she’s morbidly obese, but unless homegirl is pregnant, this is a little bit bigger than I like my starlets to be.

You think John Mayer would hit that? No. He wants a Wonderland, not a Wonderplanet.

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  • I think J.Love Hewitt is absolutley BEAUTIFUL. She put’s paris & britney to shame. I wish we would see & hear bout her as much as we do bout paris & brit. But she is a good girl. Nobody want’s to hear good thing’s bout good girls. SO I GUESS THE BAD NASTY GIRL’S GET THE MOST BAD ATTENTION!!!! So you go girl’s!!!! LATE.

  • Still a hottie, she’s what women should look like, not like those beanpoles that most people think are hot, like Cameron Diaz.

  • I too think she’s beautiful. I’d much rather her look like that instead of some skinny chick that looks like a bobble-head.

  • Errybody has their own taste, Beet. That said, I think she’s looking good. Anorexia looks good on camera, but I prefer beautiful women that don’t look so sad you wanna throw a cheezeburger their way! Plus, Jennifer is classy. That’s hard to find in Holllyhood!

  • Yup. Big ass legs but it’s due to the fact that her head has not reached actual size. Give it time to grow and develope properly.

  • hell she looks like a normal person not one of these celeb anorexics that we see everyday! shes probably the same size as most of the ladies that read this blog!

  • She is HEALTHY, not FAT. All this size 0 nonsense is equally as insane, not to mention unrealistic. It’s fantastic to see someone bucking the trend rather than bowing to it. Just because it’s trendy in Hollywood doesn’t make it right, justifiable, or sane. If the trendy thing in Hollywood was to throw yourself down a flight of stairs repeatedly until you broke a limb, would that make it right? No.

  • I’m glad that somebody says what the hell they wanna say for a change. It’s the Evil Blog. Deal with it, people fat legs and all…

  • I see the psychic show she does here in Europe,the one she sees and talks to the dead, anyway, I realized her booty looks a bit large on tv, but she looks nice.
    she looks like a woman
    the show is a bit boring or creepy sometimes, but the guy who plays her husband is a yum yum

  • I think she has a definate pear shape, and her thighs are a little meaty, although just in a Real Person sort of way. It’s her giant forehead that I find overwhelming.

  • You call those fat legs? FUCK YOU! The first picture her legs look great. The second on is a wierd angle that makes her leg in the back look really big. She’s lost a lot of weight so lay off! Dick

  • An absolutely stunning woman!! Looks happy, healthy, and on top of the world………and brothers and sisters that’s the only way to live.

  • I think that she looks beautiful. If she was skinny Evil Blog would be commenting on her anorexic looks. She’s this, she’s that, blah blah blah.

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is what all white women should stride for. Skinny bitches look sick. What she needs is a good, handsome, educated black man like myself to make her feel appreciated. A man who wants a woman with a little meat on her bones instead of those big ugly women
    the media what you to believe is all the black community have to offer.

  • cacahuatita said it best…i can’t understand why her legs would look like that when the rest of her body is still really thin. and it really doesn’t matter

  • I am 39 years male an indian origin from Kenya. I love Jennifer Love and like her sexy legs. She is a very nice, pretty and sexy lady.

  • They don’t look fat, they just look pasty. Nothin’ a good self-tanner wouldn’t fix. She’s pretty and she looks normal. Pretty sad that small-side of normal in the real world is whale-rific in Hollywood. But honestly, there’s no normal, red-blooded American that would turn her down.

  • on the fat legs thing. I guess you can have “pretty” legs without meat on them. You certainly cannot have “shapely” legs without meat on them. A woman wearing heels and especially if they have straps needs some meat there to fill the strap out. It looks sad the other way and off camera it really looks bad. Some models look good at certain camera angles but when you see them in person…it is another ballgame. She does not have a gut and she has “Curves”(which is what makes her look like a woman). Personally, unless there is something wrong with her personality…I was surprised to hear that she was having a hard time getting a date. The babe is sexy as all get out and I think her legs are her best feature.

  • Y’all are a bunch of first rate TOOLS! Her legs are not in the least bit fat, it is called MUSCULAR! The hem of the dress combined with the color of her shoes make her legs look a little less than hot, but not by any means fat. She’s fricken tiny…all of her alleged “meat” is in the right places. Bottom line? She’s hotter than you if you are a female and hotter than your girlfriend if you are male…so get over your celebrity obsessed delirium of self-importance. Knocking her doesn’t make it truth and it certainly does *not* make your ugly ass any sexier.

  • What the hell are you talking about??!? I don’t see any fat legs. I bet who ever posted that is moribidly obsese and didn’t see the outside world since 1986!

