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Francis Bean Looks Just Like Kurt Cobain, Pics Pictures Photos

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  • Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle.
    So Frances Bean looks like Kurt? Unfortunately, she looks enough like her mother. Courtney Love was pretty in a trashy sorta way. Poor Frances never knew her father. Poor Kurt never knew what trash he was married to. Kurt Cobain was another symbol of my generation. Not everyone made it out of the nineties and ‘heroin sheik’ unscathed. Look at Alice In Chains Singer Lane Staley. So I hope there is enough Kurt in Frances Bean. I hope she is talented like her father and not the media whore her mother is. One day maybe, Kurt will have his revenge on Courtney.

  • It’s not at all unfortunate that Frances looks like Courtney, and shame on you for saying so. Kurt and Courtney are equally talented and beautiful people, and Frances is lucky to have such wonderful genes. The fact that you can’t spell and get your cultural references correct only lends to the fact that no one can take what you say seriously (try using “chic” instead of “sheik”). Everyone drags Courtney over the coals for no reason other than the fact that she is outspoken and refuses to be the quiet little bitch that society requires of women. I say more power to her. Kurt does not want revenge on Courtney. He probably just wishes that idiots like you would leave her and his daughter the fuck alone.

  • Personally I do think she is a bitch but Courtney is a talented bitch, I don’t think she killed Kurt. Oddly enough they were probably happy in some form or another. I think Francis will be alright I hope she is as talented as her parents.

  • frances looks like kurt?????
    she´s superficial like her mother, she never be like kurt.
    i love kurt and hate courtney.
    courtney MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle” this was a song to do with Kurt’s fave band, the Vaselines, the alternative “grunge” uprising was from seattle, if you’re gonna quote but not understand songs then please stfu.-pwnd

  • also, don’t forget, Kurt was as much a drug abuser and outspoken as the next famous person in the 90’s, i don’t think you can say that he was so different to Courtney Love


    Now say he wasn’t murdered, or that Courtney didn’t at least have something to do with it.

    Personally, I think the ultimate tragedies are that Frances Bean will never remember her father; that her ‘mother’ (she doesn’t deserve the title) has kept custody of her; and that Frances has so much trust in the one who took her father, a tragic young man, away from her when she was less than 2 years old.

    My sympathies, Frances.

  • Francis is gorgeous. It’s unfortunate that she’ll never know her father but she’s got a better chance because of the media (it’s not all that bad, all the time) to know what an incredible man he was.

    I personally love Courtney. She got what she wanted which is probably more than most of those “haters” can say. I personally adore Courtney. She’s a bitch that everyone loves to hate….I just choose to love her always!

  • f*** you people, i know courtney and she is a down to earth woman who had some bad breaks in life and made some poor choices, if you don’t like her don’t f***ing read about her a**holes. I am quite sure those of you who have left a bad blog here that your no better than trash yourselves. I also know without a doubt she had NOTHING to do with kurts death…she was even there at the time, so before you go slandering people get the damn facts and get them correct, MORANS.

    To those of you who love courtney like myself thank you for your nice comments.

  • Frances is a very pretty girl and she does look like Kurt..a little..stop hating on Courtney freaking as*holes…so shes had her ups and downs…who the f*ck are you to judge her? Do you even know them pesonally? probly not so you have no right to talk shiit on them…get a life

    Miss you Kurt!

  • WOW!!
    anyone who thinks that courtney love is trash should serousully jump off of a bridge. Yes, i have to admit, that she is wild, WELL HELLO, ITS COURTNEY FUCKING LOVE!!


    anyone who think that courntey killed KURT is a UNEDCUATED PRICK!!!
    there is no possible someone could kill someone that they loved that much!!
    and as for Frances Bean
    she is amazing, and beautiful
    should be glad to have Kurt and Courtney as her parents!!

    Courtney has to raise her all on her own, and i think is doing a very well job!!

    much love and respect
    Clementine E.

  • first-“frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle” aint about the vaselines to whoever wrote THAT ridiculous crap, its about a woman named frances farmer who was scrutinized by the media, particularly the town of seattle, institutionalized and fucked up for the rest of her life because of it, however, there was a frances (Mckee) in the vaselines, and SHE is the one that frances bean is named after, so get your facts straight people, especially those who didnt think she either pscychologically or had kurt offed-her album came out a week after his death, and then a month later her bass player in hole, kristen pfaff who kurt exchanged mutual flirtations with also “mysteriously” died of an overdose…hmmm. and all those who still love courtney after this, read about her own father who tells of her extreme ambition since early childhood to marry a rock star and kill him-FUCKED UP! and she shacked up with billy corgan ADMITTEDLY within weeks of kurt’s death. sounds like a REAL martyr there….actually no, it sounds like a psychopathic opportunist, known for her public displays of insanity and violence to anyone who stands in the way of her sadistic ambition-if you want to really argue about this stuff, im here, and have read EVERY book about his life and death, both the objective, simply titled and harshly written, yet simply titled “kurt cobain”, the ludicrous “heavier than heaven” which was authorized by courtney (surprise surprise), and the books about his murder-“who killed kurt cobain”, and “love and death”, not to mention “come as you are”, the original book, and “nirvana” the most recent book, plus i own all the cds and rare bootlegs, the lyrics, have seen them live in oregon, january 1994, the 4th to last US show ever, and know from my study that he was a very sarcastic person, so in his interviews, and songs “i hate myself and want to die” for example, it was a joke, albeit a disturbing one, and i do believe he may have wanted to kill himself BEFORE frances was born, because of chronic pain and addiction struggles, but not after, he loved her too much and went through divorce himself, so he would never want to fuck his little girl like that and kill himself which is about the only thing he could have done that would be worse than divorce, but at the time, he was trying to leave coutney,and for all her fuckups, she was a very passionate person-passionate to kill someone so no one else could have him, EASILY. and, coincidentally courtneys major label debut was coming out right at the time that he died. OPPORTUNISM at its horrifically lowest point in history. she has written a good song in her time, i hate to admit, but only on the ONE album that KURT worked on her with, “miss world”-what a surprise! the only joy listening to it is like when a michael jackson fan listens to his older music, like when he still had a nose, black skin, and went for women, rather than homosexual pedophilia, its like “oh she wasnt a superficial, sell-out opportunistic hollywood kiss ass then, still punk, so its kinda nice listening to her music til you realize how vile and vomit inducing her selfish evil deeds turned out to be- but now courtney is at michael jacksons level or worse and i am devastated for frances bean, hopefully she finds the truth about the fucking succubus of a mother she has that needs to have the “suicide case” opened up so that morons that still like her and the rest of the world can give her the justice she deserves for if not hiring to kill kurt (extremely debatable) she at least psychologically tortured his soul to the point of self destruction, only to put herself on top, and she deserves sever punishment and rances should be put into the custody of kurts good friends like krist novoselic or michael stipe, not her. bless Kurt (forget the god, he would scoff at that) and his music and spirit live on and if what he would really want out of this is for the discussion to end for his girls sake, i feel bad, but i just really think courtney is an evil manipulative piece of trash and somehow drove him to death and wish that he could have lived to grow and produce more moving music to people like my who can identify with it. im not deifying him, i just have a lot of respect for him and his ability to convey his pain to others and move them through it so, rest in peace, i know that is where you finally are, and know that you are still alive in those that cared for you and continue to inspire today, as you did in the past, and will in the future.

