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Did Paris Hilton Get to Use a Cell Phone in Jail?

Paris Hilton Had a Cell Phone in Jail

It appears as though all Paris Hilton’s claims that she was treated “just like any other inmate — no better, no worse” may hold about as much truth as her statement that she’d never done drugs.

The Sheriff’s Department yesterday opened up an investigation into allegations that Paris received all sorts of special treatment in the slammer.

The internal probe will examine whether the hotel heiress was given free access to a cordless phone instead of being forced to wait in line to use a pay phone at certain hours, sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

Also under scrutiny are claims Hilton received a new jail uniform instead of the recycled ones given to many inmates and that her mail was delivered by a captain instead of inmate trusties, Whitmore said.

Okay, the last one I guess I can understand. I can imagine there was a lot of interest in Paris Hilton’s jail mail, and it’s understandable that they wouldn’t want to risk one of the other inmates stealing a piece or two to sell to TMZ.

The other two are just bullshit. She couldn’t use a regular jail uniform? What the fuck, did she need the Orange Jumpsuit by Tom Ford for Gucci? Was she scared that there might be poor-people germs on the recycled uniforms? And if this bitch got to use a cell phone in jail …

Grrrrrrrrr …

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  • so it would be Paris’s fault if she were extended these so called super priviligaes?She should have been out by then anyway, and who knows if this is true, and you have your panties in a bunch. Relax, it could not be true, then you would have almost had a hernia over nothing.

  • Paris looks terrible in this picture, like she just shot up some heroine. In fact she always looks like she’s on something to me. That bitch can get away with anything