  • She is fat. WTF, she actually said she was a size 2. What a liar. She is at least a 10. That fat dumpy ass, those hideous saddle bags. All on a 28-year old, who gets paid very good money to look good. Always look at the mother, she is the window to the future. What a chunko. That bikini photo was a dead giveaway to her bigness.

  • She’s beautiful as is!

    There are alot of skinny FUGLY girls out there. I don’t understand why one would be condemned just by being “average size” when she’s beautiful.


  • Beet, you’re entitled to like your starlets to be built more like preadolescent boys, if that’s what you’re into. Flat asses, and narrow hips….GROSS, PUKE, GAG!!! Why would I want to reach down between the covers and touch someone built like me, a guy with no hips???? I like my women to be built EXACTLY LIKE JENNIFER. She is a complete goddess. Latin American and Mediterranean women celebrate femininity, and appreciate the wonderful curves that many of those women are given. Their men appreciate those curves even more. To me, those curves make women beautiful. If I wanted a skinny chick with no ass and no hips….well I just don’t see the point. Big, beatiful, heart-shaped asses and the delicious thighs and legs attached to them RULE MY WORLD!!!!!! JENNIFERLH IS THE MOST DELICIOUS WOMAN IN HOLLYWOOD. PERIOD.

  • Beet, you’re entitled to like your starlets to be built more like preadolescent boys, if that’s what you’re into. Flat asses, and narrow hips….GROSS, PUKE, GAG!!! Why would I want to reach down between the covers and touch someone built like me (but for the plumbing), a guy with no hips???? I like my women to be built EXACTLY LIKE JENNIFER. She is a complete goddess. Latin American and Mediterranean women celebrate femininity, and appreciate the wonderful curves that many of those women are given. Their men appreciate those curves even more. To me, those curves make women beautiful. If I wanted a skinny chick with no ass and no hips….well I just don’t see the point. Big, beatiful, heart-shaped asses and the delicious thighs and legs attached to them RULE MY WORLD!!!!!! JENNIFERLH IS THE MOST DELICIOUS WOMAN IN HOLLYWOOD. PERIOD.

  • First of all John Mayer had sex w/ Jessica Simpson….who is wayyyyyyy bigger than JLH!!! Jesscia only looked good in Dukes of Hazzard……..
    so i don’t know what u were thinkin when u ask if JOhn MAyer would hit that?
    …….any ways i don’t know what the hell is wrong with you people who think she is fat or has fat legs!!!!
    It’s Ridiculous!!!!!!!! SHE’s Freaken HOT!!! …end of story…
    PS. by the way every person who talks shit about other people’s bodies….is just not happy with there own

  • It’s not that she is a size 2 and that shouldn’t be considered fat. It’s that she gained wait and non of it is muscle. It shows because she has lost all the tone to her body.

  • Fat? Wow, what’s wrong with you? Please get away from the computer and go out into the real world to see what women really look like.

  • wow, you suck ass. you think thats fat? maybe im crazy because i dont like my women to look like twigs, or maybe you just have no sense of beauty.

  • Your seriously a very shallow bitch. her legs arent fat at all shes healthy. she is what people in hollywood used to look like, glamourous and healthy before they started throwing up in public bathrooms. i’m sorry but a size 0 is not cute, its scary. Actually any size below a 9 is scary, its only sexy in hollywood. an thats pretty pathetic.

  • Um….hasn’t anyone ever noticed that many, MANY celebrities have slender upper bodies and are “thick” from the waist down? For the most part, this particular body type just happens to translate well in photos and on film as most shots feature waist up framing. Hewlitt isn’t fat, per se, she was simply born with a pear shape.

  • She is beautiful – imagine waking up in the morning and rolling over and seeing that face sleeping next to you on the pillow. Heaven!!!!

  • She is no more the slim girl she was some years ago.Now she is a woman, a gorgeous, delighfull, adorable woman.

  • Jennifer looks more beautiful than ever! She’s got shapes, and a body like women are meant to have! We’re supposed to make children and have bodies to carry them, if we had bodies like Victoria Beckham it would have made that very difficult for us! (It’s a miracle that she actually has gotten through three pregnancies and that she still can stand on those skinny legs of hers!) Jennifer looks healthy and she is not fat at all! She and her body is so much more beautiful than Paris or any of the other super skinny celebrities. They should follow Jennifer in stead of trying to look like they have eating disorders!
    You have’nt seen a real woman until you can see hips, a booty and breasts!

  • I’d let her suck my dick, but I wouldn’t go near that ass or pussy – cellulite makes me fucking sick.

    I’d be like – Suck my dick bitch!!! And when she finished, I’d take off my belt and whip the brown out of her hair… bee-atch!!!!