  • I aplaud you tom, Me too have read them books and have followed this subject and everything you have said i can relate to. I wish other people would do the same and realise that there is some thing fishy about kurts death. The case needs re-opened, So the truth will come out and we can get justice for kurt!
    Every one, Take some time to look at these links, Hopefully you will come to your senses.

  • The Facts: Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love have both been addicted to Heroin. Kurt and Courtney were married and had a child. Kurt died from a gun shot wound to his head. Kurt ingested an overdose of various drugs on several occassions previous to his death, which may have been through choice or accident. There was a note, which may or may not have been a suicide note, and may or may not have been written by him. Virtually everything else is speculation. The police investgated his death, based on the fact and are satisfied that it was a suicide and not suspicious. Now, let him rest in peace and stop all this heresy!

  • Cant we just let him die…dont get me wrong he will ALWAYS be a hero in my eyes but its not like he is coming back…if he did commit suicide or if he didnt..He is still dead. We still lost a legend and it is a horrible thing…But no matter how harsh this sounds, no matter how many books are written on his life and death, and no matter how big of a fan you are, he is gone and it is tragic. But you can’t bring him back…so maybe his death is supposed to stay a mystery. And let’s just let him rest in peace. It is the right thing to do and I don’t care if anyone hates me for this because I am not getting back on to see if anyone commented on this but I hope someone agrees with me and if they do…rock on<3

  • There is something to be said about JUSTICE and I personally feel that justice has not been served appropriately in the Cobain case. I have also read these books that have authors who each have personal agendas in mind, and instead of speculating (as we will continue to do until justice is served) we who really passionately care, should demand as a society that the photos of the death scene be released to Seattle CSI for further investigation. The Seattle police department owes that to the public, at least. My understanding is that there are willing investigators waiting for this opportunity. Why don´t we give it to them?

  • Just saying, I don’t think Kurt would want all this controversy and harsh debating over his death. As for Courtney, he obviously loved her very much whether she was good for him or not, and I don’t think he’d appreciate anyone insulting her. But what do I know? I regrettably never knew the man.

  • oh…Christ….Frances…!!!!! she’s so beautifull like kurt..i belive in deeply heart that kurt was born….the soul..the spirit in francesbody……..YOU ARE MY LORD…KURT COBAIN

  • Whether or not he was murdered or commited suicide, he is DEAD and no amount of speculation or “justice” will bring him back! Nirvana, led by kurt, made some amazing music and I thank kurt for that, but there is no need to cause more hurt to his friends and family by debating the circumstances of his death! Let us celebrate his music and his life but not focus on his death! RIP Kurt, Grunge Legend!

  • Kurt Cobain was an amazing artist and taught us all a very good lesson about wat fame can do to u. His band, Nirvana, was awesome and they made some great songs. kKurt Cobain will live in the hearts of millions forever and i hope the generaions to come can all know about him…. RIP Kurt…hope to u see u up there one day…

  • hooray for tom.
    also, the only resemblance there is to her mom, really. i was only half a year old when Kurt died, but he lives on forever in the heart of fans like you and me. i may not believe in god but i believe in my music and i believe in Kurt Cobain

  • frances just like her mother. she doesn’t look like someone clever like her mother. courtney is a devil. frances doesn’t look like kurt’ daughter. kurt’s daughter is shouldn’t be like her. her father is a leader but his daughter is a bitch like her mother.

  • Frances is pretty much an equal mixture of bother her mum and dad, she has Kurts eyes, but i can see Courtney in her. Im not going to judge Courtney as i dont no her as a person, but after some amount of reading, and documentary watching, theres little to no doubt in my mind that Courtey had a part to play in the death of Kurt Cobain, and i do believe the case should be reopened, wouldnt you want to know the true circimstances of his death, if he was a member of your family, and at the time of Kurts death, he was in the process of divorcing Courtney and changing his will and excluding her from it, and did’nt El Hoke take a a lie detector test practically proving that Coutney Love offered him 50,000 to kill of Kurt, why hasnt Courtney ever taken a lie detector test, if she has nothing to hide then surely it would prove her innocent, even Courtneys own father believes she had something to do with Kurts death, and all his friends and family said he was not suicidal at the time of his death. I was only 19 months old when Kurt Cobain died, im actually three days older than his daughter Frances, her birthdays August 18th, mines August 15th, but although he did love Courney at one point they were divorcing at the time of his death, if you want to read more on his death, search

    Whatever your opinion on the matter, its an interesting read, it completly changed my view on the entire case, it has some amazing evidence that Kurt Cobain was infact murdered, whether or not Courtney Love was involved, well how the hell am i to judge, its just my opinion, that she was in some way involved, however im not her to slag her off, but i really do suggest you all give those sights a look before you give uneducated, unresearched opinions on the matter, im basing my opinion on solid fats, however i respect other peoples right to their own opinions also.

    I would say rest in peace kurt, but i doubt your resting in peace at all, probably up there rocking with the angels, sleep tight kurt xxxx

  • Rest in Peace, Kurt
    Leave Francis Bean out of it – let the girl grow up privately with the love of the only parent she knows. I’m sure she has enough to deal with without speculation that her mother killed her father. And this wont bring Kurt back. He has gone to a better place and one day they will be reunited x


  • Frances is pretty nice-looking! I like her boobs. They look big and fun and I’d ejaculate all over them for fun. Playing with boobs is awesome.

    On a funnier note, Kurt Cobain is dead.

  • Frances bean does look like Kurt, and she does look like Courtney, but Courtney wasnt that trashy looking when she was younger. I do not however agree that Kurt and Courtney were equally talented and beautiful, saying that to a Kurt fan is like saying to a religious person that God is equal to crap. Its not true. He had more outter and inner beauty. Courtney didnt kill Kurt, and that is kinda messed up to say, they loved eachother, and he loved Frances, and he will never truly die.

  • people who say that we should just drop it & let kurt rest in peace are just bored with everyone trying to find out the truth. can he really rest in peace if no one knows what happened to him?

    no, finding out the truth won’t bring him back, but he was MURDERED. is it easy for you to just sit back & accept that without wanting to know who killed him? and why? you can’t really call yourself a fan if you don’t want justice for kurt’s poor soul.

    & if some of you paid any attention you’d realise there’s more evidence to prove it WASNT a suicide, than to prove their is. the result of lazy police work & way too many people paying attention to courtney (i.e. agreeing to sign her confidentiality agreement…). maybe she didn’t pull the trigger herself, but she did kill him.

    As for Frances Bean, she needs to be left alone so she can have some sort of a normal life. In black & white she’s a kid whose father was murdered and people everywhere are pointing the finger of blame at her mother.

    Maybe she just wants a normal life.

  • Shut the hell up, seriously. Courtney didn’t kill Kurt, he killed himself! I love him dearly and he’s my hero, but he was a deeply disturbed and depressed man with problems. Even if it didn’t apply to anyone else. Take it from someone with raging depression, if you want to die bad enough, no matter how many fans you have, you’re gonna die.
    Courtney really loved him and it’s not like she could really stop it from happening, she wasn’t even around at the time, she was in L.A.
    When he used to od on heroin she always had to resusitate him and if she didn’t want him around she wouldn’t have bothered.

  • i’m shocked. how fast she has grown up! frances and kurt aren’t much alike. poor frances. she has to deal with a drug.adict mom, insane (it doesn’t mean not talented), and a dead father. do you imagine what is to be KURT COBAIN’S DAUGHTER??? it may be really hard. i think she will end up in drugs too.
    i love kurt cobain. i really love him. i was too young when he died, i was four, but i’ve listened to his music for a long time and i regard myself as a fan, so everytime i watch videos, or listen to their cds i feel sorry for him. i wish he didn’t die.
    but, you know. maybe it was the time for him. later he would have been an old man…consumed by drugs…and insane. so some rock stars must die young.


