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Um, When Did Jennifer Love Hewitt Get Fat?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Got Fat

Okay, before I get all the hate mail, let me clarify that Jennifer Love Hewitt is not fat by, you know, Missouri standards (sorry Missouri readers, but prove me wrong), but she’s way fat by Hollywood standards. As a teenager I remember reading article after article in Seventeen about “Working Out with Jennifer Love Hewitt” and “How Jennifer Love Hewitt Maintains Her Body” and now I feel like I should be reading an article called “I Know What You Did with That Entire Family-Size Bag of Cheetos.” I mean, seriously, I was so jealous of her in those articles because she’d be all like, “My body is a temple and kick-boxing is the Lord’s Prayer and I love working out and I never want to eat too much fatty food because I just love feeling healthy and blah blah blah” and now what the fuck is going on? You, my darling, are the very definition of pear-shaped.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a Little Big in the Hips Jennifer Love Hewitt is a Bit Large

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  • Her knockers are pretty big.

    Don’t worry, I won’t send you hate mail about what you said. Except the part where you said you read Seventeen. What a girl!!

  • Sexy.

    No seriously. Us Southern colored gents love us some cushion for the pushin’ more bounce to the ounce.

    And now she can wobble, but she won’t fall down.

  • She’s a healthy TEXAN and if a man wants bones, he should go get a pack of neckbones and put them on boil, and eat that!

  • Hokay. Please stop Nicole Richie (ie. Skeletor) for being the industry standard. You know that baby is NEVAH coming out because its hungry. Jennifer looks healthy and quite possibly not under the influence. ‘Nuff said.

  • She definitely has some child bearin’ hips, but I think the goofy sleeveless turtle neck is partly to blame. Those things just aren’t good.

  • OML FAT!! yeah rytive seen models fatter than Love u reeli need to get off the computer n go outside coz it

  • HowIsSheFatUWierdPeople! HueverSuggestedThatSheIsFatIsAMoron! UreProbablyTheFatOneJustWaitingForHerToGetFatSoUCanMakeUreFat


  • She Doesn’t need to be skinny She pretty as she is n skinny ppl r mank anyway n she isnt fat n its them jeans not her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would like a girl like Love even if she weighed 150 lbs. It’s not just about a perfect body…she has a great personality,great smile and lights up a room with her presence. Girls that are plain sweethearts are the best heavy,skinny or average…cut her some slack.

    I think she is very special and talented. Love, you have fans!

  • I really just do not like her. I think she is TALENTLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So of course in my own special caddy way I am so glad to see that she has gained a lil weight… HAHAHA better her than me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But by no means is she FAT.

  • She hasnt gotten fat you idots look at her tummy its still thin. See there is this process when ou get older for women your hips spread you know so babys can be born easier or am i the only one who paid attention in health class. Who cares if her hips have gotten bigger she still beautiful and im will pay anyone money if they prove to me that all men want is a skinny girl. i dont think shes haveing any problems getting a man Get over it seriously if you have issues with your body go to the gym

    I guess she finally realized that her only talent was eating.

  • I’m sorry but that title should say “when did JLH get so smokin hot!” I don’t come from hollywood, i come from real town america, and to normal people, this is one smokin hot woman! hubba hubba.

  • She’s a big fat fucking cunt with big ass knockers. I would play with those big ass titties but throw up all over that cottage cheese ass.

  • She is tearing the ass out of me. Her fat fucking thighs are rubbing me raw not to mention all stench of her dingle berries. She’s so fat now she can’t even clean her ass and now I stink because she can’t put the fork down. STOP EATING YOU CUNT!

  • she isn’t even fat!!! isn’t america supposed to be the fattest country in the world? there’s an obesity epidemic and you’re paying out on jennifer love hewitt because she’s not skeletally thin like most celebrities. she might not be skinny, but she looks healthy and that’s more than you can say of most Americans. and i’ll bet that most of the people bagging her on this site are a hell of a lot fatter than she is.

  • who ever wrote this is a jerk. Jennifer Love Hewitt is gorgeous, and they’re probably just jealous of her. listen to them. they think there’s something wrong with people from missouri because they’re not “hollywood” enough.Last time I checked being “hollywood” isn’t really at the top of may people’s priority list. Jennifer Love Hewitt also works for a living, and this person writes a blog. wow. And finally, how is Jennifer Love Hewitt’s weight any of this concieted gossip’s concern, shouldn’t they be making up some rumor about their best friend?

    p.s. im pretty sure she’s just wearing some unflattering clothing. shes really not unhealthy, or overweightat all

  • You people are all nuts; and tell me, is English a second language for all of you?

    She is fat, she doesn’t look good at all, face it. All of you who say she isn’t fat are either 1) chubby chasers (not that there’s anything wrong with that), or 2) overweight chicks trying to justify your own condition.

    It’s okay to judge her, she’s an actress and spokesmodel, she’s a professional who puts herself out there for us to judge; her body is her stock and trade. Go ahead, indulge (in mocking her that is, not in eating more pasta).

  • “The Truth”: I guess your body’s a 10/10 then? Haven’t you heard the saying about how people pick on others because of their own insecurities?

  • … and I’m not overweight, nor am I a ‘chubby chaser’- I’m just someone who HATES people who are cruel to others. And I happen to think that Jennifer Love Hewitt, while not skinny, is probably within the healthy weight range and far from fat. Hope karma gets you :)

  • You know what’s more fun then Jenn’s alleged large hips and thighs…is reading this blog! The ONLY reason I came on here was because my sister made a comment about Jennifer and her weight. Well hell…she must think I’m the goodyear blimp! You know I pray every night that I could be 5’8 and weigh 50 pounds but than I would have Sally Struthers with a camera in my face and the carion birds hovering around me. Not my idea of fun. Thin is thin, big is big and everyone loves each other. Let’s all holds hands and hug:)

  • Wow…is this REALLY something someone from this planet wrote? Look, I am 100 pounds and a size 0, but I have an hourglass (36 C 24 36) body in a short 5’3″ frame, and I GUARANTEE YOU she is about as big as I am. So you must be either high, drunk or an alien to call her fat, either that or you are anorexic and seeing things through VERY distorted eyes, and you need help. NOT EVEN THROUGH Hollywood standards is this girl fat. This must be a joke. Everyone and their mom is bigger than her in this country, even in the city of angels. Think Jessica Simpson, J-Lo, Tara Reid, Pamela Anderson, Lindsey Lohan, and pretty much everyone except Nicole Richie before getting pregnant and Katie Holmes after Tom Cruise. I mean you MUST be kidding. Or jealous, I dunno. This is just sad.