  • fuck you
    you fucking shallow piece of worthless shit. I’m going to bust your nuts. Why would she want to suck your dick? She has way more money then you. I bet if she got close to your dick, she would shave it off. (with an expenise razor.) You fucking spindly goat fucker!!

  • You’re serious?!?!?! You are a freaking idiot and you are what is wrong with society. JLH is a beautiful woman. Her legs are not fat and neither is her body. You wish you had breasts like that…natural and big. Come back to reality please. Don’t quit your day job you wanna be tabloid journalist.

  • yes, i love a good horse face, not a horse-ass, though.

    rock on, fellow horseface lovers!

    by the way, she sez her implants have paid for themselves!

  • also all you little girls need to quit bitching about men liking skinny women. this has nothing to do with you, just because you are a little meaty doesn’t mean that all men have to like meaty women and are wrong for liking skinny girls. People have different opinions, big fucking deal. if you’re worried about your ego getting hurt you shouldnt read these websites

    she is bloody stunning
    see its people like u who make our society so currupt with teens getting pushed to the bink and becoming annorexic
    your job is absolutely pathetic
    what do you think you achieve by scrutenizing every little insignificant detail of a beautiful woman and just putting her down.
    she is a real person too and she sees all this stuff.
    you dont know her
    i dont either but i know that you are obviously a really bored bitter bitch who probably doesnt have a life of her own so you have to go around critisisng everyone else who does have a life.
    jennifer love hewitt has an amazing womanly body and it’s normal
    not like all that size 0 shit that we see every day in the magazines
    its disgusting.
    you must have some serious self esteem issues i suggest you go sort them out before u go critisizing people you dont even know
    and quit your job cos obviously nobody on YOUR page likes you.

  • You people are fucking insane if you think that she has fat legs. It’s called shapely!!! and they look damn fine. so what if she has a shape to her and isn’t built like a pole, if you want it skinny fine, but don’t cry when you get a hip bone in stomach.

  • She’s beautiful and I like her legs better than any actress. All I wanted to know if the eyelashes are real, other than that she’s actually gorgeous pretty much like my ex-girlfriend named Melissa.

  • Ok, we get it, for Americans size 14 is normal. But something else that’s normal in America is McDonalds, KFC, microweaved meals, shiny fake fruits and veggies without seads, bugs, etc. What I’m saying is American food is NOT healthy food and therefore America should not be put as an example of what all people should eat/look like/etc.

    So the next time say “this is what AN AMERICAN woman should look like”…not all woman. Cause, believe it or not, there are places where people eat much more and are nowhere near as fat as americans. No, they’re not bullimic, they just don’t eat CRAP!

  • When South American / Amazon native peoples, who have never been exposed to any magazines or TV or anything related to modern media, were then shown many photos of all types of women, fat, thin and everything inbetween, these stone age natives always picked the thin women, as being the most attractive and healthy…. Why ? Because genetic common sense throughout the real world, tells us all the truth – Being overweight is NOT natural and is basically unhealthy and unattractive – If anything, it is the perverse media and overweight women and men, who perpetuate the lie that, being overweight is OK — Ok for whom ? The junk food industry, people who hate to excercise, lazy, neglectful and ignorant parents, people who refuse to eat well… I am not suggesting people who are overweight should be down on themselves… What is inside a person, is what truly counts… But if we are talking about being more attractive and more healthy, I would listen to gentic common sense and perhaps, the current medical standards regarding body fat percentage ratios… Jennifer love is one of the most beautiful women in the world, inside and out… But her medical body fat ratios are bit off – Hey, no one is perfect – Well maybe Jessica Alba and Lance Armstrong – But they work their asses off to be that way – It’s their JOB !!

  • you are absolutely pathetic for posting something so digusting it’s people like you who are contributing to the growing number of girls with eating disorders.
    most females in hollywood set an unhealthy example and an unhealthy standard for females and here is someone who actually looks like a real person and she is critised by dispicable people like urself.
    if you want to post slanderous crap about girls who aren’t a size 0 visit a pro anorexia site. you’ll be right at home trying to convince girls to starve themselves to death to look like unhealthy hollywood stars.

  • I think JLH looks great. She gives all of us girls who do not have a couple of long twigs for legs confidence that we deserved to be loved and admired too! An ass is a good thing to have, and voluptuous legs go perfectly with it; like strawberries and champagne. Thank you Jennifer for STANDING UP for all of us that share your body type. You have inspired me to feel thankful for the beautiful body type we posses, and prefer it over any other!

  • I think people who tell she’s fat and ugly is crazy, she’s so hot, and beautiful, and sweet, and REAL..with her smile, her freshness, her spontaneity..and her legs not so thin, and her cellulite too..she’s really gorgeous!