  • O-kay.

    I was reading all these comments and I must say that those who defend Courtney are a bunch of trash themselves. I mean when you look at it…when you really look at it. Do you notice that most of them can’t spell for shit? Which would have me and several people assume you either dropped out of school or didn’t go to one, and usually, not all the time, just usually those people are either white trash or ghetto. Take your pick whatever.

    Now on to why I’m really here. I truly believe that Courtney Love had something to do with Kurt Cobain’s death. I mean if you look into it, the evidence is there for those morons who talk about “getting facts straight” You just got to look for it. As for Frances, I agree with some who have written in here, I feel bad that she got stuck with a drug addicted media attention crack whore that talks shit just to talk it. The woman has no talent face it. She sucks. Kurt on the other hand he rocked he’s the God Father of Grunge for Christ sake. What did Courtney accomplish? All she did was murder what was inspiration.

    May Frances Learn someday the truth of her mother and may she follow her fathers talent because truth be told…THAT DUDE ROCKED.


  • I dunno….I can see some of her daddy in her…but unfortunately I can see mommy too. Ugh. I swear I’ll be fairly disappointed if she turns out like her mother character wise….Follow Kurt, Frances!!!

  • Well, First off Kurt Cobain was the best. Yet he still is! In my opinion Courtney had something to do with the death. Hello! he wants to leave her and the all of the sudden, bang! He’s dead, ruled as a sucide. I hope Frances would be like her father, and not her shitty mother. I feel really sorry for Frances! She trusts her mother, I wish I could help her! But other than that, Frances need to go on kurts path. Kurt was depressed alot, but oh well! Some people are i have been depressed alot myself, and to think he could have made so much more music, and be even more of an inspiration he is today! Courtney is a crack-whore, she says she loved Kurt, if by love she meant kill him. It’s really funny too, how her bassist in Hole died over a “drug overdose” when Kurt had on intrest in her. (the bassist) Then a man came out to say that Courtney had hired him to kill Kurt. Two days later he was “ran over by a train!” Surprise there! Whatever, whoever actually likes this killing crack-whore need to fornacte themsleves with a iron stick!

    Kurt RIP Best thing that has happened to me, to the world! Thanks for the ones who love and stick up for kurt!

  • MY GOD..i’m amazed at how many ppl think courtney is so talented…at spreading her legs maybe..her voice sucks..she’s total trash..she wouldn’t even be famous if it hadn’t been for curt..why do people always feel so obliged to make the widow out to be so wonderful after her husband is gone? If curt were still here she would be nothing..seriously..look at her track record..she never would have been shit on her own and u all know it. She’s a whacked out sleeze bag who’s had too much plastic for her killing curt..who gives a rats ass..why are ppl debating this? Its not gonna change anything. Justice? Well..its not happening here on this little website that’s for sure. oh and francis isn’t as attractive as her father. Just my opinion. All u ppl who think courtney’s such a hero are blind..too bad..cuz i don’t think being a drug addicted, media whore, big mouthed, shitty really a hero in my book..and there’s no denying that. So say all u want about her..the proof’s in the pudding.

  • I think whoever does not believe the theory that Kurt was murdered and Courtney had something to do with it has no reason to hate her. If you do anyway, that is sexist! She’s outspoken and okay, she can be self-promoting, but you know if a man did what she does no one would care. If you do believe she killed Kurt (I hope you have read more than one book or website so your opinion is not too biased), then at least you have a non-sexist and real reason to hate her. Frances however looks more like Courtney before she had all that plastic surgery. Look at her when she was in Sid and Nancy and before she got famous; they look identical. She looks a bit like Kurt, but mostly like Courtney pre-surgery. I think she is very pretty, and smart from what I heard. I hope she succeeds in her dream of being a film director. Best of luck Frances!

  • tom said everything that needed saying!! courtney love was and still is a sadistic money grabbing whore, although the word whore is too good for her!! it is obvious that she was involved in his death!! she killed him because he wanted to divorce her, and she knew that if he divorced her, the media would turn against her, and she couldnt stand the fact that she would lose her publicity (money) and attention that being married to someone like kurt cobain gave her!! if they had got divorced she would have been seen as his ex-wife and he may still have been alive today, however she killed him before the divorce could happen leaving her as his “widow“!!which gave her alot more media attention!! and as everyone continues to morne the death of kurt, cortney will be there hanging around like a really really bad smell!! if you hate courtney love stop talking about her i hate her and apart from this comment i never ever talk about hr when reffering to kurt cobain!! if everyone who dislikes her did this then maybe she might just go away!! they only time i will ever want to hear the names courtney love and kurt cobain mentioned in the same sentence is if the case is re-opened!! then i hope the sentence will go a little like this!! `COURTNEY LOVE YOU ARE SENTENCED TO DEATH FOR ATTEMPTING TO PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE AND FOR THE MURDER OF KURT DONALD COBAIN`

  • wow.

    stop with the “omgcourtneykilledkurt” bullshit, please. he killed himself. believe it or not, he loved courtney to death. i, also, don’t think he would appreciate all you fuckers bashing her and their little girl. (STEVE, YOU ARE ONE SICK FUCK.)

    get over it.
    he hated himself. he killed himself. the end.

    it’s done, he’s been dead for like, fourteen years. why are you people STILL talking about it, like it’s some big fucking deal?

  • what’s funny i think is:

    A: if you think “Courtney” and look at Frances then you see a lot of her mom’s features. And then if you think “Kurt” and look at Frances, then you see a lot of his features as well. am i the only one that shares this opinion?

    B: most of your lack of maturity. The whole “Courtney killed her husband” thing is bullshit. If you have the inability to remember Nirvana for their talent, then put their music down NOW. Kurt once said “If you do anything to hurt my wife, i’ll hurt you.” What makes you think he’d like you for what you’re doing. For what ANY of us are doing?

    C: None of us know any of the Cobains or their family/relatives. So who are we to say anything at all? Let us just comment on Fraces. She seems well and happy.

    D: stop being afraid of the fact that Kurt WAS already a suicidal black-tar heroin addict. As far as i know, by the end of his life, he had severe stomach problems that left him puking up blood before shows.

    Kurt’s dead. LET’S LEAVE IT AT THAT. his wife and child seem happy. It’s sad that Frances will never truly know her father. But, that’s what the Internet is for. (no that was NOT an insult.)

    E: Thank you Margie and Clemintine E. (although the way you defended her was kinda….wild..hehe!)
    for your intelect (i can’t spell.)

    Courtney was obviousely happy with Mr. Kurt. And, apparentally you guys haven’t seen the home videos on youtube. i would post them but my fucker dad (excuse my language) blocked youtube.


    why is she so TALL!!!?!?!

    she’s only a year or so older then me, and she is so dang TALL! and physically mature! where did she inherit that gene from?

  • Kurt rocked. I just want to say I hope Frances finds her own way, because I don’t want people to think she is her father.I want to say that I don’t know if Kurt killed himself, because there were no fingerprints on the gun, and I have seen a shotgun, those things are to long to hhold in your hands and shoot your freakin mouth. But of course we all know he wasn’t a extremely happy guy. But I don’t want to beat up on Courtney. and I how could you do that much heroin and be able to fuckin stand up., and he coudn’t of shot himself and then did the heroin. Butt I do know that he was cool guy. If anyone has other oppinions, fine.