  • Im a girl from down under Australia and seriously our women are beautiful, big and small.. Guys and girls dont dont talk like this here! some of the things you people say is shocking! We dont say nasty things like this about other people! INCLUDING CELEBRITIES! you guys act like you know these people! Where do you get off saying nasty stuff like this! She is a hard working women earning big bucks… what do you do? work at maccas flipping burgers! wow you are so accomplished! so before you go saying stuff like this check yourself first!! because I garrantee to people like yourselves that say nasty things about other people are so darn insecure and there will be people saying shit about you behind your back 10 fold! Think about it! Come down here and learn some manners!

  • jeniffer love huge tits, thats what my hubby calls her, she will be beautiful no matter what she looks like, she has a face of an angel. who cares what the rest looks like. If she is happy with who she is then so be it. Its all about loving you for who you are and being the person you want to be. your only put on this earth once and life is tooo short to be on a diet for most of it. leave her be and let her weight be what it is, if she is happy why should anyone be putting her down. I think she is a great actor and weight should not be a fact at all. she does her job that she loves and she does a fantastic one if that.
    I reckon its all the truely skeletal figured, bulimic anorexic, weight obsessed, dissordered people out there who make these stupid comments about these stars gaining weight. They just cant help but try to make themselves feel better by doing it.
    get a life you skinny anorexic, bulimic aliens. dont you now curvy is beautiful and men like something to hang onto.
    I’d give anything to be able to put on weight and look curvy like jeniffer love huge tits,
    and as for jennifers jeans says (comment on site), grow up and wash your mouth out with soap. its not her jeans that are screaming its probably yours.

  • First of all, insulting others whether they are JLH or a normal person off the streets is rude, moronic and exemplifies the idiocy of our society. Instead of bashing everyone who has a NORMAL body size, why dont you educate people on global and domestic issues, such as DARFUR. But I forgot, this is a culture where we induldge ourselves in trivial expenses to boost our own self-confidence. It shocks me that a highschool student understands more about the world then 60% of America.

  • um………….. yeah guys no matter how much weight she gains, if she even gained any weight i think what she is wearing is just making her look larger. Even so she is still pretty than most. She is awsome regardless of her weight.

  • On what planet is that fat? Are you seriously promoting stick-like starved skelton as a desirable body type? She is wearing jeans that actually fit her, and is slouching a little. She is gorgeous, healthy and real. If she were in front of me I would probably notice her as a really slim woman with a killer smile and gorgeous hair. Get a life! seriously!

  • Holy cow! She _is_ fat. Look at that butt… yikes! See []

  • umm since when did you determine that missouri was such a fat state? If you actually did some research and opened your little mind, you’d see that there are 16 states that are ‘fatter’ than missouri. and i bet you think we all live on farms and shop at wal-mart.

  • you all need lives. youre prolly sittin here right now, eatin junk food, looking at these pictures and being hypocritical. if youre on this site, it’s obvious you waste time on the computer, which means youre lazy, which means you are also probably even fatter than her, and therefore you needa stfu and get off your computer.

  • She has a fat ass. It’s not super fat; it’s just fat. If you like fat asses that’s fine with me. I don’t like fat asses. So that should be fine with you.

  • To the obviously ignorant people (who are now upset people because I called them ignorant) who think J. H. L. is fat get a grip! Everyone knows that actors as well as actresses gain AND lose weight according to roles that intend on playing. Even gaining the little weight that she has is this picture doesn’t make her fat. Besides….don’t you have lives? Shouldn’t you be killing yourselves in some manner?…….say smoking…..drinking yourselves to death?

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is not “Fat”. She has put on some weight and the costume department for Ghost Whisperer is very cruel. They use horrible flowy outfits that don’t flatter her hour glass shape. For a while there I thought she might be pregnant.

    This picture has her wearing unflattering jeans that hit her too high and add bulk to her bottom half. Other than that she isn’t fat. But she also isn’t a size 2. I could believe a size 5/6.

  • i know everyone keeps saying that she’s a size 2, but when i see those pics, that just doesn’t seem true. i mean, i’m not a size 2, but i know people who are. and that’s just not what they look like in a bathing suit. don’t get me wrong, she’s still beautiful, and by no means is she fat. but she keeps claiming a size 2. maybe a 7 or so. and there’s nothing wrong or fat about a size 7!!!!!!!!!

  • yea i don’t think she is a size 2 because she looks like my size… BUT i’m glad she did speak out because she looks great and a lot of men would agree…. as in the porn industry.. a girl has got to have hips and meat… Not a lot of course, but she looks totally healthy. Everyone get a life! i mean don’t you have better things to do like xmas shopping or something. If you are going to rattle about something, don’t rattle about someone’s looks. Maybe you can judge if you are dating this person but none of us know her. just leave the positive comments and get a life this christmas. Btw, any girls leaving negative comments about her body, i dare you to put your picture up and see what guys would rather have… you or Jennifer… i wonder who would win…

  • Just becuz she does not look like a skeleton does not mean she


  • There are so many people out there who are confused about what is good for you and healthy. just because someone appears to have extra weight does not mean they are unhealthy. This is almost the same as saying that someone is too thin, but in that case, that person may actually have a huge problem or disease. While having an extra 20 pounds maybe a bodies transition through age.

    We as a world need to understand that everyone is different, and just like personalities we cant all be the same. people are built in differnt ways, i can personally say that i will never be a size two. and thats because im big boned.

    although, we cannot say that its ok to be overweight and then not do something about it. if a person is living a respectible lifestyle that is filled with fitness and positvie decisions about their health, then why do we discuss this at all.

    People should not be looking at the size of someones waist or judging them based on how much they weigh. what really is important is how the person acts, and even then, we as people should not judge each other (that is what God will do).

    instead of putting all our energy into focussing on the weight gain of a famous actress, we should be focussing on what is important: the people starving in other countries, the thousands of diseases being spread across the world, the people dying everyday from aids and cancer.

    something has to change and it should be that any person, no matter their weight is beautiful based on their personality and their actions. We as a world need to learn to love one another.

    stop wasting your energy on things that are not important and go and change the world.

  • Um….hasn’t anyone ever noticed that many, MANY celebrities have slender upper bodies and are “thick” from the waist down? For the most part, this particular body type just happens to translate well in photos and on film as most shots feature waist up framing. Hewlitt isn’t fat, per se, she was simply born with a pear shape.