  • Jane you are absolutely pathetic for posting such a disgusting and rambling opinion – It is people like you who contribute to all the unhealthy overweight men and women, who by the way, far out-number any normal and thin people, according to government and sane medical standards today – Spreading the word that being overweight is OK, only leads to almost every know health problem we have today, including breast cancer and diabetes, ETC… – Shame on you ! It is dispicable people like you, who perpetuate the lie that being fat is fine – Fine for who ??? People in denial basically !! – If anyone wants to be overweight, that certainly is their own business, for the most part anyway, as it affects innocent children who have no choice, but to follow in their overweight parents footsteps – SAD INDEED, as childhood obesity is an dark epidemic – Personally, I never put down Jennifer Hewitt, quite the opposite actually, if you properly read my post… It is you who are being slanderous and argumentative and plain NASTY – Stop trying to push your weight around, so to speak, as an abusive tool – Then you will find that no matter how you look on the outside, it is the truth inside you, that sets you free… Please don’t starve yourselve, just fill up on good healthy foods and good healthy relationships, with family, friends, self love and support groups – You reap what you sow Jane – Peace – N

  • She’s better than you could get.

    I think she’s hot, and of normal size. Any skinnier, and she’d be gross. I don’t know about you beet, but I think women should look like women, and not 10 year old boys.

  • Ofcourse, shes look verry good, and she is not fat, she is normal. So dear Jennifer dont lisen if someone tells you, something wrong about your body. You are perfect.

  • Am I looking at the right photo? I thought it said her legs were fat. all i see is normal. NORMAL LEGS. I see nothing wrong with her. Her hips look large in comparison to her tiny waist. Yes she gained weight. OMG end of the world. We should all sue her for having a normal body. How dare she let her thighs get that big. Doesn’t she know she can control their size with her celebrity mind powers. “my fat sensors are tingling”.

    why must we go through the world hating our bodies if they aren’t perfect. did anyone ever think she likes herself and she doesn’t let the size of her thighs determine her hapiness. geesh what a concept having confidence. whether she wants to lose or gain i still think shes

  • jeniffer is beutiful even is legs look precious because she has that hot face and a hot body jenny don’t listen to those who said u are not hot

  • seriously who ever made this page, you truly are shit at life, fuk me you must have nothin better to do than talk nonesense bout ppl, its imbarrisin, realli hun sort it out.

  • well said sophie n martin. i bet shes got a better figure than who ever published this page : P jelous r we? :D

  • Anyone who feels they can judge someone else has yet to be judged themselves… if you find stick thin “twiggy” let me barf up my food women attractive then no offense but you need to get a reality check. We are who we are and every single person needs to accept the people in this world for the way they are. So what if this person has bigger legs than that person or a chunkier tummy or hair in places that aren’t socially acceptable! That’s life and you gotta learn to deal with it cause frankly, those of you who think that picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt is not up to par in regards to her legs, need to take a look in the mirror!!! I really doubt your body is like that of Matthew Mcconaughey and your face is as handsome as Wentworth Miller’s. What kind of a website is this anyway??? Like who comes up with this kind of garbage??? Better yet, who actually agrees with it??? It’s very sad and I think it needs to be addressed! People like you are what society needs to fix in its mentality… enough with molding and sculpting ppl into what you want them to be! Try loving and accepting ppl for what they are, for who they are… maybe you should try starting with yourselves first cause I don’t truly believe that anyone who is really confident in themselves will try to bring others down… it takes someone with low self esteem in some area to do that! Look at yourself first and ask yourself, do you really want to be a minion of the media and keep others down or do you want to challenge the system, lift others up, and feel good about yourself? It’s your life… but you only have one, so choose wisely!

  • I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting! Look for some my links:

  • FAT???
    Hey dipstick, get your prescription changed!
    That isn’t fat, that’s normal, healthy, HUMAN FEMALE, instead of anorexic toothpick Hollyweirdy bulemic chick.
    WHERE-oh-WHERE do you people get your delusions? World Weekly News? Or the National Enquirer?
    Healthy People DO NOT wear size ZERO!!!
    THIS is a WOMAN; she will make some cowboy VERY HAPPY (because ALL cowboys LOVE fat calves), and hers are just right. She’s got all the right curves, in all the right places.
    Yeah, she could probably use a little toning up; depending on the time of year, she’s probably been a little off the exercise machines/running track a while. And, since she’s a working actress, she’s up at 4 AM, in makeup at 6, on the sound stage at 7, in production meetings, script reviews, pre- and post-production stuff (because she’s exec producer of Ghost Whisperer, STOOPID!!) until 7 or 8 PM, then home at 10 PM, IF she doesn’t have any social crap she JUST HAS TO ATTEND, in bed as soon after that as possible, because that GODDAMN ALARM CLOCK WILL KICK HER ASS out at 4 AM for another round!
    Now; where in that schedule is there a block of time for exercise? Can anyone point that out to me, in BOLD, PREGNANT LETTERS FIVE-FEET TALL??
    Get A Life.

