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I Don’t Really Want to Talk About Britney Spears, But I Guess I Have To

Britney Spears Us Weekly Cover

Honestly, this whole thing strikes me as something of a non-story. Some jackass who was an extra on Britney’s most recent video shoot got invited to her late-night after-party at The Standard Downtown, along with some other extras from the shoot. Britney got topless and made out with him, and this is a cover story? Says the guy, 21-year-old Matt Encinias, who probably made a pretty penny in exchange for his story and pics:

“Britney was the first one to undress, and then everyone else followed. I turned around and saw that she was topless and she had fake tattoos of flowers on her nipples from the shoot. I was told all she wanted to do that night was kiss a boy, and that’s what she did. Mission accomplished.”

Spears also started a game of Truth or Dare. “I was dared to get naked and get out of the pool and walk as though I was on a catwalk in a fashion show,” says Encinias. “Britney was laughing really hard.”

So let me get this straight: a legally single 25-year-old woman decided to unwind after a long day of work by getting drunk and wild with some friends at a private party, and making out with a cute, single, adult, consenting man who agreed to take his clothes off and make an ass of himself?

OH MY GOD. Somebody stop the presses. This is total insanity.

Look, I’m usually the last person to defend Britney, but it’s not like she’s a married woman getting pre-teen boys drunk and convincing them to eat her out. She’s a single adult of legal drinking age kissing other consenting adults of legal drinking age, at a private party, and I really don’t see why this is Us Weekly cover material. If Lindsay Lohan weren’t in rehab, this sort of thing never would have happened.

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  • Cosign with Evil Beet. This is Brits best article in years. Lindsay will be back in about 26 days, you bastuds!

  • If she didn’t want to be talked about, no one would know what she was doing. She loves this attention. She picked the asshole, and should have known that he would put the pics out there ASAP. He is just like any other guy. She ain’t special, she should be figuring that out. The lights are on, but Britney just ain’t home.

  • It must be awfully hard being a young, rich, white girl these days. Problems galore it seems. Im just so saddened by the burdens placed on them by society to uphold the image of….nevermind, I love it. Go Britlinicoleparisay Spearsohanilton. Or whatever name this four headed beast goes by.

  • All I can say is, don’t live for 1 love. It is painful and challenging and there seems to be nothing stronger than the feeling of betrayal when you bare your soul to someone and it disappears. But having been a success in one area of life is definately an indicator that she is up for the challenge and as with Britney and the rest of us, it is our own journey.

    Having had a child, it takes about a year after each child to get the hormones back in place so you feel like yourself again. I don’t think she had much chance to just relax and enjoy her kids or settle into a maternal role, because no. 1 she is young and its hard to get rid of a lifestyle filled with energy and alot of high moments in the spotlight.

    To settle down into matronhood is alot like giving up, but she can be one of the coolest moms and they will idolize her if Britney realizes she is still hot, and can be hotter when she is more confident in many roles of a woman. What do you contribute to the world to make it a better place, if there are things you don’t like you really have to use the medium your strong with and manipulate it to get your point across.

    We would all just like to believe she is just a sex object, fact is beauty fades. But there is a mature beauty and we’re all attracted to people that are confident on their paths.

    I don’t intend to become the traditional role model myself with my young one, but I am not about to let other people steer me around to get there piece of me in whatever way they can get my barriers down to get at me. Drugs, alcohol, or what have you. Stay strong Britney, the harder the challenges the faster your growing and will be on the other side of the coin next year talking to those you know you can help.

    You don’t need to comment on your behavior just find your confidence to heal as a hott mommy and a smart business woman and give something back to the world that isn’t so much of yourself and your persona so that people don’t rake you through the coals like vultures. . You will be incredibly strong when you start reminding yourself that your kids need to have the same tools you learned to get to where you were. If you don’t remember what they were, it will come back to you the hard way, the painful way, the way that makes you get strong to move forward.

    What you would tell your kids is what you should tell yourself to thrive and find new goals for yourself. You have outgrown the kid/woman sexpot, there is more to you and sexy is still a part of it, dig deeper.

    You already have alot, love is not to be held onto, only shared. However, as that saying goes “Your capable of deep love so you can get great love. People don’t like to see their heros meltdown, they know your human, but you have accomplished some untouchable things in the world that comes from sacrifice, focus, drive, and ambition, etc.

    If you want love, you know the criteria, smokes doesn’t smoke, laughs but can keep it sane, too much fun takes away, chips away from your level of strength, we forget, lose sight of the paths of growth. We’re not here as hedonists strictly for personal pleasure and all things that feel good, those people fade fast and look old when the party is over. Heavy drug users get bloated. Smokers develop all the lines, sure lift and tuck but if you see enough surgerys you look it, oddly framed.

    Don’t lose too much before you realize you could have looked outside of yourself and said hey, I don’t live life for 1 person, love is not every man, but in every man, find the right fit only comes when you feel right inside. I am in this to change something in the world ….that the world needs. What are those things to you? Careful of those that are too available with quick fixes, true friends listen for hours about angst and have positive things to say about you. Quick fixers can be bothered hearing you they just want to get to the party. I feel your about to change your world and take many by surprise in a positive way.

  • HEY PANDORA -what’s with the fukking novel?? it’s supposed to me a place for comments, not cracked out ramblings. Pete Doherty called and he wants his needle back

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