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Francis Bean Looks Just Like Kurt Cobain, Pics Pictures Photos

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  • She does look like her Dad. He said in his suicide note, “Courtney, Frances I’ll be at your altar…”How sad that he not here physically to be with them & to see how beautiful his daughter has become. Courtney looks well & calm. A proud and protective mom. Good for her.
    Beautiful pictures.

  • Kurt did write a note for his wife and family and another for his fans.I skippd through some of every1,s comments and found some dont have a clue! I’m 34 , and lived this music. So, do some research Please, By the way Frances will always look like her parents even with beatiful pink hair.

  • U gotta be freakin kidding me..Curt did commit suicide..shot himself in the head..and ya..what that other person said..i lived his music too and specifically remember the day it was announced..u don’t forget something like that..or the details..seriously..whoever left that comment is a complete moron..and i think Curt was much more handsome then his daughter..not saying she is ugly..i just think anything that has Courtney Loves blood running through their veins..isn’t gonna get away untainted..if ya know what i mean..haha

  • actually Kaitlin your a idiot! he only spelled his name 2 different ways. Kurdt Kobain and Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain being the original spelling) also he only did that in his younger days like around the start of Nirvana he pretty much stoped spelling his name as Kurdt Kobain around when Bleach came out. Stupid, look it up. Read a ACURETE book on them for god sake! I suggest Heavier Then Heaven. The only part that I don’t think is accurate is when the it talks about the day he killed himself and and what he was doing right before he killed himself! The guy that wrote the book acts like he was their when Kurt Killed himself but he wasen’t! H don’t know anything that happened that day. Nobody Knows!

  • he didn’t commit suicide. there was a note but it wasn’t about suicide. and duh she looks like her father.
    1. if he overdosed (3 times the lethal amoutn which is crazii even 4 a hardcore addict) he wouldnt have been able to shoot hisself. xperts say tht that amount of heroin in the system would instantly incapacitate him. he would not hav ben able to pull a trigger.

    2. the note was questionable. whether or not it wuz all his handwriting. most of it said he was leaving seattle n he wuz goin thru a divorce with courtney love (also an addict). there wuz only a lil part about his family and it looked different from the rest of his handwriting.

    im only 14 years old and i know this stuff. wow.

  • ok, i own kurt’s published journal thing, and he spelt his name in all of those ways.
    and if he did or didnt commit suicide is just opinion, there is good evidence for both sides.
    francis definetly has kurt’s face, and its a manly face….

  • he would be very proud to see her now and how beautiful she became…if he was really alive,they would be a perfect family..
    but he´s deas :'(

  • I agree a bunch of morons indeed, most of whom cannot spell. Stop dwelling on his death and start talking about what he accomplished when he was alive. He was an amazing musician and wrote some of the best lyrics i have heard. There is no doubt that it was a suicide because he was a very sad man for a long time, and when one becomes addicted to drugs they eventually become immune to the extent of the effects. To the 14year old above you dont know jack. Stop verbally duplicating what the newspapers and tabloids reported we all know media is exaggerated BULLS!@#$!!!!

  • PS. His daughter has his eyes and that is it, there is that something fantastic missing that Kurt possessed. Courtney what can i say what a drug addicted awful person. Look up who was behind kurt’s heroin addiction. Heart Shaped Box? Who gave Kurt the box and what was inside?

  • go to the library & check out the book on kurt cobain. i forgot what its called cuz i smoke too much pot but its something along the lines of “what happened to kurt cobain”. or some shit. it basically says the same stuff as azheexoxo94 said. it is THEORYS. very good ones too, but all of you, stop acting like you know what happened to him…none of you forsure know unless you had some kind of connection (doubt you do, cause im sure it woulda got out by now) with the murders or kurt himself.

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