  • hey, all those peolpe that call JLH fat are big FAT jerks, i think she looks like any other woman. ” what is cool, isnt always right, and what is right isnt always cool” so being 100 LBS isnt always good for a 30 year old. when you are 13 the normal weight is 100 LBS.!!!!

  • hey, all those peolpe that call JLH fat are big FAT jerks, i think she looks like any other woman. ” what is cool, isnt always right, and what is right isnt always cool” so being 100 LBS isnt always good for a 30 year old. when you are 13 the normal weight is 100 LBS.!!!! YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY TO THINK THAT

  • Ella es preciosa !!!. Siempre va a ser preciosa, divina y hermosa !!. Lo rellenita es subjetivo, pues tiene un cuerpo divino y envidiable

  • First of all, JLH is no longer the 18 year old girl we saw on Party of Five. She’s a 28 year old woman, and she is gorgeous. She is not fat, not by any stretch of the imagination. Anybody that says otherwise is either in serious need of glasses…or they have a severe body dysmorphic disorder. JLH may not have the heroin-chic look that so many females in Hollywood have nowadays, but I admire her for it! She’s a REAL woman, and I would KILL to have her curves…as would every single woman of my acquaintance!

  • Alejandro i totally agree with you curves rock!!! but i dont fancy her the reason for that is i tend to go 4 the oppisite sex :) But I don’t think Beet does :-/ i think she asked jlh out n jennifer turned her down so now she’s in a mood n tryin to say she’s fat. well Beet i’m gonna give u a tip..learn to make a decent gossip sitei mean come on this is crap i coul do better on piczo and thats a kids syt.. btw i rock at piczo n i’m surprised they haven’t hired me,,hmm. well back on the subject Beet U Suck Excep Ashley Tisdale Coz I have To Agree on u with her she does my head in..

  • Just now I have reached this site and thie beautiful pctuures,I love such beautiful legs and hope to meet more.waiting for more

  • the person who makes this cite schoul buy a glases.
    becouse here lags are no fat so ever.
    they are normal sporty legs.

    i give this women a 10 plus
    and the maker of this cite a fat 0
    you could only make a cite like this if your fat lazy and unlucky with yourself

    ey maker of this cite drr phil is close buy give him a call
    you sould need it :D
    to geth more selfconfedense whahaahha:D


  • Your guestbook is example of middle-class guestbooks. Congratulation! I’ll show your site and guestbook to my friends.

  • The site\’\’s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment – maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!N

  • she is no wear near fat
    they r very toned
    she is healthy
    least shes not beampole like Paris Hilton
    no offence 2 paris n other skinny people
    but she looks way better

  • I like this website. This website helped me with prayer learning. Good job. Thank you. Please provide more French prayers. Bye-bye.

  • I dont know how any of you guys think she is fat. Thats why girls get all self consious and turn to eatting disorders cuz assholes lik whoever posted this, has un real visions of what a real woman should look like. they shouldnt be skin and bones, they should be curvy and have a full figure…alot of guys i know find that wayy hotter. and trust me i kno.. im lik the same size as her .. so i guess im fat tooo…asshole.. shes perfect * and a really sweet person who doesnt deserve to have people talking about her gaining a few pounds. shes a real woman aND i deff look up to her *

    ( i didnt read all the posts so sorri if im repeting something someone else said lol )

  • Do you seriously not have anything better to do with your time than spending it bagging out a beautiful woman?
    She is gorgeous, her legs are sexy!

  • il n’y a personne qui parle français ici ???? pour moi elle est vraiment tres belle avec ou sans ses grosses jambes

  • How can you even tell if her legs are fat in this picture? She’s wearing a fucking circus-tent dress, so you can’t see her thighs and the rest of her legs look pretty normal to me. I guess that’s the lame wit you get from someone who writes a celebrity blog…

  • This website is very nice and colorful too. Its nice to have something to show others where you attend church and to show all the smiling people filled of the goodness of the Lord. You have a wonderful website here. May God rich bless you always.h

  • where’s this “fat” you speak of?
    people like you explain why so many girls think they need to starve themselves and throw up to be accepted.
    They see this bullshit on the internet and think it’s true.