  • anyone who says courtney love killed or hired someone to kill kurt cobain is a fucking retard
    they met before he was famous and before he had money so she isnt money grubbing
    if they got divorced she wouldve gotten money anyway
    and most people hate her even though she helped him write in utero
    and anyone who says she covered up his death by destroying evidence lacks a functioning brain
    if anyone thinks a former heroin addict celebrity like courtney love could destroy evidence they should kill themselves
    just like kurt did

  • Frank you have to do some investigating before spewing off at the mouth on something you have no idea…SHE HAD HIM KILLED…end of story… REOPEN THE CASE!!!

  • alex, his stomache problems were cured long before he was killed, it was a pinched nerve. He had no more pain and was happy. You peiople have no idea of what you are talking about. Courtney was not happy with Kurt after he was not going to play at the Lollaplazza tour nad she was not getting her millions of dollars she expected. He was leaving her, and seattle and she had him killed.

  • Courtney Love is a murderer! I only hope hat Frances will be a better person and not a fucking bitch who killed his husband only because he wanted a divorce!!! read the web site and yo will convince yourself that she is a MURDERER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I can’t believe all you saying courtney is a murderer. Why the hell would she save his life a number of times from him ODing prior to the actual suicide? I had thoughts like these before I read “heavier than heaven” then I realized how much courtney actually tried to save him. Kurt was a fuck up–he had emotional and physical issues that he chose to subside with heroin. Everything he did revolved around the drug and nothing could stop him from doing it–not even his cutie baby Frances. People with drug addictions like Kurt are FUCKED! Why the hell would u choose that life when u brought another into the world. It’s one thing to fuck up your own life, but when u bring a child into the world, then you have greater responsibility. Fuck, Kurt knew what it was like having a family that he felt didn’t care for him…why wouldn’t he have chose to make that better for his family. He chose the easy way out–a coward if you ask me. And he references God in his writing….how can he talk to God and have serious suicidal thoughts….When you kill yourself, you do not go to heaven….you are going against God’s plan so why would me make a place for you in heaven.

  • Seriously chill…i met courtney before and she is very nice. Why would she kill the love of her life seriously???Look, kurt loved her and if u love kurt then u’ll love her..and if ur a true nirvana fan then u would know that she helped out with some lyrics….i think she is a talented and personally somebody that i look up to. Now about Frances…i think she is very pretty and i dont see a lot of her father in her, but i have heard her sing in musicals and wow she is an amazing singer!!! took after her mom and dad…and oh leave Courtney the fuck alone….

  • eew, omfg ac/dc? are you fucking kidding me? go fist yourself. kurt cobain is and always will be the best there ever was. he has a beautiful daughter, a psychopath ex who either murdered him or planned his murder, and he will be remembered forever <3

  • Wow, I am astonished that any of you even have the nerve to call Courtney Love trash, honestly that’s the biggest load I ever did hear. How dare any of you to call the mother of such a beautiful child, and wife of, in my opinion, the most amazing man to ever live, trash. You are ALL uneducated pricks. You’re all ridiculous, if you don’t like her, keep it to yourself, but atleast have a valid reason not to. You just look foolish talking bad about her, when you are obviously the one in fault.
    Rest in Peace, Kurt Cobain.


  • i met kurt back in 93 and he was the most quiet person i have ever met, and i can tell you all this, HE WAS DEPRESSED so even if courtney didnt kill him,, i can garantee he would have done it anyway. and yes love is a over bearing loud mouth bitch who gave me shit for seeling dope to kurt, only to go behind his back an ask one of MY friends to score for her,,, loser! and for frances,,,, wow if i was younger hhhhmmmmmmm??? lol she has turned out to be smokin hot!!!, but i suppose it would be like doin kurt,, they look soooo much alike
    well i hope that helped some of you younger ppl
    peace love and ampathy
    old school 90s kid

  • I must say, I thought this was not to discuss who ‘killed’ who but to simply take a closer look to Frances’ resemblance to her father…. as always… never you mind.

    Yes, I do believe Frances does posses a lot of her father in her (besides the “usual” things, of course -like genes for example-.) If anyone has seen photographs of Courtney as a child, you’ll know [right away] that is her vivid image… BUT, as to how Frances gestures and her eyes (yep, those same eyes) go to Kurt. That’s when people see it on a photo otherwise, is more her mother.

    Now, other [tiring] matters;

    Frances being superficial “like” Courtney? I must laugh at that one. “Ha ha ha.”

    It amazes me at times, how judgmental people can be when, their whole life, they’ve claimed to be open minded as no other. Hypocrisy. Mediocrity. Tiring, for me anyway.

    I happen to be a HUGE Nirvana fan AND Kurt fan (don’t be confused. As much as people want these to be the same package, they are not.) Contradictory to my likings on music because I detest the whole “Icon” thing. Anyway, even if I was too young to know what the ‘deal’ was when he died, I can tell you (as much as I would like to say the opposite, like many others, to make myself feel better about it); I’m not blind, slow, or deaf. I would have done the same as he did that day, sadly. Yes, I believe Courtney to have nothing to do with ‘it’ (when you look at something like this, not as “hobby” but for personal reasons; you MUST be partial and look at both sides, I have.)

    Either way you see it, nothing can bring him back so… the inhumane humanity still lost.

    To Frances: “You go girl!”

  • To those who said “justice doesn’t matter now, he’s dead” or words to that effect, well, if a member of your family were killed and I said, “oh well, dead now, doesn’t matter anymore”, you’d be pretty pissed at me, no?

    I personally think she had something to do with it, but hey, I wasn’t even born till 7 months after he died.

    Frances is really pretty. Whomever she looks like, you can’t deny she’s pretty :]

  • YEA IT DOES!!!
    and i look like randy jackson,
    and malcolm young looks like courtney love
    and simon cowell looks like spiderpig


  • I think Frances Bean has Kurt’s eyes. I also believe that Courtney really knows what happened to Kurt. She wanted someone to kill Kurt so she can have his money, controll the stuff that he done with NIRVANA, and Frances Bean. I really hope that Kurt kicks Courtney’s a** when she dies. I feel so bad for Frances Bean that she’ll never see her dad again. I don’t know if anyone heard this… but I heard that Frances Bean was gonna do the grunge thing like Kurt. To be honest… I would love that.

  • I am a private investigator and have been studying this case aside from my normal work, just out of curiosity. While there is substantial circumstantial evidence to link Courtney Love or any other third party to the alleged murder of Kurt Cobain, there is no solid proof, nothing that would hold up in court. The fact that the gun and Kurt’s body were cremated leaves no hint of evidence, and so it must be finalised; Kurt killed himelf.
    Kurt had been depressed and even if he seemed normal, the level of drugs he was taking for that period of time wreaks havoc on the mind, to the point where he may not have known what he was doing. He seemed to love his wife and child unconditionally and therefore had no reason to end his life, but again taking drugs can do bad things to the brain.
    Yes there was a discovery of a letter in Courtney’s handbag with her practicing writing on…which is quite suspicious considering the last four lines of his suicide note were not written by him, but she could have been doodling. And again the guy who was killed by a train after admitting that Courtney hired him to kill Kurt, and that a lie detector proved him 99% accurate in telling the truth, but again this could be fabrications.
    At the end of the day, no matter what we believe Kurt is not coming back and Courtney or anyone else will not be arrested because there never will be any kind of evidence to support these accusations, so it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie.

