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Jennifer Love Hewitt is a Little Big in the Hips

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  • According to the evil, mind-poluting media, everyone that doesn’t resemble a stick are OOZING with fat on their body. Finally, one of our top celebrities has realized that curves are beautiful – not looking like a african suffering from starvation.
    I actually like her more now then ever before. Celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lopez, Mira Craig, Charlotte Church etc. have what men crave – SHAPES!!

  • She has a similar shape now to what I have (although I’m shorter), and I know my boyfriend find me beautiful. Just as sure as I am of that, I’m positive her fiance loves the way she looks as well. I praise JLH for eating! :D

  • nah i reckon she’s not fat! shes just wearing loose jeans and might of gained a tiny bit more, and is healthy looking. but as long as shes happy with herself then who cares!

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is not fat at all i love her for being real. I have curves and they always bother me until i saw a Famous women have curves. she is beautiful and i love her for putting on a bikini and showing her body, y’all are just jealous because y’all are to afriad to show who you really are, just because your a size 0 or 1, 2,3 doesn’t mean your pretty. I LOVE ENNIFER LOVE HEWITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are you crazy? She is nowhere near fat. So what she looks like most of the female population. More women will look up to her for being normal than if she was stick thin aka Nicole Richie.
    Love you Jennifer Love HewittxXx

  • She is not fat! She’s stunning! This is why there is such a huge pressure for young girls to stay bean pole thin. Curves are beautiful, not anorexic thin bodies! I’m naturally very thin but I wish I had curves!

  • She’s stunning! This is why there is such a huge pressure for young girls to stay bean pole thin. Curves are beautiful, not anorexic thin bodies! I’m naturally very thin but I wish I had curves!

  • Orson Wells, when ridiculed for being obese by Robert Blake on a talk show said, “Yeah, I’m fat and you’re ugly, but I can lose weight.” Jennifer I’d Love to Dewit!

  • she’s a goddamned size 2! no matter how you come at it, that’s not even remontely fat in any universe. hell, it’s more likely she’s underweight. just because a half a dozen unflattering pictures get posted on the internet doesn’t mean anything. in any case, even if she put on some weight, she still looks beautiful. if everyone wasn’t so bitter and unhappy about the way THEY look, they wouldn’t spend so much time picking on celebrities.

  • Janie – she is totally NOT a size 2, just look at how huge her pants are! And to everyone else, she looks HORRIBLE so stop deluding yourselves. I admit that certain stars are too thin, but JLH is clearly becoming fat.

  • SHUT UP ok jennifer love hewit is not fat… and hoo r u to judge her anyway… u dont know her and to me shes as beautiful as ever… im 13 and jennifer love hewitt is my idol, i get so angry hearing people bag her and putting her down about the weight she put on… hoo frigin cares ok, your not her, so dont try and become one to say… we know jen shes fat!!! coz i swear, one day it’ll bite u on the behind… so please leave her alone shes an insperation to me and others, i hate the media and yes, i wanna become as beautiful and talented as jen and so if i get that far im gonna have to become used to he media but at the moment i hate them for wat they have beenm saying about someone as marvelous as jennifer love hewitt…

    xxx Samantha Vic Aust

  • albert- u again are driving me uip the wall… stop putting out comments about JLH being fat how would u feel if someone pout pics of u on the internet and said… oh look alberts put on heaps of weight hes fat when clearly you have only put on a few kilos… think about it ok… then get back to me, i hate it..GRRR

  • I think she is gorgeous – she has one of the most beautiful bodies of any of the actresses out there – and any clothes is flattering on her body as it falls so nicely over her hips and chest. I should be so lucky ;o)

  • she is stunning so everyone thats bad mouthing her should shut up! women are meant to have curves…and other female celebrities obviously aren’t aware of i think jen is very brave and looks gorgeous :)

  • I’d be interested to know her actual weight now because if you put her on any of the height/weight charts I bet she’d come in as perfectly healthy, probably at the lower end of a healthy BMI. She’s 5’2 & 1/2″ which means that she could be 137lb (9 stone 11lb or 62.14kg) and still be in her healthy range. If she’s anything under 109lb (7 stone 11lb or 49.44kg) then she’s underweight.

    I think people now really don’t fully understand what ‘fat’ people actually are. ‘Fat’ when used in relation to people’s weight means OVERWEIGHT for your height. Just because she actually has a few curves doesn’t necessarily mean that she is over her healthy weight.

    Ok I know that America and Britain can both be delusional and many obese people think they are just overweight – but why do the media write so many articles about how shocking that is and then go the other way at the other end of the scale by saying healthy people are fat?

    It makes me laugh that the magazines all post pictures of Nicole Ritchie and the likes saying ‘she’s too skinny’ when they are most likely the main reason that drives these celebrities (and young girls – and some older ones) to become so painfully underweight in the first place.

    Bring back the days when people with Marilyn Monroe type figures were the role models and people didn’t have to live off celery, liposuction and 10,000 crunches to stay the weight they are told they should be.

  • When I married my wedding dress was a UK size 8, and needed taking in at the waist. As I headed towards 30 my hips widened a little and my bust size increased, and needed a size 10 or 12. I started feeling fat, but my husband pointed out that I couldn’t be the size of a teenage model all my life, as I was indeed a woman – and he loved my new shape! Now? I’m a happy, healthy, curvy size 12 (in some styles 14). Being happy and healthy is more important than being thin. So, guess what – Jeniffer Love Hewit is no longer a teenager, she’s now a beautiful woman.

  • uhm hey anyone who thinks Jennifer is fat is fucked up in the head and has severe mental issues so you shld get thoes checked out
    and if you cant see how gorgeous she is then wow.. thats just embarassing
    get a life.

  • JLH has a very successful career, a loving partner and is very beautiful. Anyone who feels the need to criticise someone else’s appearance is most likely to have serious self esteem issues of their own. It’s obvious JLH is healthy and happy…..what more could you ask for in life?

  • wow photos and television adds 10 pounds so most of hoellywood if you didnt tie brick to their feet they would fly away damn as for as jennifer goes ummmmm wow delicious you look good.

  • What the HELL. She’s like 5’2″ for God’s sake. She’d be a size 2 or 3 at the most. Look how tiny she is on top! She’s just pear shaped. Whatever, I think she looks lovely and she gets 20 respect points from me! Chrissakes. That’s my EXACT shape and I have NEVER downed a whole bag of cheetos. “Supersizing her meals”. You people are so effing retarded.

  • She definitely has a beautiful face and some big boobs, but anyone who says she’s not at least HEAVY (I won’t say fat) and overweight is only saying that because THEY LOOK LIKE THAT or bigger and this article is making them feel bad about THEMSELVES.

    She looks pretty damn hefty. Beautiful. But definitely big.

  • ps. She is NO size 2. I’m 5’8″ and a size two and there is no way in hell she is a size 2. If she is 5’5″ then maybe a size 7 ? Any taller then a 9/10.

  • she is so damn beautiful and you are so so stupid if you are saying that she is too fat! she is a model to me even if she is not like every other female celebrity! she is so much better!!!

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