  • I think Jennifer has beautiful legs. I love to see the movie Heartbrakers and it is just to see her legs and butt among other things like her sweet smile and sexy way of dressing. She deserves more credit than what she gets for all her credits, best wishes and a big kiss for you Jen!!!!!!!
    Ciao Allen Alberto

  • Some people are insane!! She has lovely legs, i want her legs, she has a great figure is lovely, i want to she her on a runway not some skinny stick that makes everyone else feel that they are the size of a whale when they are not! I am not an idiot and i do understand some woman are naturally skinny. That is her natural shape, and i bet she loves it i wouldn’t blame her! Im sorry but that is horried, she has perfect legs

  • she is such a sweet girl……it doesn’t matter how she looks…..or what she wear….she is glowing…..and she looks happy…..and because of that everybody will love her…because of her attitude and shine……nobody cares if she look fat or not…….that’s the point…….sorry guys…..u just lose…..

  • Well if you haven’t noticed… but she has NATURALLY thicker legs?! she’s not fat, in fact she’s beautiful! But her body has a longer torso and shorter thicker legs?! Those legs wont ever be as thin as paris hilton’s or whoever, and thank god for it because that skinny look is gross and frankly way out of style. She has an incredible body? The skeleton-skinny-kiera knightly look is gross, un-healthy, and unattractive. I think she has great legs and people seriously need to stop obsessing over HER weight, its her body not yours.

  • she is def , not fat . & does not have fat legs. who ever created this website must have nothing better to do, because your picking out the smallest thing that dont even matter ? LETS SEE WHAT YOOU LOOK LIKE.

    okay people? dont be all like ‘size 14 is a normal size’ and ‘she’s normal size’. she is FAT. maybe you guys are the ones who need glasses. have you seen the other pictures of her? she has a HUGE ass. A large waist. thunder thighs. FAT legs. and a tummy. it doesnt matter if most women in america look like that. that isnt healthy. and america isnt healthy anymore. she is making women want to get like that, which isnt healthy. I’m not saying she’s obesed. but she is most definetly overweight. and that is showing the wrong impression to little girls. little girls are going to look at pictures of her and think that its okay to eat crap and get huge and think it is okay. and that isnt good. i definetley

    • u are the most dumbass person to ever walk the planet..hell, ur probably the fat one whos just jealous of her great body….go back to mcdonalds and keep eating ur big mac, loser

    and she is definetley not pregnant. she has a huge ass. a big waist. thunder thighs. fat legs. and a tummy. normal women do not look like this. she is overweight. and is making little girls overweight when they see pictures of her like this. she needs to put down the fried, sugary crap that she eats and start working out at a gym.
    and dont be all like ‘oh, well youre probably anorexic.’ or watever. im not. last month i went to the doctors and he told me i weigh 130 lbs and after that ive been working out and eating helathy foods becuase weighing 130 lbs and being 5’5″ ft is soo overweight. so even though i love pizza and chocolate i stopped eating them because they were making me fat and now im healthy. jlh and half of america should do that too.

    • lol. you’re silly. she’s a celebrity, you’re not. she’s incredibly wealthy, you are not. she has a gorgeous face AND a beautiful curvy body. POST A PICTURE OF YOURSELF AND LET’S CRITIQUE IT KAY? :]
      hahaha, didn’t think soooooo.

    • You are an idiot. Any BMI chart will tell you that 130lbs for 5’5 is perfectly healthy. You are being unhealthy right now by starving youself, staying away from things you like, and being a bitch. After all, high stress levels are just as dangerous as being overweight, so you Ms. Grumpy pants should probably get off the computer, call a friend over, and eat some cookie dough. It’ll do you all good :)

  • I think all of you who have made nasty comments need to take a GOOD look in the mirror! You only WISH you looked like her, or for you sick males who have critized her, only wish you could get a girl like her. You need to learn to keep your mouths shut! Grow up and find something important to worry about (oh, that’s right, you obviously don’t have anything imporant in your lives).

    You’re all absolutely pathetic!

  • Totally agree with Ameila… For the males who’ve criticized this beautiful woman, shallow comments such as yours are the reason thousands of young women STARVE themselves in order to fit your superficial idea of beauty.
    Grow up!

  • WHAT PERSON DOES THIS, makes a site to slam someone they do not no! Its just sad, in my opinion she is beautiful, your opinion is that she is fat, far enough, but keep that opinion to yourself! Cause im sure this doesn’t make you a wonderful person! Doesn’t make you amazing, Doesn’t mean people love you, you get nothing from this but bitterness!


  • I’m not saying she’s morbidly obese, but unless homegirl is pregnant, this is a little bit bigger than I like my starlets to be.


