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Yup, Looks Like Britney’s Filming Her Music Video Today

Britney Spears Get Back Music Video Outfit Pictures, Pics Photos

And she’s wearing this.

Remember that scene in Reality Bites when Janeane Garofalo thinks she’s going to die of AIDS and everyone’s going to come to her funeral having spent more time thinking about their outfit than about her? (“It’s like I’m watching it on some crappy show like Melrose Place or some shit, right? And I’m the new character, I’m the HIV AIDS character, and I live in the building and I teach everybody that ‘It’s OK to be near me, it’s OK to talk to me.’ And then I die. And there’s everybody at my funeral wearing halter tops or chokers or some shit like that.”)

Anyway, that’s what this makes me think of.

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  • Nothing to save or entertain here! Let crazy Britney fall into the clutches of a porn industry career.. she is so eagerly trying so hard to obtain, people.

  • I bet Justin Timberlake wakes up in a cold sweat at 3:00 am and starts laughing hysterically about almost marrying this train wreck.

  • @margo

    i agree with you 100% dude. if justin timberlake was married to britney spears, he would be crying and begging god to get him out of that hell pit. britney is nuts and trying to hard to win back her fans and attract non fans. she fell to far down the ridiculous whore pit to climb back up. pretty soon at this rate the only fan she’ll have is Chris Crocker. if you dont know who that is just go to youtube and type chris crocker. and you’ll see all his gayness and devotion to protecting his trashy idol britney. she looks sexy and hot. her outfit shows her nice thick legs, but its not what she just be wearing at all, espicially as a pop star. maybe a pornstar or movie star, but not for a pop idol. but i think britney is making an exception to that, lol. i know she’s making a lot of guys horny right now, but the chick needs to stop. im a lesbian and i think she looks terrible. i cant wait for the day that this hillbilly country hooker really hits rock bottom.

  • oh my god britney will never learn will she. her fans have deserted her and i doubt she would ever get them back. she is truely an american hooker now. britney spears must be on drugs to wear that outfit. what music video is she trying to make. i dont know the lyrics to her ridiculous song, but i think i know the title ”black skirt prostitue”, lol. i bet her ex-fans are laughing at her shame as i type this reply.


    justin should be proud that he didn’t make the biggest mistake in his life/career.

    @kim wilson

    what the crap are you doing on this site. you cant talk about britney spears, judging by the way your life is ”yuk”. atleast britney is not sleeping with her female fans.

    anyway i hope britney crumbles and fall forever along with her bodyguard Chris C****r Crocker.