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I ::Heart:: Tori Amos

Before launching into “Winter” at a Florence show in late May, Tori sang an impromptu song about the trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan.

This was before her most recent run-in with the cops!

Tori is so prescient.

I love her!!!

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  • “tore my anus?” Please, if you are going to make a cheap cut at least can’t you be a little bit more cleaver?

    Tori is wonderful in so many ways and this is one of many reasons. She is not only an amazing musical artist, one of the most caring people I’ve had the pleasure to meet, but she doesn’t censor herself based upon what Joe-shmo idiot or Mrs. Stepford soccer mom, or the media might think of her. She’s honest! She is cleaver and whitty and I greatly respect her.

    This little ditty was cute and funny and true. Just because she’s saying she’s not stupid doesn’t mean she hates Lindsay Lohan or has no compassion. In interviews she’s spoken of how sad it is to see these troubled girls destroy themselves with the media watching. I love that she can see both sides. What television and trash mags say about celebs is horrible, not Tori’s little ode to Lindsay. My hearts go out to both of them because I can identify with both on some level in many ways. Be strong girls! 21 or 44! :D (well, now 22 and 45…)