  • Boy I wish I was fat like her! I’m not obese by any means (a size 8) but I’m definitely not a 2. To those who say that those who criticize are jealous…that’s crazy, I’m not critical and I’M jealous. She’s a gorgeous woman making a TON of money. Anyone who’s not jealous is kidding themselves or lying.
    Yes, she’s a bit pear shaped, I wish I had her hiney…as I don’t have much of one. But she’s got an hourglass (maybe smaller topped one) cause the girls got some knockers (nice ones).
    I also say way to go to her for speaking up for herself and all young girls with body image issues (ie ALL young girls due to craziness like this!!!)
    Sickly is not beautiful!!! Curvy, regardless of size is how women are supposed to be built!

  • JLH fat? Not hardly. I would take her over those scarecrows, Brittney, Paris, Nicole and the lot of them. JEnnifer, you are beaiutiful, tell these idiots to GFT.

  • By Hollywood standards, she is a little overweight, yes. But as far as normal body weight, she is definitely not fat.

  • I think that it is disgusting that our society is so malevolent and twisted that people are calling her fat and disgusting instead of congratulating her on her engagement and wishing her all the best.
    Her and Ross are great together, and obviously he doesn’t think she’s fat. Why should we? Size 2 IS NOT FAT, neither is size 3,4,5,6, so on… WHO are we to judge?
    Besides, I doubt any of you would kick her out of your beds for eating crackers.

  • OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES She is a fucking cow compared to when she used to be thin and fucking hot. Jesus, you fuck tards are brainwashed – SHE’S NASTY AND FAT NOW.

  • FAT. But I’d still do her. Then I’d say “Get the fuck outta my bed bitch and sweep up those cracker crumbs. Fat bitch “

  • damn the pear shape is the ugliest shape-grooss hips-u can just see the hip bones protruding god shes an ugly duckling makes me want to gag

  • This is extremely sad that ppl are actually considering her fat! I don’t understand why having curves is considersiderd fat but when you look on the cover of car mags and mens mags they have these pics of brick house women. I think that most men want a woman with meat on their bones and not stick figure boy looking female. And that much must be true because after all the series of men Jennifer’s dated, she is now finally happy and engaged, and she wasn’t when she was thinner. You guys need to grow up and stop thinking that celebs are these perfect ppl because like us, their only human. And most of the time when we see them in mags and movies they’re airbrushed none of them really look that perfect in person. And they defintely get cosmetic surgery to fix what they don’t like. And as for these men who are criticizing, please cause I know the half of you are walking looking like mairo lopez are matthew mc, are ll cool j!

  • I think you’re all missing the point. To be honest.. who gives a shit what Jennifer Love Hewitt looks like. You either dig her or you don’t. And those of you who even mention ‘Hollywood Standards’ should realise that its comments like that, that continue this crappy vicious cycle of thin women in Hollywood.

    Just as a tid bit about history, beauty is a cyclical phase. 500 years ago it was truly sexy to have wide hips, big thighs, pale skin and a soft stomach, only 50 years ago it was the large breasts, big hips and skinny waists (helped by a corset of course!) that was adored. The next 50 years will see a huge change in what we identify with beauty.

    So are you all going to ride along with what gossip mags and ‘hollywood’ dictates as beautiful or are you all going to grow a frickin’ brain and love whatever you wanna love? Let JLH eat whatever the hell she wants to eat ~ it’s her choice.. not yours!

  • That chick is fat as hell! Someone needs to slap the shit out of her and put her on an exclusive all-celery diet.

    Her man should get slapped like a bitch too – for letting his ho get this bad.

  • dood all yall trippin she looks much better with the weight. she finally has an ass now. all the haters must be gotta have those skinny sick lookin beeches dont yah? get over it B she is much more hotter now than she ever was. (though she could get rid of the cellulite)

  • Everyone who says she’s fat or is about to shut up now. Really. Come on how perfect do people have to be. Just leave people alone, look in the mirror and any bets you will see something you don’t like. Imagine that spread across the web, in magazines etc so what if people are fat we’re all just gonna get old and wrinkley anyway so i hope we all get old and fat so none of us can say anything about the other cause we all would look like crap anyway. So HA.

  • She does look kinda pear-shaped, but I don’t think she’s fat I just think that she’s wearing VERY unflattering clothes. If she wore clothes that fit her right she would look amazing!

  • hey i know all the ppl that left her mean comments arent all the prettiest and skinniest ppl n the world and if shes proud of her body then let her be,no ones perfect!

  • Well this is typical America! You are all ignorant! You have a sky high teen suicide rate and you still criticize! It amazes me! Little girls grow up to believe that is fat because of ignorance played on the American part and because most women can not physically be that size, they become depressed, angry and commit suicide because they do not fit in!
    But what they do not realize is what are you trying to fit in with?
    How many of you who have made these ignorant comments have a college degree and or make 6 figures. I am going to go with none of you. And on top of that, I am sure none of you could tell me what a gym routine consists of.
    America can not put out enough graduates to fill the demand of their economy because you are al too obsessed with how fat someone is.
    Do me a favour… instead of looking at blog sites go look into education on the web. Stop making your country a joke to every other country who see’s your petty juvenile news that you take so seriously.

  • Okay, Missouri actually has a lot of really pretty girls that arent rednecks who dont shop at piggly wiggly and eat as much as there livestock do. And JLH is NOT FAT!!! Hollywood has majorly distorted your image of what fat is, and anyone who thinks she is fat needs to go to google images and type in fattest person in the world and then decide whether she is fat or not. And as for You are a loser!, not all Americans are so quickly to judge people by there looks, just the ones who have problems with their own body.

  • i dont think she is, but even if she was it wouldn’t matter anyway, the hollywood standards of being “skinny” hav been taken way too far
    everyone can be beautiful no matter wat they look like

  • I’ve never been a fan of hers, but I think she looks healthy and happy. She’s definately not fat, and her figure is lovely -sure, she’s not toned to the bone, and could lose 10 pounds without it being a problem. Hourglass-shape i sexy, most men feel that way, and childbearing hips are beautiful. Grow up.


  • She has the hottest body,
    I bet that a majority of the people who are saying she’s fat on her are probably heffers them selves.
    Fat girls HATE every girl with a great body.
    So all you fucking fatties saying shes fat,
    go look in the fucking mirror.

  • My gosh…some of the things you’ve people said on here are probably the most horrible things I’ve heard….it’s disgusting. Rosie O’ Donnell is “fat”. J.L.H. is average and looks healthy. I don’t understand. Just because she can’t fit into Paris Hilton’s jeans (for example) does not make her a “fat slob.” I for one am happy we still have a few people left in the entertainment industry that have kept a strong mind. She is obviously very secure of herself. It shows maturity and a great level of self-confidence and that is always going to be way sexier than a pair of size 0 jeans. I love that and you should, too

  • Oh my God, I cant believe some of the stuff Ive read on here. When did that become ‘fat’?! Honestly, if she’s classed as fat, I must be morbidly obese o_O Im a size 12, and I consider that perfectly average and healthy. Todays idea of weight is unbelievable – has everyone gone mad? Do you have to be a size 6 to be classed as average thesedays? In my opinion, her weight is perfect, and certainly not fat. You people need to take a look in the mirror and rethink your comments.