  • Well, no shit she looks just like him, it is his kid you know. Unless Courtney went and did something stupid, like cheat on him, and get pregnant with another dudes kid, which sort of sound like Courtney Love.

    But it’s pretty positive that Francis is Kurts kid.

  • Francis Bean is sooo Beautiful , and i think she’s a 100% Kurt !!!! LOOK AT HER ! well she also has a BIT of Courtney , but she’s more of a kurt .
    she’s such a lovely , nice looking girl with Kurt’s and Courtney’s fuckin amazing genes !! i love Both of Kurt n Courtney cuz they fuckin ROCK !

  • I cant wait until Frances figures out that the the fuknn whore called her mother killed me……………………………………………………………………………………………

  • I’m sure Frances doesnt want anyone feeling bad for her. i bet she just wants everyone to leave her and her mother alone! Nobody really knows what happened to Kurt Cobain or rather why he shot himself. Shes fifteen and she can just type her name in on google and a shit load of pictures and shit come up about her. Thats got to be hard for a kid. She doesnt need people that are not even in her life telling her that her mother is trashy. Cortney Love is gorgeous and Kurt Cobain was sexy as hell!

  • I stumbled across this website by accident, and I do think that Frances looks like her dad – she has his face. It is only recently that I discovered the wonder that is Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, as I was only one when he died, and the rest of my family isn’t really into that kind of music. I love his music, he was obviously an amazing person, but I have to agree that it was suicide. I can see where all his ‘devoted’ fans are coming from when they say he was mudered by Courtney, because he’s their hero and they are looking for anyway to make it not his fault, because suicide can be really hard to accept. But he did kill himself, and behind the mask was a severely disturbed and depressed man. I read through articles, and my first thought was, “Why would he kill himself?” which is what everyone with the murder theory must be thinking. But much as we all like to pretend we know our favourite stars inside-out, Kurt had a lot of stuff we didn’t know about – clearly, cause he killed himself.
    Its a shame – fourteen years on, its still a tragedy, but leave Courtney Love alone. She didn’t kill him. He fell in love with her, just like she loved him, and it’s not fair to her or to his memory to keep bringing this all up and blaming her. And Frances – she’s beautiful, and just like any other 15/16 year old girl, and its really unfair to talk about her life like you know it all. Kurt Cobain was an amazing musician, and I love his songs and lyrics, so concentrate, like others have said, on what he achieved in his life, and not the distress he caused in death.


  • wow. she is trash, manipulative evil trash, have you not read the press interviews about how frances had to help mommy out of a drug stuppor and how the nanny was the reall mom cuz courtney cannot get herself off the drugs??? hello?! she has been put thru so much with courtney love as a mother. and yes tom grants conclusions are more truth than courtney being a good mother

  • okay, first off, frances does look like kurt… look at her eyes.! i think courtney was a slut and she is a fucking retard for all of the gross photos shes done. if frances typed in courtney love on google, all kinds of shit would pop up and in all of her photos she looks sleeezy and gross.
    however kurt died is a mystery. i personally think courtney knew SOMETHING about it. and on some tom grant website he did an interview and the doocter said that kurt couldnt havve shot himself with all of the heroin in his system! anyways i hope frances will grow up to be as talented as her father, and not as shit faced as courtney is.

    RIP kurt donald cobain.
    you’ll always be remebered.

  • Tell frances the better side of the truth. Her father is a genius in American way of life, she could run an office in seattle congress, improve the coffee business, built a factory. Courtney maybe what they said she was,
    shake her hand shes not that dirty.

  • courtney yust want kurts money…and she is devel and kurt is angel…bad combination…but frances is angel yust like kurt…love you kurt…love you frsnces…rest in peace kurt…PEOPLE DO SOMETHING AND SAVE FRANCES BEAN FROM THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • diosas de la vida me encantaria casarme con esa chica dios, espero Courtney espero siga practicando esa maravillosa filosofia y siga teniendo en sus oraciones al gran maestro de la musica, frances sentite orgullosa, salu2

  • Okay,

    Alot of people on this page have a problem with denial. My father passed away March 8th 2008, and I miss his dearly, and he was young(not as young as Kurt, but in his early 40s), and the death was sudden… But anyways Kurt Cobain killed himself, because he couldnt live anymore, because he didnt want to be famous, and courtney being a cunt might have had something to to with it aswell, but I dont think she actually fucking killed him! I’ve read the conspiracy books, and though they may convince you directly after you read it that it was something more than simply suicide, it was simply suicide. Quit trying to make it seem so much more complex… Hes dead, and the way he died isnt going to change that anyways, it isnt going to make him live again, and all of this bullshit isnt bringing him justice, just a bunch of shit to his name.

  • There’s some real insanity around here.

    Courtney and Kurt were in absolute love. It doesn’t matter what you think, Courtney was exactly the type of woman Kurt wanted: strong, artistic, wild, larger than life. They both came from tragic childhoods and both paid a very heavy price for the sins of their parents. I can’t judge Courtney for any of the crazy shit that she’s done. She was already a lost soul trying to find her way, but Kurt’s suicide clearly pushed her further over the edge. At the time of his death, Courtney had been trying to clean up her act and help Kurt get sober, though neither of them ever had real positive role models in their lives and so didn’t know how to go about cleaning up. Both felt an intense pressure to do better for their daughter than their loser Baby Boomer parents had done for them. Add that to the pressure Kurt was feeling from his bipolar disorder, the blood-sucking music industry, the isolation of his fame and success (things that should have made him happy instead made him feel even lonelier) and a heroin addiction he just couldn’t shake, and it isn’t hard to feel empathy or understand what got him to that point.

    If you are truly a fan of Kurt’s writing and music, you should know that he would loathe you for attacking his wife or quoting her racist, despicable father and giving any fuel to the insane conspiracy theories. I wish Courtney and Frances all the love in the world. Kurt would have wanted civility and peace for both of them, which he felt was denied to him throughout his childhood and again when his celebrity brought hangers-on, harsh criticism and an uncontrollable media obsession.

  • the truth is that the day kurt killed himself, courtney had an overdose and was in los angeles, she called 911 and was arrested on syringe and drug paraphenelia; also. kurt was leaving courtney, and he was going to move, taking frances- the love of his life- with him. during his murder investigation there was a note- supposed “suicide note”- which was found to have been written by mike dewitt- courtney’s long time friend- and the cigar box (including in it: cigarrettes, lighter, hat, sunglasses, etc…), the shotgun, the syringe, the pen, and the note had NO LEGIBLE PRINTS ON IT. not only that, but as everyone knows he shot himself in the head, his hair, as the elctrician described it as he saw it, said it looked as if it had been combed by a hairdresser….doesn’t that sound weird considering the blow to his head would have caused the whole body to fall, including his head?.
    as courtney repeatedly told the media that “kurt was suicidal”, in fact he was not, his closest friends reported. she also said kurt had left the rehab and purchased a remington 20 gauge shotgun after he left, which was found to be false, the rome incident was around the time he purchased it “for protection”. the day he died, he was high on heroin, the autopsy report also found traces of diazepam- a heroin aggravtion drug and 2 times the lethal dose of heroin. not only enough to kill him, but if he hadnt died, it was enough to put him in a comatose state. dead men dont pull triggers. even if he had lived through the heroin and diazepam, his mind wasnt stable enough for him to have been able to wipe the prints off of evrything he touched. he shot his head lastly, and even his prints were not found on the shotgun, so if he’s dead, how could he have possibly of wiped the gun down?….my question is…..
    who killed Kurt Cobain?