  • wtf are all u dickheads going on about…you trying to make yourself look good? theres fuck all wrong with her shes just got least shes not an attention seeking anorexic skelation fucker (yes i do think anorexic people are funny because they look fucking hilarious and i have no sympathy!)…you bunch of fucking cocks..who the fuck do you think you are

  • fat legs? wtf ? why the fuck have u made this site slating her? you must be a sad pathetic person and i hope you fucking burn in hell id love to see a picture of you, you ugly cunt

  • can i just say this is the most pathetic site i have ever come across you fuckwitt…grow up and get a life who the hell do you think you are! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saddo or what lol im laughin at you

  • i dont think anyone cares if you guys have a dif. opinion its the fact that the public is “suggesting” that you have to be “skinny” (more like a tooth pick) to be pretty…. its a load of crap!!! i have been skinny my whole life i gain 10 fucking punds (in 4 years) and my mom started guilting me about it!! she also chased me around the house when i was a kid to make me bleach my hair blonde, its not my fault my hair changed color when i got older its hers! i am 5’4 and weigh 125 pounds and she wants me to be skinner?
    seariously people! ok sorry im done ranting about that… but you really should lay off… like you said everyone has their opinion so just because you dont like something do you have to pick on someone for it? cant you just let them be?

  • Omg you guys,,
    How would you like it if someone just randomly came up to you and said you’re fat. I can tell you one thing it hurts, even if it’s a joke. You’re just jealous that she is so much richer and more talented than you stuck up nobs are.

  • she looks fine u guys are just jealous because she looks normal and u guys have nothin better to do. she has probley more money then any of you lousy bithches that comment on her and rena is right you guys are just jelous she has a great carrer and she is doing good in her life so whydont u guys work on your own nasty selves and leave that poor girl alone.

    jennifer if you ever read this i love your show and you look fine so dont listen to what the nobodys say. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Her legs are def not fat
    i’m really tired of ppl trying to be super skinny like a model because its unhealthy

    she looks great to me ~! :)

  • fat legs must be her lucky charm, cause she probably has more money than you’ll ever make in your entire life. lol. silly wabbit.

  • you ppls are soo f##cked up! she looks great, and i wish i had legs like that!!!! im 5’8 and 140 lbs. do you think thats fat??? jen looks great and you motherfuckers that made up this fuck web sould go fuck urselfs!!!

  • she is gorgious! and totally not fat! I love her. in Ghost Whisperer shes awesome! shes just the perfect actrice. she is perfect.

  • The bottom line to me is hypathectically speaking… if the opportunity came around where she was interested. Fat or not I’d be with her. You know why? Because knowone is perfect. That and you can always say you were with JLH.

  • Okay,
    honestly who ever posted this picture and wrote that she has “fat legs” should go and actually look twice at this photo and you will see that she is not fat at all. She has a great body, and she is a successful women. I think she is an amazing actor and she is beautiful. All you can say is that she is fat, because all you can do is sit there criticising other people when you havent even looked at yourself! People who are anorexic are disgusting i have to say, and for the person who said that being a size 14 is unhealthy they are wrong, there is nothing wrong with that size, although im a size 8 myself. Being too skinny is very unhealthy, and i have to disagree with the person who said that you have to be skinny.

  • If your life revolves around looking up celebrity photos and monitoring their weight, then that’s a very sad fact about your own life. Having opinions and causes you so passionately promote is really commendable. She is disgusting, an absolute pig, her legs are a sign of the burgeoning obesity epidemic, a disgrace to celebrities and their aesthetic appeal, truly a big crisis for the common man. I mean because legs are really important right. More than health, war, poverty, right? Your post is really disgraceful to yourself more than Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  • Wow. Her upper half is so thin, I never expected she had legs like that. I wouldn’t say she’s FAT fat, but those legs are disproportionate to the rest of her.

  • Ill yell! Yeah and all the girls who have those legs in real life? are they all fat to!!??! She;s not fat! Get fucking real!

  • Her legs are extremely healthy looking, more to the fit and athletic side than model thin. I think it’s cause of her shoes that make her legs appear slightly thicker than they actually are. :3

  • ok you have made me feel ficken bad!!my legs are like longer but that wide!!!! you have pissssed me offf…. Say hello to my eating disorder!


  • Whoever wrote this… this 1s 4 u… she’s gorgeous beautiful face n has an insane gorgeous body thikk in all the right places.. Ur right she’s not skinny but she’s not newhere near fat… ur dumb ass is problyy fat fukking twat bag.. N I bet she looks 100 times better than ur sorry ass. So get a life n make money like her u fukkin loser!