  • I just wanted to clarify something- while JLH weighs more than what she did in the past, this does not necessarily mean that she has ‘let herself go’ or is unhealthy. I happen to think that she looks fine, but besides that, here is my own personal testimony to maintaining a low body weight: Since the beginning of high school to now (4th year of college), my weight has fluctuated greatly because I went through periods of being anorexic and bulimic. Regardless of whatever phase I was in, I had to maintain an inhuman fitness regimen to keep my weight down. It was only when I was accepted into engineering school that I realized my dieting/exercise regimen was incompatible with real life demands. Now that I’ve kicked the eating disorders, I’ve put on more weight than I’d prefer, but that’s also because I don’t maintain the healthiest of diets going to college. The point I want to stress though, is this: that I exercise much more than the average 21-year old female does- a combination of running, walking, and weights combined with cardio. While this regimen literally used TO MELT the fat off of my body, it doesn’t anymore even though I still pretty much maintain it. In some respects, I exercise MORE than I used to, and my diet isn’t that horrible! I’m pretty sure why people are shocked to see that celebrities like Tyra Banks and JLH have put on ‘a lot’ of weight since the prime of their careers is because they are not spending every waking moment of their lives dieting and exercising. After your body gets used to prolonged calorie deprivation and excessive physical demands placed upon it, it goes into starvation mode. This is what happened to me for a period of a couple of years, and which I’m sure has happened to JLH. Then after you leave starvation mode, and simply eat ‘more’ than you used to (DOESN’T MEAN YOU EAT UNHEALTHILY OR BINGE), your body begins to store ANY source of calories you consume into fat, whether you eat raw almonds or cooking grease! It’s a defense mechanism that the body has adapted dating back to prehistoric times- the body is so used to being starved that it is preparing for another period of prolonged starvation. It basically clings to fat for its life. This is why in some Central American cultures, women can be so petite and emaciated, but give birth to abnormally fat babies. The women are starving, so any calories their babies absorb in the womb are immediately converted into fat so that the baby can survive outside of the womb. Once a person’s body enters this vicious metabolic cycle, it takes A LONG TIME to break out of it, even when the person maintains a healthy lifestyle. Think about it, you can’t reverse evolution in a few weeks! So don’t be so quick to judge JLH for putting on weight- it may have nothing to do with her new lifestyle and everything due to the unhealthy lifestyle that she had previously maintained!

  • did u ever think she said she was a size 2 BEFORE she gained a little more weight. jesus. number one im not overweight trying to justify my condition as one loser on here claims. im 107 pounds and 5’4. which my doctor says is UNDERWEIGHT. so no loser im not overweight. and two she is not fat at all. what is this society coming too. is there something wrong with her putting on weight? its not even that much. she is not fat. she is cute. i mean common. really now. nobody takes hollywood fucken standards seriously. its cause hollywood is just a bunch of makeup, anorexic models and people with distorted ideas about what a “perfect” weight should be. in hollywood standards they think its ok to be 102 pounds and 6’0. which actually means that hollywood HELPS CONTRIBUTE to anorexia and other eating disorders. its not whats on the outside that counts its whats on the inside. and if u dont like what im saying u can stop god damn reading it. whoever wrote this is a jackass. this girl is NOT fat. no way in hell. im 20 years old 5’4 and 107 pounds. what does it matter what weight a persons at. a true person sees a woman for what she is on the inside and whats in her heart not her outside appearance. she aint fat. god damn. whats wrong with a little weight gain. HELLO its healthy. she didnt even gain that much. get a life. this is just mean. u must have no life to sit here and gossip about a celebrities weight. SHE IS NOT FAT

  • what do you know about people from Missouri being fat? last time I checked southern states like Mississippi and Texas were the fattest states with fattest cites. and Jen Love, there is this one pic of her ass out there, the one of her in the swimsuit and her is not skinny by any means! But she still looks good in Ghost Whisper!

  • Everyday, people die from eating disorders, it’s not right that we criticize someone’s appearance, just because it doesn’t fit into “ones own standards.” if you don’t find them attractive, they’re not attractive, if you dont’ think they have talent, that’s fine! You don’t need to like them. But talk to someone who’s lost a friend or family member due to malnutrition, and then let us know what you’re thinking. When people are too skinny, society assumes they’re on drugs, and when people are “larger” than the average, we call them “FAT”….they’re not trying to be perfect, so don’t expect them to be…

    think of it this way…your criticism just killed someone….

    there are bigger issues out there…why focus on such a miniscule thing?

  • Ok folks when defining the term fat what do you mean. Do you mean bigger than before? In the grand scale of life i was taught that it wasn’t polite to call people fat….but hey….if they really are Gi’gantic’anormous maybe some-one should help them realise…..”Stop eating 50 cream pies for lunch and you’ll be fine luv..!” Or something on them lines. But besides worrying about if she’s fat or not, try thinkinking for 30 seconds what’s the main thing that worrys you………………go on do it………… it the fear of dying………….cancer…………….aids…………….being completly alone………..???? Now you dont care about anything but yourself again do you………….you see i already know you………..because i am you………….., which is good because maybe now you can leave this poor girl alone and start trying every day to help someone through the hard times. God bless you. Be good and Think 1irst +x

  • she isn’t fat she just has big hips and how cares if she gets fat any way, she Is still a good actor and singer.

  • wow how can you talk bad about jennifer??? she’s like one of the nest actreses and singer and by the way she’s beutiful! fat or skinny which she is not fat…she’s having a baby! retard

  • you’re saying that people are either skinny or fat – and there’s nothing between them?? too skinny is NOT healty. too fat is NOT healthy.
    jennifer looks just NORMAL.
    150lbs is not fat if you’re tall. and if you’re size 0 and short, you are not skinny. DON’T YOU GET IT?

  • “fat” or not, she’s way richer and more famous and successful than all the haters posting on this website. HA!

  • all you people that think she is fat, you can all burn in hell, i hope you all do to, because im tired al fags that think they have the nerve to call her fat, she is not fat, she is perfect, so fuck off and leave her alone or else!!!!!!!!!

  • u really are an evil beet! she’s not fat at all. Then we wonder why there are so many anorexic girls but we criticise one with a great bo!
    u r just jealous!

