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Justin Guarini Still Milking That American Idol Thing

Justin Getting Free Stuff

Here is Justin Guarini getting free stuff and acting like he still is famous at Melanie Segal’s MTV Movie Awards Platinum Luxury Lounge in LA. I don’t know who let him in. I know “From Justin to Kelly” was actually a movie but seriously, Justin Guarini…what was Sanjaya busy?
Justin Guarini with chick Justin with Bag

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  • Justin Guarini looks f**king hot. I think he has a new movie coming out. Something about race car driving.

  • Why are you hating on Justin. He’s doing what’s available out there for him to do – which by the way is not Paula. Your’e so jealous. He does look hot. And Oh Yeah, who the h*ell are you? He may not be No. #1 but his numbers are still rising. I know mine are!