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Yes We Know the Site Looks Weird Right Now

We’re making some changes to the layout. We’re not good at this stuff. Hang on tight — if it’s not all better by morning, we’ll put the old layout back up.

: Okay, we’re done changing the layout. You should now feel free to use this space to tell us why and in what amount you dislike the new layout.

Update again: If you’re still having trouble viewing the new layout, try doing Ctrl-F5. If it still looks off, let me know what browser you’re using.

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  • you know how annoying it is not to see the first couple letters of each line welll thats what we get???

  • The tatto beet pic is cute.

    The old page with the wallpapaer of a bunch of stars photos took too long to load anyway.

    This page loads faster

  • I like this page better, but can you put the evil eyebrows on the Evil Beet tattoo? Like I said on your birthday, the evil “scowl” made me laugh. It may be too much trouble, but you are EVIL, no?

  • I am not a fan of this layout–it doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the gossip blogs. I agree that the other “collage” page took a while to load but it was so freakin’ genious! Also agree that evil “scowl” is a must!

  • As long as you are not going anywhere, I am happy! Love the site! Most of the new stuff looks good. I do not like how much less space is provided on the left for actual content. Is that much space needed for adverts?

  • Okay, guys, I’m working on getting the scowl back.

    As for the celeb collage vs. slow load times — I’ll try to do a poll later today to see what people prefer in general. I really like the collage, too, but I don’t want people on slower connections to have ridiculous load times.

  • And as for the content space on the left, it’s actually about the exact same width as it was before. We’ve expanded the content area in general. And, yeah, the new advertisers require a 300 pixel ad on the side, so it does have to be that big, unfortunately. But new advertisers are a good thing!!!

  • looks good. i like the cleaner look. maybe it is me but the title banner print looks fuzzy? like it was streached too big for fitting?

    or its me …

    love the plainer background! tattoo is hot.

  • I thought the old layout was gorgeous, but I have broadband so it didn’t occur to me that others would have trouble downloading it. The title banner looks a titch fuzzy to me too, and I have to say I’m not a fan of this pink border – just not a great shade of pink. Why so muted when the content has such pizzazz?

    I love your site tho! Check it daily when I need a break – thanks for all the hard work.

  • I likes it. I think the collage made you stand out more and i have a T2 connection so didn’t load slow for me, but i like the “cleaner” look. so i guess i don’t have a vote to go either way, i’m happy with both :O) it’s the writing that makes this place special, anyway.

  • We’re working on getting the evil face back and the fixing the fuzziness. Everyone send your love to our resident artists, Anna and Anne, who are working super hard to make this place look fantastic.

  • Clean and simple layout is good, very defined content space and Ad space but the main banner is not working Beet, (lettering) too one dimensional, too road-sign-like. Oh! and PINK??? Mom and sis helped Huh!