  • You are all horrible people. She is a fricking size 2. TWO!!! How is that FAT? Most of the people in this hollywood society that you refer to are rather unhealthy, eating a mere 1200 cals or so a day and then burning over half in their exercise regimen. It is unhealthy to be that thin unless you are that way naturally. She looks VERY healthy. And yes, I’m one of those mid-westerns that you talked about. Not MO, but Kansas. Our standards are the same as in hollywood, because society is society, it doesn’t really change much between states. I would kill to be that thin. I know it doesn’t matter to you, and if I even mentioned how much I weigh you would all tell me I’m some fat cow, so I choose not to because I know full and well that I am fat, but I don’t think you have any right to say things about someone so thin. She’s not even chubby. She looks like a woman who isn’t afraid to have a body like a woman is born to have.

  • How do you know that she is a size 2? Just because you can stuff a large pile of trash into a small garbage bag doesn’t mean that large pile of trash is small. The bag stretches! I see large women squeezed into clothing way too small for them all the time sadly. Most American women are in denial about their grotesque figures. Yuck! Jennifer has become an inspiration to these tubby she apes. She was once a thinner beauty like them many american women used to be but now she is a pear shaped cow. If she is seen as fat then all these women have to deal with themselves being fat and they can’t handle the truth. But hey, at least she has big boobs right? Women seem to think having big boobs makes up for being a chunky monkey ha ha ha ha. Men do like big breasts but most like athletic bodies far more. Big boobs on an athletic body is icing on the cake. Big boobs on a biggun is like putting expensive rims on a garbage truck :p If this offends lots of women, then good! Do something about it. Put that donut down and exercise damn it. I’m sick of being surrouned by a nation of ugly people, and thinking about how all the dudes in the 1980s and before were surrouned by thin and pretty women.

  • you are terrible! you don’t have enough of a life that you need to criticize Jennifer Love Hewitt. She is such a beautiful woman who has talent, a voice and looks. She is not even close to being fat. What does being overweight have to do with anything anyway?? So what if she’s curvy. That’s beautiful–being so thin you look like a twig is what is not pretty. Some people are shaped differently and just because she has beautiful curves doesn’t mean shes fat. It amazes me how childish you all are! Worry about yourself and stop being jealous because she’s better than you will ever be. It;s not about whats on the outside either but you are so shallow and have your head up your ass that that is all you worry about.

  • There is no way she is a size 2. I’m sorry, there just isn’t. I do think these are unflattering pictures, but I also think she is over her healthy weight. She has a small frame, so it doesn’t take much to look overweight. I am a size 4 and I definitely would not want to see pictures of myself in a bikini all over the internet – I’m sure I would look awful! But she is paid to be beautiful – that is her job, and she makes a lot of money, so there is no excuse that she should not have a personal trainer and a strictly healthy diet.

  • There is a bunch of things that make Jennifer Love Hewitt unattractive. First off, what makes a woman feminine is her PROPORTIONS. In other words,having a small waist, matching upper and lower body…no matter what your weight is, body SHAPE is the most important thing (cause even if you gain or lose a little weight, you’re still gonna have a nice shape). JLH doesn’t have a nice shape…she’s a pear!! Her upper body is heavy, but her lower body is just ginormous compared to the upper body…doesn’t match!

    Another thing that makes her unattractive is that she’s stupid and insecure!! She claims she’s a SIZE 2!!!! What the hell? She claims she loves her body the way it is, then she goes lying (obviously) about her size?!? That pisses me off…women who say they love their body, then go on extreme diets and other mesurments to change it and/or lie about their size…ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, people… ;)

  • leave her alone just because she is’nt anorexic…why dont you go photograph some1 else who is a size zero if your not happy with jennifer love hewitt…ii think that she is gawjus…just because you dont have a life well at least not a very good 1 anyway doesnt mean you have 2 pick on others just because they are rich and famous….unlike leave her alone and pick on some1 else 4 a change!!!lovee u jenn!!=]

  • She is still beautifull agreed, however…. sorry to say but she does not have the body she once did…

  • who caressss? mannn get a life. shes still pretty and its not like shes lying around all day getting moved by like a crane. SHES NORMAL.

  • just because shes not super-thin doesnt mean shes fat,
    i think she looks fine.
    shes not fat at all.


  • you guys are fucking idiots
    she’s not fat at all
    she’s gorgeous
    you are what’s wrong with the world

    get over yourselves.

  • wtf? she’s not fat. she’s normal sized. have you ever seen a pic of how she used to look? that doesn’t even look human, it’s scary! she’s not overweight at all, she’s just not anorexic anymore

  • The point of the article is that weight conscious JLH has let herself go. No, it is not a bad thing. She looks healthier, especially her face. The only problem is, she looks like your average girl now. Also, not a bad thing…….unless you work in Hollywood.

  • I cant believe the audacity of ppl these days as they judge ppl. U make me sick calling her names and poking fun. While i understand ppl are different, and they look different…the fact that u have to poke fun at her in such a way only suggest that u have an issue within urself.

    And u wonder why the world is the way it is. If more ppl were as they were and hollywood was more about talent than just look, i think id enjoy tv alot more. The standard of holywood is the way it is because of the ppl who buy that product.

    beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, many faces. In the end talent (her fans) will support her. I hope u enjoy the sick piece u add to the flame of an already difficult profession. and as u laugh up a storm id love to think how you would live up in the lime light of someone sticking a camera up ur ass at every move u ever did.

    While i am not personally a fan, i dont need to pick at ppl just because they are “less than perfect” by any of ur sneering comments. tell me….do u know her in life at all? now think if someone was talking crap about u and how it makes u feel. don’t complain next time ppl judge u in the same, or worse manner.

  • Although I am not a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s acting abilities (or lack thereof), I do not think that she is fat by any means. Perhaps she has gained a few pounds, and that outfit is less than flattering, but she is definitely not fat.

    If the Hollywood standard is super thin, then perhaps that standard should not bee looked upon as being reasonable.

    She looks fine the way she is.

  • lets face it shes fat i mean i dont think that makes her look ugly shes just fat hell no she is no mother effin 2 but w/e.. but its not right to tell ppl you look beautiful fat and to be sexy you have to have big boobs and a big ass bc i mean i understand theres a lot of people who are over weight and feel ugly but i now few girls who are very thin and bc they see celebreties like hewitt and beyonce they think they have to be that think in order to feel feminine and beautiful i think that you can be overweight and be beautiful but just bc your a zero doesnt mean your anorexic either a lot of ppl just have a fast metabolism and so many ppl that are thin and so many ppl criticize that, that they begin to prive themselves of many things like wearing shorts and skirts bc they feel they look too thin bc they think that all the fat ppl in the world want them to look like these thick celbs but i understand ppl are pist off that hollywood thinks fats ugly but you dont have to make the rest of the thin ppl feel ugly bc theyre not fat with you


    All of you dumbasses are blind, can’t you tell it’s photoshop?

    Ya’ll are probably those that believe those UFO pictures too!

    It really doesn’t take an expert, but it does take some common sense, just look at the pictures carefully and if you don’t believe me consult an expert (like me).

    Anonymous: Image Analysis Expert (Government)

    Guess what department and you get a cookie, however if you can’t tell this is fake you sure as hell can’t guess where I work.


  • First, Mr. “Image ANALysis Expert” — you probably tell women you work for the CIA, too, don’t you?

    Secondly, they are not fake — just check other pics, like the ones posted of her on the beach with her new hubby. Woa…Greenpeace was watching out for her.

    Finally, happens to most women — my wife was a size 4 to 6 at one time…now I’m guessing she is a 14. She stuffs her fat face and doesn’t ever want to get off of the couch. WTFO? I enjoy working out and being active…she used to be that way but something switches off in some women at some point (maybe it’s when they switch on Oprah, and she validates the fact they can blow up and eat whatever because it makes them “happy”).

  • JLH could gain 10 more pounds and she would still be hotter than the average uglies I see walking down the street, or the mall everyday.

    For all the ugly catty women out there…huh, sucks to be you cuz y’all can do everything you can but you ain’t even in the same league as a chubby JLH on a bad hair day!

  • AHHHH the dreaded “pear shape”, man it sucks being a pear! you look skinny as hell one second and then all blimpified the next. i, unfortunatly, am a pear


    I RATHER LOOK LIKE A PEAR OR AN APPLE THAN LOOK LIKE A STICK OR AN UPSIDE DOWN TRIANGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YA’LL SOME DUMB SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • i can not believe that people would write mean things about other people! like do you even go the church! like omg!

  • I can’t believe u guys think she’s fat. i mean america’s the fattest state? :s why don’t u all just start lookin at “REAL” fat people that you are surrounded by every day. Ok so she’s no size 0 but so what… she’s a woman and whoever wrote this has some serious issues.

  • sois mas tontos k al ostia, a mi me gusta como esta ahora mismo y no esta gorda, es una chica normal y corriente, y no un saco de huesos como muchas otras k salen por la tele k son una mala influencia para la chicas de hoy en dia

  • I just had to reply because I’m from Missouri. Hewitt could gain another 50 lbs and I would still wreck that chick. I mean come on. She uber hot. There is no telling what I would do to her. I would suck my cum out of her ass while she fisted herself on her period she is so hot. Was that too detailed? After all, I am from Missouri..

  • Wow. Jennifer Love Hewitt is NOT fat! So she got a bit pudgy, NOT FAT. Holy shit America is the fattest country in the world i wonder how fat you are.. some stupid fuck hiding behid a computer screen.

  • hey JLH,
    i just want to say i’m a big fan and that just ignor them like you have. your are a beautiful woman and don’t let anybody with a camera tell you other wise. because they don’t have a life because if they did, they would not EVER say anything bad about you.

    your fan Tania xo.

  • Jenn isnt fat ppl who ever said that should get a life how would you like i if you where bein called fat, you ppl should get a LIFE!!!

  • She may have added a bit to the rear but she is still one of the hottest women on TV. Remember what Margo said about NR. As far as I am concerned a litte extra is a whole lot better than not all there.

  • y do people say shes fat shes not at all fat she looks so great on ghost whisperer so people should build a bridge and get over it

  • fat ore thin sche stays prity
    and there is nothing wrong with a bit body fat
    alspecialy becouse more than 80% of america is even father than here on that picture.
    btw she is already thin these days so who cares

  • whahah i readed Steph commend
    your god dam rigth only people that are not happy with them self are juging about others to make them feel better
    qwit pefetic indeed and indeed american has the most fat people and i mean reaaaaaaaallll fat
    and jenifer on this pic is nothing to compair to the american fatnes:P
    sche is just a healthy looking wonen.

    gosip is not rong but it is rong if the people that juge those poeple are not even happy with themselfs
    i mean if your happy with yourself than there is no reason to juge and gosip.
    you dont need to jug than to feel you better.

  • anonymous you have a seriues problem go to dokter phill
    your not happy with yourself your probebly after that pc screen the most fatest american i would see :P

  • this is stpid hey retard (kandy) america is a contenent stupid ass the united states is the fattes COUNTRY honey go to school first then decide whether or not shes fat all ppl who are say theres fatter ppl than her half of america is fatter are so ignorent ok so if someone wieghs 400 lbs its ok bc someone else will wiegh 450 retards just bc others are fatter doesnt mean shes fit and hell mother fo no she is not a size two ok im a size two and im prettythin her large ass hips in a fucking kidding me, what a hypocrite saying “i likemy curves im proud of my body” then shes trying to mae us believe se fits in a two god such bs im sorry shes not a taletnted actriz or singer for that matter and she aint pretty she looks like an ugly horse so basically her career depends on her image (tits) and so what if regular ppl get fat and loose weight shes a celelb if famous ppl were like us then we wouldnt fucking look up to them but theyre supposed to be in shape and picture perfect all the time if not they can go work in mcdonalds lie the rest of us

  • hey Anonymous r u jst 4 ur self or is it bcoz u dnt have a acting career so build a bridge and het ova ur self

  • Leave the poor girl alone.She is perfect.Jenny,you still have fans,dont listen to all these jealous people.We love you no matter how other people think you look.

  • Hello. You are such stupid and crazy. The only thing you do is sitting behind youre computer and place picturs of people who are ‘fat’ when they aren’t? very sick.

  • She has gotten kind of pudgy by any standards. Looks like it’s been a while since she’s seen the gym.

  • Well, she still looks ok BUT she is NOT SIZE 2!!!!! Maybe size 12.
    If that dress is size 2, it seems like it will explode (or maybe it’s spandex OR probably the designer got the sizes mixed up a bit?)

  • If that is fat….then I’m curious to see what people bigger than a size 8 are. The media has completely disillusioned our society on what is healthy, what is attractive and what is fat and thin. I’m so tired of people freaking out because a celebrity or a friend or your next door neighbor is bigger than kate moss. it’s disgusting and i’m absolutely sickened by people today. i admit it, i’m overweight but i’m so absolutely tired of people making me feel like crap about it. i am not any less of a human being because i weigh more than 100 lbs and the same applies to any celebrity. society needs to re prioritize and figure out what in life actually matters rather than obsessing about this trivial nonsense. eat a balanced diet, stay active and you’re fine. if you’re a size 10 or even a 12…. but you take care of yourself, accept it, embrace it and love it. if you idiots spent half as much time educating yourselves and taking the time to know people from the inside as you do criticizing people for their looks…. we would be a lot better off as a society. seriously, figure out what’s important in life because this really isn’t.