  • She looks good.
    I’m happy to see someone who isn’t wasting their time trying to be grotesquely skinny, and starving herself JUST to please ignorant, sad, superficial people who live in a magazine.
    She seems happy and she’s a good weight.
    She’s not exactly perfect, but hey.
    Who is??
    She’s ALRIGHT looking.
    Not even fat AT ALL!
    You want to see fat girls?

  • oh my god…. theres nothing wrong with her legs, id swap.shes obviously aware of comments cos shes wearing neutral colour shoes to wonder women have such issues with their weight

  • Omg, your so sad! :( Its not all about being skinny you know, she looks lovey, there is nothing wrong with her weight….

    Teen girls are always worrying abou how fat they are, if they get told she’s fat they are going to think they have to be skinny! is that honestly a good thing? Millions of people are turning annorexic, and this is not helping ! :@ Grow up!

  • Not only are her legs fat-laden, the fat is unevenly distributed, lending a certain lumpy appearance – complimenting the cellulite on her ample thighs. She is broad in the beam as well, which provides a sufficient frame upon which ample additional lardage can cling. Jennifer Hewitt looks like somebody grafted her delicious upper body onto a fat dimpled stink-flesh and sweaty lard-beast undercarriage of questionable provenance. I bet she doesn’t shave either. Her face and boobs are like false advertising for the smelly fat-bod they’re affixed to.

  • Actually, upon further inspection and additional reflection, Jennifer Love Hewitt no longer lends me an erection. Her face is equine in appearance, and she has a funny looking neck. I do appreciate her lips, though I would hesitate to insert anything dear to heart between them, as there’s a good chance that dear object would soon become incorporated among the mass of lumpen pimpled fatty flesh sweating on her ample buttocks and thighs. The creases and folds of lard that comprise Hewitt’s lower body would tide a family of hibernating woodchucks through a Yukon winter ’till the spring thaw, were they adorned as Jennifer is with fat pimple erupted jiggly Crisco fat, slick and stinky with sweat and unmentionable female yeastiness, uncleaned due to inaccessible folds of clammy fat at her nether regions and gigantic buttocks.

  • What the fuck is wrong with you. She is beautiful and doesnt need to change a thing.

    Go die in a hole.

  • Most guys are so affected by advertising that they allow their taste in women to be controlled by the fashion industry. If you allow this, you “wear” women like clothes rather than enjoying them for who they are.
    If you do that, you’re allowing your buddies to choose your women for you. My taste in women changes from time to time. I was turned on by really thin girls for a while, then Asian girls, then chubby girls. I had a phase where tall, strong girls that could kick my *ss were the hottest.
    I don’t like morbidly obese women, but alittle extra girl is nice.
    But what about the woman herself? Looks are only phase one of a relationship, chemistry on that level just kicks it off.
    Have you ever noticed that Mother Nature tends to put opposites together? Black and white, thin and heavy? She wants to average us out, I think, and it makes it impossible to say what is “best”.

  • Wow..that’s so ridiculous. She’s hot as hell. And her legs are not fat. And anybody who uses the word homegirl, is a deuchebag.

  • You asshole. So every girl has to have a skinny figure and perfect body? Not everyone is the same, this just shows how shallow you are. Everyone is perfect in their own way.

  • And do you think all men think that way? I was just watching a movie with her and was thinking she was too skinny for my tastes. I like women who are healthy/homely to slightly chubby…sometimes even bigger.

  • thanx for saying that her legs are not fat at all that helps me so much. i am so worried all the time that my legs r fat. i have a flat stomach but i also have runners legs. anyway thanx.

  • jennifer love hewitt legs look fine. In fact there just the way i like legs. There big and pretty but not fat to me. The curves are well shaped and round and soft. Around the knees are round and soft not hard like some women legs. Im’ just saying that Ms hewitt is avery fine looking lady and lots of class. She ALso has a beautiful busty figure. A look that you dont see in holly wood as much these days.

  • I really don’t understand this at all. Their not fat at all. Their perportioned to her body. She’s a healthy weight and not overweight at all. Even so why in the hell should anyone care? The person who made this site is a complete dip shit. If you want to spread your diseased mind into the world go ahead but don’t be supprised when people give you their piece of mind about you. If you want to hate everyone for being an individual with different beleifs then go ahead but don’t try to drag everyone else down with you. Hate makes people ugly and its f****ing anoying.

  • I think she’s beautiful.
    I mean isn’t it actually scary when someone’s so skinny they’re like only skin and bone? that’s not pretty. =\

  • So you’re probably some fat loser who would die for legs like that. See you in hell.

  • You guys are all morons.She’s beautiful how she is.
    No one cares about your opinions about her.
    hah. she probably doesn’t even care for your existence douchebag. (: