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Jodie Sweetin Gets Married, Weds Cody Herpin in Las Vegas

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  • Joide,
    Ok, first I wanna say what the hell is up with you. I don’t know what it is that makes you think getting big boobs an getting married to a guy you met in vagas does for you other than make you look like your just trying to get attention, well it worked but in a negative manner now you have prevs saying hot dog an normal people just wondering if you are off your rocker or back on meth, but thats besides the point cause I really could careless what others have said. If you want people’s attention do something that makes people say “wow” in a good way, act in a movie or do something that isn’t making you look crazy as a fruit fly or just like slutty celeb trying to get some attention. Personal I thought you looked better before implants, but whatever its your life an you can choose how to live it. If getting implants an marrying people that you really don’t know that well is what makes you happy go for it, I’m not you an nobody is perfect but getting attention doesn’t mean getting fake boobs or marrying random dudes. Other than that I have nothin to say to you other than I hope you make choices that make you happy and aren’t just attempts to get attention.

  • Im afraid to inform that I know of Jodie and that she is unfortunately totally still hooked on meth as well as other drugs.
    The girl is lost at the moment and searching for a miracle, which this marriage was an attempt for.
    Good luck to her but from what i know this looks bad.

  • Why is it that only people who can’t speak English respond to this site. I am very sorry for that and how they may have hurt Jodie. All the kids from that show seem to have problems so maybe they were worked to hard. Those twins are a mess and Cameron came from a theatrical family so maybe she had better copying mechanisms. Let’s face it the adults on that show were a bunch of no talent HAMS! I bet there was a lot of backstage fighting that all the kids were exposed to. Maybe Jodie should write a tell all book.

  • Seriously people, dont be sad and leave negative comments on things you have no idea about, I’ve known jodie for along time now. She is 100 percent sober and this is not for attention. We didnt meet in vegas, we met up agian out there. Pedro’s wth your comment its obvious that you are a lame and so is this sherman person. Did you comment about how both of you tried to join my friends on my myspace page? Nope must of left that part out too!

  • That a boy Cody!! These people don’t know anything at all…WTF. They are all jealous that you scored the hot wife and they are sitting at home typing with one hand and a box of tissue. I’m happy for you Cody…Nas and I agree you are one lucky Dog. Don’t let these haters drag down your spirits. Keep it real…Don’t forget about the real O.C.- Buena Park!!!


  • Are you fucking kidding me, Cody is complete fucking sponge. This guy has no sense of responsibility and has some serious STD’s. Don’t think that by having a shotgun wedding to a D-Lister will boost your status Cody…you’ve always been a Z-lister and will always continue to be as such.

    Bro, you’re nothing but a fucking 30 year old pathetic loser who can’t make it in this grown up world…did you mommy finance your new benz, or leech it off the full house broad?

    Good luck, and be sure to wrap your cock…we don’t need anymore of either of you on this planet.

  • Man, she is so hot. I would love to shoot my cream in that little womb of her’s. She has such a hot body! I love sitting around the house and jerking my man meat to episodes of her on full house. especially the early ones. I would love to make her scream as I filled that tight little snatch with my big old rod! I bet she could do a pants off for me and then I would tie her up and fuck her brains out!!

  • Hi i am smiley stands for miley. I love watching full house. I wish they still made episodes of full house. It is a great show. Since the first time I have seen it I have been wanting to be on it. But then I found out that they were not making them anymore. I was kinda mad because, i wanted to be your character, i would probraly never be able to get onto a show unless I started as a little kid like you did. I also want to be a famous singer. But as i said i woud have had to start singing when i was like 5 or 6, noot.11. Bye: Miley

  • Dear Jodie,
    Me again.( I feel bad that people are saying bad words on these reports things) I wanted to let you know that they are kinda jerks.TO EVERYBODY WHO IS BEING MEAN TO JODIE. STOP!!!!!!!!!!! JUST BECAUSE JODIE AND CODY ARE MARRIED(HEY THAT RHYMES JODIE AND CODY IT RHYMES) YOU DONT HAVE TO MAKE FUN OF THEM THEY ARE A HAPP COUPLE. YOU HAVE TO RESPECT THAT. BYE; MILEY
    PS: everyone else that was making fun of jodie and cody you guys are FUCKIN JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WOW…to each their own but she’s really looking like she should be working at a strip club now. Then again, after seeing some of the other pictures of her on the Internet, perhaps she is? The only people I know of that have gotten implants that big are porno stars and people who CRAVE attention. Just look at the outfits she wears and it’s pretty obvious. Too bad, I’d rather remember her for the family friendly show she was in than boobs the size of basketballs.

    Oh and smiley…I think it’s obvious you’re not 11. Get real…Full House has been off the air since 1995 I believe and you just found out it’s not in production anymore…please. Not to mention the language. I think you should seek some professional help.

  • wow
    no affence but thats not a good role model 4 da kids well i am a kid but a teenager lol but aneway i just cant believe this bor or gurl?? cuz idk i wanna no lol

  • I just want to say I still LOVE LOVE LOVE full house i just for the full seasons of it and i cant but watch it all the time. It was my fav. as a child and still is. and you were such beautiful little girl not saying you arent beautiful still. Hope all is well and Take Care!!! xoxoxo

  • Wow you people are pathetic. One, learn how to spell. Two leave the poor girl alone! She made a mistake. Everyone does!! Your not perfect. She is a beautiful and talented actress. Getting boobs made her happy so leave her alone! It doesn’t make her a bad person. And to those of you who are talking dirty and sexual about her….wow is all I have to say. Sick pervs!! Jodie, you are awesome, don’t let these losers get you down! Do what you want and what makes you happy!!! You go girl. Get your career back and BE HAPPY! Screw all these jerk offs! You losers go get a life and quit bein jealous of her because she is famous. Gah you people act like you’ve never seen or met a celeb before.

  • Iwould just like to say i think its funnie thst she dissappeared after Full House and now she pops back up out of the blue as a big boobed momma with alot of confadence and a positive attitude about herself. More power to the woman and i happen to think no that she is not fat and she is still just as prettie!!

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