  • Beet y dont u just remove theese stupid links! She is not fat at all! And come on i mean best 30seconds of her life thts just sick shes a person 2 and god no’s wat shes thinking wen readin thm comments! Beet just take the links off we both no t made this rubbish up shes perfect as she is n ur so jealous ur just tryin 2 make her jealous! So b4 u poison anymor 7yr old minds

  • What the hell people?!?! She’s not fat :S .. im not standing up for her because as some of you may say ‘im fat’. I’m not. And she isnt. I’m just glad she’s not stick thin anymore. Personally I actually think she looks better

  • hahahaha!!!! i love it! home of the spoiled brats!!! this blog has existed for almost a year….and the content is whether or not someone NONE OF YOU PERSONALLY KNOW OR HAVE EVER MET IS FAT…..

    there are people dying…and you fucking shits are so spoiled and blindly self-centered that all you do is sit around and bitch about someone’s ass….hahaha!!! the joke is on you!!!


  • THAtS A Fat picture YOU MORONS!!!!!!!!!!! there is no denying it she loooks onstipated and blated. her legs are like tree trunks. ADMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LMfao wow u ppl these dayz takni pic of whos fat n whos not..who cares today in socity fat is being like a size 1 cuz oo we all wana b a 0 or a 00 like do u ppl even listen 2 ur selfs? honestly u wana b a size tht not only is a STUPID! number like wtf? 0? like honestly since when was tht even concetered a right number? ..or asize 1 ..n if u even have a desire 2 look like tht then u pretty damned fucked bcuz A its not reality its all fanatsy n B its not healthy AT ALL!!! u get so fucked up ..likei honestly dont friggen see how its”hot” or “sexi” or w.e to b so damn skinny where u can c ur friggen insides.n if u turn side ways u dissapeear? oh yes! now isnt tht hot? but then again isnt not healthy 2 b over wight but ye my point is shes not fat ..shes prolly like wat? 130? not even n a size 4 or 5? i mean thts note even big for sum1 her age n half of us compare celebs tht arnt teens to a teen body! like srsly wtf? u compare 2 diff things n expect the same results n btw if u americans r so critical bout ur wight n all tht fat crap then y the fuck do u still go eat out fast foods? then come home n friggen sit there n whine? like WOWWW! but ye all i have 2 say im fit n happy:D! so its alll gd:)

  • Your not fat JLH.and for the rest of you who think she is fat SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you guys are morons!Jennifer Love Hewitt is getting skinnier by the minute!I bet you she probably doesnt even care about what you people who hate her think.she knows that she is beautiful and her husband shows her that.I bet you more people think she is skinnier than let me know.take a servey to everyone you know and than we shall see if she is skinny or fat.when your done post it on the comment page.and to all you who think she is fat,you are all BITCHES!

  • I seriously don’t see what is wrong with her curves. She looks healthy and beautiful not like some of those anorexics in Hollywood.
    Let people live their life, stop criticising.
    We, women, are beautiful the way we are. Sometimes some of the most beautiful women are the ones with a little more weight on, they are beautiful because they’re good in their skin and love themselves.

    Love you Jen!
    You go girl!!
    Love your curves!!


  • uh. yeah. the bitch gained some weight.
    she’s not as skinny as she used to be.

    only thing that bothers me, is that she says she’s a size 2. bullshit…

    her big toe aint even a size 2.

  • all wanna that say she fat blind as hell! if she fat then i ain’t wanna see wanna you must be bony and bad-looking but tell muh doh do you guys even know what is fat? it may be the clothes she has on! you guys are RETARDED !!!!!!!!!!!!BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop judge her!! cuz wanna must be looking like skeletons!

  • Wow… it always amazes me to see how many people can’t even use proper english. Go learn something! Take a writing class! As for whoever wrote this article.. wow! Are you stupid? Jennifer may be heavier than before but she is not fat! Oh I get it, it’s cool to be anorexic! Get a life retards!!

  • Are you out of your fucking mind? oh, let me answer that for you! YES!!!! My God!!! JLH is soooo not fat. Even if she was, whats the big deal anyway. We have no right to judge another person by there size. But let me just say this: I am a size 11(jeans), XL(shirts), and 140 lbs. I am head cheerleader, and I am dating the quarterback of the football team. So if you all are saying that since she’s (in your words) “FAT” then they obviously cant have a life, then all i have to say to you is !YOU GET A FUCKIN LIFE! Dont sit behind a computer screen saying shit about people you dont even know.

  • i dont think shes fat.
    maybe for celebs she is..cuz ya know their ribs should be showing through.
    i agree w/ fat ass cheerleader..the last sentence
    yea celebs are there to be judged but seriously u waste your time to rant on her?
    she probably wont read your complaints.
    i came on here to say why ppl say shes fat.
    some of the stuff is pretty amusing.
    i got a good laugh =D

  • She is so beautiful inside and out. Way to go to harshly criticize the one girl with the best personality ever. I hope she is wise enough not to care about other people’s standards. Go shove them somewhere and stop bothering others with your standards. She didn’t ask for your opinion, she is just living her life. Go have one of your own.

  • You are friggen’ retarded. That is not fat. Just because you seen disgusting people like Nicole Richie and crap doesn’t mean that’s right. Whoever thinks that’s fat or even chubby is insane. God forbid you’re a healthy weight you’re automatically fat. Jeez.

  • ok ok, its sad because some people replying to this is prolly bigger.

    But ok ok hear me out .. shes not FAT.. she could just lose a few.. a good few? sound right? because she is not fat

  • You people are ruining the world, why don’t you go and eat another single carrot for the whole day. You obviously don’t know what a normal healthy body weight is.

  • Well, she sure isn’t slender! And anyway, how in the hell does a thread about chunky-hipped Hewitt actually continue to get commented upon almost a year and a HALF since the initial article posting?? Wow.

  • jennifer love,can’t be put through competition on her slimeness , since all being who have a bare healthy eye can judge it , all the all the comment on her structure goes againt the person evaluating of beauty please try to realize what you say

  • bet jennifer would laugh her tits off at you …you sad dickhead making this website to make yourself feel better u sad ugly fucking cunt get a life

  • theres nothin fucking wrong wit being pear shaped, shes beautiful and ur all just jealous have u seen da girl in those fruit of the loom vids?? anyone who calls that fat is a dumbass

  • theres nothin fucking wrong wit being pear shaped, shes beautiful and ur all just jealous have u seen da girl in those fruit of the loom vids?? anyone who calls that fat is a dumbass

  • SHe is still a present for the eye, so what is she has gaint some weight ! As long as she feels good about it ! In fact she alway was a bit skinny.
    Maybe she has some more weight because she has a happy life !!!