  • Well Kurt Cobain will never be forgoten and I still wonder if it was a murder or if he took his life I try to think-Don’t let Courtney’s words get in ur mind don’t ley her make u believe that he took his life. I used to think she did it but then I thought I’m only saying that cause I can’t face the truth that he might have took his own life. But they say that he had to much drugs in him system to even lift the gun if he was gonna kill himself the drugs he had in his system were enough to kill him, why would he just do that and on top of it shoot himself too???

  • well the note was saying that he was leaving Nirvana and Courtney plus the last maybe 5 lines of the note were written at a different and had different handwritting.

  • I happen to love kurt because his voice and personality. I think courtney love should be hung till 3657 or longer because she prolly go it into his head that he is pathetic or something. She prolly led him to cheating and then blamed it on him for her actions

  • I think courtney Love knows something about Curt Kobains death.
    I’ve read a lot about it, and I cant believe it was a suicide. There are too many things that make it look like it was a murder.
    If she had anything to do with it, she is an awful person.
    If Curt no longer loved her and wanted to get on with his life, he had that right. She would have gotten half of his money supposedly.
    What right did she have to take his life away if she did. I hope she answers for it someday if she is guilty.

  • Courtney is a cold hearted bitch.
    A man passed a lie detector test stating that she would pay him to kill Kurt.
    Poor Kurt loses his life and all he worked for, and she walks away with probable murder. Scott free and with all his money.
    How can anyone admire her?
    I feel sorry for Frances.

  • Well, I personally do not know if it was suicide, assisted suicide, or actual murder. I am leaning towards murder. A letter was found in Courtney’s backpack and all it was was writing. it looked like she was practicing Kurt’s writing. And that’s pretty suspicious. I personally do not like Courtney but I don’t hate her. If she did kill Kurt or have him killed, she really needs to admit it because it certainly does make an impact of Frances Bean. Frances Bean is a pretty girl and she definetly has her dad’s eyes and his lips. Everyone gets upset that Frances Bean is not exactly like her father and it does make me sad that she doesn’t like grunge and stuff like that, but you people cannot dog her out because of that. I just can’t see why Kurt would kill himself when he had that young daughter and I can see that he loved Frances very much. Another reason I lean towards murder is because Kurt had three times the lethal amount of heroin in his system, so how in the world would he be able to actually be able to write a long suicide note and shoot himself? He wouldn’t have time. Maybe whoever was made to kill him made him write the note. I just don’t know, there are so many things that make it look like a suicide and so many things that make it look like a murder. It’s very upsetting that this all happened. I just hope the truth will be revealed soon. Oh, and some of you people need to get your stories straight before posting a comment because someone said that Kurt was right for wanting to leave Courtney. He never said he wanted to leave Courtney. They were experiencing some problems in their marriage because of Kurt taking drugs and other things. Kurt loved her, no matter what.

  • Now that I am thinking about it, maybe Kurt really did kill himself. It is so sad to think that way but it is probably the truth. Kurt came from a broken childhood and I think Courtney did too. Kurt had many problems before he even got famous. He had hyperactivity problems, scoliosis, borderline autism, and some manic-depressive problems. He even admitted that before. He was a bright boy and was artistic. Kurt changed his view on life when his parents divorced at age 8. He thought his life sucked. He said that he hates his mother, he hates his father, his mom hates his dad, and his dad hates his mom. It’s very sad. Don Cobain, his father, seemed to constantly push Kurt to do things he didn’t want to do. He pushed him to play sports and other things. Kurt’s mother, Wendy, didn’t like him playing guitar, she wanted him to be an artist. Kurt moved back and forth between his mom and dad’s house. He also moved from uncles to aunts, from grandparents t cousins. His mother didn’t want him any longer when he was older. Kurt lived on the streets by the age of 17. He was constantly made fun of when he was in 8th grade. He was called gay because he had gay friends. And those childhood problems can cause major trauma in someone’s life. And to add on, Kurt had a hectic, not-normal lifestyle by the time he was 19. His life was never ever picture perfect. Most people say his death was murder, and that’s what I always thought, and that’s because we really don’t wanna face the facts. I am not sure what happened though.

  • There was a note supposedly that Kurt wrote saying he was leaving seattle and courtney.
    Obviously if thats true, he no longer wanted to be married to her.
    I heard he was tired of her cheating on him with other ghys.
    He had actually taken steps to disiniherit her from his will.
    Does that sound like a ghy who wants to stay with and loves his wife?
    I dont think so. I think hed had enough of Courtney. Courtney is trash.

  • You people sure like to read, eh? Everything supporting murder is like word for word from books, and like, fuck that. What do you think, not the authors of the book. You think I don’t fucking know about all the fucking, “Evidence,” supporting murder. Yall say that his friends say he wasnt suicidal, but fucking Dave and Krist say he was, and they should fucking know. I know its sad, but holy fuck you guys, I cannot believe how many of us are living in fucking denial over something that happened fourteen fucking years ago! I thought it was murder, till I started to ease off of all the fucking book reading about the fucking conspiracy against Courtney. She didnt, and I mean DIDNT at that time in her life have the smarts to stage a fucking homicide, you all forget how fucked up she was then, you think shes fucked now? Shit! She was out-of-control fucked, she didnt have it in her.

    Dont get me wrong, I love Kurt just as much as the next over-obsessed fan out there, and I hope he is happy where he is now, and I hope he stands by his decision, because it was his decision, though I know if he is out there hes wishing he could have a conversation with Frances, cuz he loved her more then he loved life.

  • Courtney is a miss understood by most of you because your unable to comprehend her talent. Who Frances Bean looks like doesn’t matter, she’s a child. I can’t believe how cruel and evil many of these comments are. Hey I have a great idea why don’t we just leave them the fuck alone

  • I think Courtney Love is a sick women.
    She acts like she has mental problems.
    Kurt could not have married her, and not ended up with problems.
    She did not deserve him, and I think she was involved in his death.
    How can she act and talk like it was a suicide to his fans when she knows he was probably murdered?
    How can she discredit his memory in such a dishonorable way as she has?
    The man upstairs knows everything. I mean the good lord above, and we will all have to answer to him someday.

  • What would Kurt think of Courtney letting all those people group her when she used to dive out of the stage at concerts.
    I think he would be disgusted. Frances, I feel so sorry for her having such a disgusting mother.

  • Here are six things God hates,
    and one more that he loathes with a passion:

    eyes that are arrogant,
    a tongue that lies,
    hands that murder the innocent,
    a heart that hatches evil plots,
    feet that race down a wicked track,
    a mouth that lies under oath,
    a troublemaker in the family.

    I hope you rot in hell Courtney.
    You’re an evil bitch.
    Kurt, we will love and remember you forever!

    The above is from the book of Proverbs.
    Rest in peace Kurt. You will always be the king of grunge.

  • Can’t anyone comment anything about Courtney, Kurt, or Frances without talking shit about Courtney. God get over the murder shit, conspiracy theroies always pop up after deaths, and people also want to make money off it, and this is coming from someone who obsessed over kurt cobain, reading anything I could get my hands on about it as a teenager. If anyones the trash here it’s kurt, such a selfish asshole leaving his daughter without a father.