  • lol @ all the fat birds saying “she isn’t fat, just healthy.”

    and she isn’t a present for the eye. just another chubby woman on tv.

  • She is 5ft2 and looks about a size 4/6. Just because she is not Hollywood standard size 0/2 everyone gets hysterical. It’s PATHETIC.

    Calling someone this size fat or even chubby is insane. She is probably 120lb max which by all medical standards is perfectly healthy.

    She is pear shaped, but there is nothing wrong with that either. A small waist and wider hips is considered a sign of feminity and fertility and she appears to have about a 0.7 waist/hip ratio which is by all standards IDEAL.

  • Also her clothes are not doing her any favours, if she wore something a bit more fitted and less baggy, she would look a hell of a lot better.

    She is not carrying too much body fat. Although she is just not as lean as she used to be, that doesn’t make her suddenly fat by any medical standards.

  • Ok, first things first. No way in hell is that lovely women fat. I’m 15 years old and if she’s classed as fat, what the hell am I? Last year one of my class mates nearly died of anorexia, and is it any surprise in a world like this? When a child starves herself to death just because she wants to fit in. Then you know something is really screwed up somewhere.

  • Yeah, she is getting a little chunky.
    She was perfection back in ’98 when she did Can’t Hardly Wait.

  • guys..she`s beautiful..she`s nice..she`s a good actresss .. jen, i`m a fan urs .. it doesn`t matter what those guys say .. ur the best !!!

  • “Calling someone this size fat or even chubby is insane.”


    “No way in hell is that lovely women fat.”


    “bet jennifer would laugh her tits off at you …you sad dickhead making this website to make yourself feel better u sad ugly fucking cunt get a life”


    “Fatty eat beast!”


  • And so what if she’s getting a bit fat she is a fit sexy woman
    and i find chubby women sexy.

    And please tell me u wouldn’t fuck her up the ass
    and let her suck ur dick even if she had a belly?

  • You all suck. Jennifer is gorgeous, and you’re all sitting behind your computer inhaling all the porn and ding-dongs within a 6 foot radius. Anyone who bothers to hate on this ludicrous site can suck my big toe. As for everyone’s grammer, it sucks.

    Jennifer is a beautiful, curvaceous woman who is more talented than you could ever hope to be, criticizing people all the damn time.
    Not every damn woman on this planet can be a size 00 and have big tits. Get over it. Go swoon over your photoshopped whores and leave real women alone.

  • ok honestly whoever wrote this isnt the brightest crayon in the box… What the hell is wrong with being pear shaped? Being pear shaped does NOT make you fat. I am pear shaped, and only because I have huge hips, but thats because I was born that way, and no diet will ever help me lose my hips, unless i get a bone transplant or something, which isnt even possible. The person who wrote this is probably obese anyhow, or just writing it to make themselves feel better. Women with curves are beautiful…thats how women are SUPPOSED to look…curvy…not that stick stuff we see in all the tabloids.

  • Funny how it’s always ladies ‘with curves’ that say that ladies with curves are the ones that are beautiful……

  • The only reason most of you don’t consider this to be “fat” or “chubby” is becuase this excess weight is becoming the norm here in America. Because, yes, she is heavy for a woman.

  • You're right on my man. she is gorgeous and built like the proverbial “Brick Shithouse”

  • please get a life, shes probably older than you, and a million times more attractive. kaaaaaaay cool bye :)

  • I could soooo LOLOLOLOL all day @ this terrible “arguments” here “she’s older than you” (why does that matter…? if anything that’s the author’s advantage), “she’s more attractive” (subjective and unlikely. overweight people are rarely betterlooking, plu sher face is overrated), blah blah blah. Pear shapes are rarely attractive unless they’re as slender as, say, Lucy Liu or Alexis Bledel. People who are HEALTHY AND WORK OUT. She looks terrible. Her thighs and butt are massive, and I could not believe whose face were attached to them. She is normally a skinny girl who seemed to take joy in working out/being of good health. WHY did she let herself go?

    Also, she is NOT curvy anymore. there’s a bunch of fat on her waist (which is what makes you curvy or not, not fat rolls, thunder thighs and 48DD cups, much as you wish it did, dearies) preventing her from being curvy. she is fat now. accept it.

    Mr Sticky Pants is 100% correct. You morons are all fat yourselves or even if you werent, you’re still brainwashed by fat-arsed America and the media to believe being overweight is “normal” and “healthy” when it isn’t. And I love the fact that if this were bashing her for getting skinnier, you idiotic, disgusting hypocrites would be APPLAUDING the writer. You are bitter, jealous, insecure, ignorant, hypersensitive, and crap at arguing and insulting to boot. =D

  • I dont know about you americans but in europe this woman is fat…
    say she is beutiful, say she is great… whatever… but she is not thin or in a normal weight

  • How about we stop judging. Looks shouldn’t matter that much to you… Especially not this much. So what if she isn’t a twig, so what if her hips are big, so what if she’s got some fat on her?! Maybe consider what you say before you all say “she’s fat.” Because, it’s not always about looks! At least she’s not snapping her bones as she’s walking ’cause she’s so thin. If all you do is spend your day judging girls on their bodies, it wont get you anywhere, you’ll end up alone.
    Think about how nice she is, how bubbly she is. Rather than her weight. Her body may not be what you class as “in shape” but her face is beautiful.
    People’s standards these days need to be lowered, otherwise you’re getting no where.
    And before you all jump down my throat about something or other, this is just my opinion and I’m speaking it out. If you want to complain or have a go, by all means go for it, just know that it’s not gonna change my opinion!

  • 20 bucks says if she was skinny and fit all these people on here saying she is perfect would say “OMG EAT A STEAK!!” or “BURN THE BULIMIC!”

    She looks terrible and needs to hit the gym.

  • I used to practically be in love with this girl, but now, errrr….

    All of you fat sympathisers are pathetic. If you want to be fat that’s your choice, but no matter how pretty you think your face is your fatness makes you unattractive to me. Sorry, that’s how it is. You were born pear shaped? Poor you, I hope you can find someone who can overlook it, I wouldn’t.

    I’m not attracted to big girls and I shouldn’t have to be. Liking fit girls is not any different to liking fat girls (other than that being a bit mental). Preference, with the added benefits of being healthier and having more stamina.

    Jennifer is way outside of what I find attractive now. No wonder Adam Levine blew her off. Whoever said it wasn’t about looks must be from a very different world than the one I live in, fat ugly people don’t pair up with fit attractive people unless there is some kind of disorder going on in the fit person.