  • i think she looks very like kurt,and that´s great. i´m sorry because,i was born 2 months after he had died..:(
    and i agree with jackie, i mean, they were so in love with each other..but the hole thing is really strange…
    at least, we have to forget this, and just talk about kurt and his music.
    his music is amazing, i listened to it by chance,and now i´m just so in love with his voice:D
    KURT COBAIN for ever!!!!!=)

  • and courtney cant be a ´´bitch´´ or something like that because kurt married her.and i think he was usually right,and courtney´doesn´t look like ..shes special,just like kurt.the fit perfectly together.and who knows,maybe he´s watching us,,courtney ans ecspecially francis bean from heaven..=)

  • OMG!!! Frances is gorgeous!!! Then again, look at her father!!! He was HAWT when he was still alive(R.I.P.). Courtney may would be pretty if she wasn’t so trashy and burnt up. Yeah, being the Kurt addict I am, I just wanted to say this. I better go to keep myself contained ’cause I’ve been commenting every time the chance has risen.


  • please remember that even if you do not like Courtney Love, you are all hurting Frances Bean by saying such harsh and uncaring things about her mother. I have two daughters and I am divorced, I have divorced parents and believe me, nothing hurts more than when someone says something bad about one of you’re parents.

  • I never met kurt. never listened to him when he was alive. maybe when i was a kid, but i would have never know. i cant say i miss him cuz i never knew him. but from wat i know. kurt was a good guy i love his music. i respect him as a person. no matter wat happend im here for the memory of him. nobody else. =) BEANS BEANS BEANS!

  • RIP Kurt, I may not have known you, but I relate to you and sometimes that means more then actually knowing somebody. Considering this I feel it is right to say that I miss him, not in the way I miss a family member who has passed, but I do miss him.

  • Eu acho que ela matou o marido umícone para a minha geração e está cuidando da filha, embora não goste dela, curto algumas músicas, passei minha adelencencia verenando essa banda. Foi muito especial pra mim. Na epoca em que meu pai estava muito doente em fase terminal de cancer, eu ouvia dutante horas em meu quarto o nirvana e chorava horas a fio, acho que me ajudou de alguma maneira a ser uma pessoa mais forte eu acho. Mas foi uma fase muito dificil em minha vida e não sei como, mas de alguma maneira o nirvana me ajudou

  • frances looks exactly like kurt. they have the same eyes, face structure, you can tell she is his daughter. she’s beautiful, as was he. and anyone who thinks otherwise is blind. kurt cobain is and was an inspiration for musicians everywhere. he changed the way music was thought of. he changed the generation of music. just look at the top song of the ’90s, “smells like teen spirit”. the music nirvana created was just powerful and was relatable by everyone. and for those of you that think he killed himself, think about it. yeah he was on drugs and maybe was a little depressed or stressed out. but would he ever take his own life away, and leave that little girl behind? no. i’ve seen the pictures of him with her, and they’re just beautiful. he loved frances. i believe there is nothing in this world that would make him want to kill himself because he had that little girl in his life. he had it all, and courtney was jealous. she was strung out herself, more so then him. she probably killed him thinking it was funny. i don’t have any evidence, but even if she didn’t kill him she’s still the worst parent. she still does hard drugs and is irresponsible. and courtney’s the only parent frances has left in this world. she deserves much better. if only the truth could come out.

  • frances looks exactly like kurt. they have the same eyes, face structure, you can tell she is his daughter. she’s beautiful, as was he. and anyone who thinks otherwise is blind. kurt cobain is and was an inspiration for musicians everywhere. he changed the way music was thought of. he changed the generation of music. just look at the top song of the ’90s, “smells like teen spirit”. the music nirvana created was just powerful and was relatable by everyone. and for those of you that think he killed himself, think about it. yeah he was on drugs and maybe was a little depressed or stressed out. but would he ever take his own life away, and leave that little girl behind? no. i’ve seen the pictures of him with her, and they’re just beautiful. he loved frances. i believe there is nothing in this world that would make him want to kill himself because he had that little girl in his life. he had it all, and courtney was jealous. she was strung out herself, more so then him. she probably killed him thinking it was funny. i don’t have any evidence, but even if she didn’t kill him she’s still the worst parent. she still does hard drugs and is irresponsible. and courtney’s the only parent frances has left in this world. she deserves much better. if only the truth could come out.

    i agree with “R”‘s response immensely.

  • Leave it alone it’s been along time.I’m still a big NIRVANA fan and i’m 40 Love Kurt Chris Cave And Pat smear.NOW THE FOO FIGHTERS.It’s alwful what happened with Kurt but he had a wife a child .Let them live in peace.Anything that happened can’t be proved.So let France and Courtney live life.You give yourself enough rope You’ll hang yourself>Leave Kurts Daughter alone has she not had enough hardship in life……CANADA

  • I think Frances Bean looks a lot like her dad to bad he wasn’t there to see her grow up to what she is today. Courtney love should die bacause she payed Eldon Hoke 50 grand to kill Kurt Cobain. Eldon Hoke got 99.7 percent on a truth test.

  • People believe anything they read! This is really depressing… I am sorry for all of those who believe these stupid conspiracy theories just because a bunch of pricks got together one day and decided to start rumors and make waves just to achieve fame!! Shame on them and shame on you for believing all their crap!
    Leave those poor women alone! They surely do not need to be reminded of that tragedy!

  • Okay, everybody is positive theyre right, and youre not going to convince anybody by explaining yourself. Once people have an opinion on this, they stick with it hard. I say Kurt Killed himself, but I’m sure like 40% of the Kurt fans out there say otherwise. So explain yourself, waste your time and mine, because nobodys listening.

  • KURT Cobain was so hott.. OBVIOUSLY kURTs daughter looks nothing like him.. shes effing ugly just like Courtney love ( a dumb hideous bitch with vagina lips)

    KURT R.I.P……..

  • I would like to start this off by saying I don’t hate Courtney, I actually like a few songs from Hole and I believe her voice was interesting to listen to. Don’t think this is going to be I hope the bitch dies sort of thing.

    I have not really known much about Kurt Cobain’s suicide case, except the fact that he died in 1994. I didn’t have a side of whether he killed himself or whether he was a murder, but from my research I have chosen a side. I honestly do think he was murdered. I would like to add that I am not an investigator, but I have been learning about different fields of forensics since I could remember, it’s quite a passion of mine. From learning about all types of things like analyzing writing, blood splatter work , and a lot of other fields I honestly do think Courtney had something to do with it. There are numerous motives for her to want him died. Being the person she is, with fame and all it’s quite obvious that she wouldn’t dirty her own hands, I think she hired someone to get the job done. The reason I pin point her is because after reviewing tons of evidence I noticed that people who seemed to be in the “way” died. Like the guy who said she offered him money to kill Kurt…he mysteriously got hit by a train not long after telling his info to the public. Kind of odd. Also the girl who mysteriously died of an overdose, the one that Kurt lightly flirted with. Also odd. The connection to all three deaths is Courtney. I also find it odd how she is seemingly selling most of his things and cashing in big on them. She even has auctions and what not. Are you shitting me? I know in some cases a lot of what she gets goes to charity, but that just seems like a ploy, all an act. It makes her seem generous, like a loving spirit….to me that just makes her look even more guilty. In most murder cases I’ve looked at in the past I always see “they couldn’t do such a thing,” “they was so nice,” or “they was just too crazy or nice.” Also a thing I see is “they helped out so much in the case,” but yet he or she was the murder all along or had something to do with it. Also the path of the bullet, where it was found and they why he was holding the gun didn’t correlate, not even close.

    Think of it this way. If someone close to you was said to have committed suicide, but there was a lot of strong evidence that made it seem like foul play, would you just sit there and say whatever close the case? Would you really just blame them as being the murder of themselves if their was a strong possibility that they didn’t take their own life? Would you really let the fact that it could possibly be a murder still out there who might kill again stay as just a maybe that you won’t look into? If someone close to me committed suicide and there was a chance that someone else killed them I would immediately have the case reopened. I wouldn’t be able to rest easy at all, unless of course I was the one who killed them. If that was the case I wouldn’t want the case opened at all. I would just have a few fake boo-hoos for their suicide and laugh my ass to the bank.

    If you think you have evidence that suggest it was a suicide send me a message. I enjoy looking at both sides to investigate more.

  • Ooo. I see little Bean lost some weight. She was looking a bit porkish in other pictures. Honestly, I think she’s beautiful. She looks like her mother at certain angles and like her father in others. Those that think Court is ugly, you need to check out when she dresses up nicely and fixes herself up. She is a diamond in the rough, maybe. But trash? Nope. It’s sad that Kurt didn’t get to see his little girl grow into the beautiful woman she is today.

    And honestly, Kurt didn’t even know us and we didn’t know Kurt. Who are we to insult the people he DID know and LOVED in his life? Leave Courtney alone. Frankly, it’s none of your fucking business.

  • courtney killed Kurt end of story.
    if you actually research the case files youll see why.
    as for their lives…i could care less
    i think its funny that everyone puts in their two cents about everything

  • How much more do I need to research? I have read 2 conspiracy books twice, and seen that fucking things on the TV with Leland Cobain, have you? And even if you have, are you that biased? Fuck the hell off and die some place cold Graham, I hate your types.

  • has anyone ever watched the recordings of Michael Azzerad’s, where Kurt clearly states that he is very happy with his wife and daughter, and that just hanging out with courtney makes him feel the most comfortable/ in the same interview kurt speaks of the differences of opinion he had been having with dave and krist. he speaks about them wanting credit for songs he wrote, and says he doesnt care to share the money with them, but if he wrote the song he didn’t want the credit going to anyone else. he states that he wants to pursue other musical ventures and that nirvana was nearing an end. i don’t get it why would you people believe other people over words straight from kurts mouth. he loved his wife she made him happy. he wanted shall we say ‘distance’ from dave and krist. i always found it funny how eager dave and krist were to declare that kurt was depressed and they knew he was suicidal. they seemed so quick then to go after all the rights to nirvana productions….including the rights that kurt stated belonged to him…krist and dave were so greedy in wanting to make money off unreleased nirvana shit after he died……fighting and fighting courtney over it…..and she had every right to claim what rightfully belonged to her husbands estate, the very things kurt spoke of was making something for his family. was being so happy to have a family of his own, and wanting to protect their future…..
    point is i believe kurt and courtney loved eachother. i believe kurt was happy to have a family and more than anything wanted to provide the life he hadn’t had. if kurt had quit nirvana, like he wanted. who would have been krist and daves cash cow?
    don’t even bring up the foo fighters…christ that shit is bubble gum pop shit. dave wouldn’t have been able to carry on the foo fighters had he not already been known from nirvana. and he has made it painfully obvious how very undeserving he was to try to claim credit for the majority of nirvana songs that kurt wrote.
    dave and krist (and krist’s nutty wife) had quite a lot go gain if kurt went out the way he did….if kurt had just left nirvana, they would have been nobodies, if he died???? well then like many other popular artists, what better way to gain attention and sales$$$$$ than a tragic death?
    courtney had it made, she had not reason to off her husband that adored her.
    how fucking awful do you think it makes frances feel when she see’s all this bullshit written about her mother, it is bad enough the things that are true, but the anger that can build in a little girl when the whole world (exaggeration) accuses her mother of such evil.
    look at this girl, see how well adjusted she appears so far, do you really believe that if for one second she truly thought her mother did that she would just let it go? i know i wouldn’t. from the first moment i learned of accusations against my mother, i would have piecing things together on my own. and if i found out it were true, i surely wouldn’t be near my mother, or emotionally stable in any way.
    maybe krist and dave are innocent. maybe they are not. maybe kurt did it, maybe he didn’t. it is done. let it be. unless you have some hard proof….like fingerprints on the gun….an eye witness….feet print…fingerprints in his blood….brain matter in an inconsistent pattern that might prove blood spattered on something that was missing from the crime scene? my uncle shot himself with with a rather large shotgun after shooting my aunt. when i entered the house i could see his brain had made a circle on the ceiling, and blood and bits of brain slid down the entertainment center where his body slid down. the floor and walls were covered in blood. there was no true head left. as drugged up as kurt was his body was used to drugs even after detox people are often able to take doses of benzos heroin and whatever else at multiple time what is considered a “lethal” dose….the term “lethal dose” is basically subjective. what is lethal to me may not be close to what is lethal for another person my same size and body makeup…it is entirely possible for kurt to have done this himself.

    • oh stfu already!!! who are u to say shes stable???? not everyone deals with losses the same way…get over it. kurt WAS killed and if u dont want to help him get his justice then dont stand in our way and let us figure it out!!!

      anyways…to everyone else:
      tom grant(whos appeared in unsolved mysteries, etc) is trying to get washington to reopen the case and start an investigation and stuff to take the cause of death(suicide) on his death papers and call it “undetermined” or “homicide” n stuff…ud be very interested in his new project called “project unplugged”…do help us get justice for kurt! and check him out! while ur at it, do add me to your myspace:

  • yeah and tom grant(whos appeared in unsolved mysteries, etc) is trying to get washington to reopen the case and start an investigation and stuff to take the cause of death(suicide) on his death papers and call it “undetermined” or “homicide” n stuff…ud be very interested in his new project called “project unplugged”…do help us get justice for kurt! and check him out! while ur at it, do add me to your myspace:

  • I think it’s really stupid for people to sitdown and compare Kurt Cobain and Francis Bean Cobain by looks and say that she’s his kid. I DONT THINK FRANCIS BEAN COBAIN IS HIS DAUGHTER!!!!!
    She looks nothing like Kurt. Everyone knows that Courtney Love cheated on Kurt with plenty of people. Kurt Cobain got Billy Corgan’s sloppy seconds end of story.

    It is just a shame, that something could not be done with finding out rather Kurt fathered Courtneys baby; I mean after all, she did have his body burned probably to destroy evidence after she had someone kill him!!!!!!

  • Of course Kurt Cobain would be happy with Courtney Love I mean he was stoned out of his mind the whole time they where togethor!

    I think just about anything, would look good when you are on that much dope-even Courtney Love!

  • Personally, I belive the only indication that Frances is Kurt’s daughter is that she has his brilliant blue eyes. I have no doubts that Courtney would cheat on Kurt. I can’t see her loving anybody but herself. She thinks she is so fine and really made a revolution with her music, but I think she’s confused because Kurt did that with no thanks to her. Kurt obviously wanted to commit suicide, but that doesn’t nessacarily mean that he did, and I would like to see justice done for one of my hero’s. If you want to argue, go to Don’t pull that shit about Kurt being depressed on me. Things were looking up for the guy until he was shot, which pisses me off even more. I hope whoever shot Kurt and the guy that shot “Dimebag” Darrel burns and rots in hell!

  • i love nirvanas music and i think kurt cobain was a great song writer but i stil dont think people wud b so obsessed with him if he didnt commit suicide (or get murdered or whatever) with a whole big conspiracy based around it… just a thought

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