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246I’d Be Unhappy if Denise Richards Was My Mom, Too

Denise Richards with Daughters Sam and Lola

Denise Richards puts on a brave face with her grumpy Sheen-spawn, Sam and Lola, at a Disney-sponsored party in Bel Air on Thursday.

There are seriously nearly 40 pictures of Denise and these children on WireImage right now. There is not a single picture in which these kids look anything short of miserable. I checked them all. Look at their eyes! They’re like, “Save me from this childhood!” I just find this incredibly funny and I needed to share it with you all.

Denise Richards and Daughters Denise Richards and Daughters with Princess Jasmine Denise Richards and Daughters with Princess Jasmine Picture Denise Richards and Her Sad, Sad Children denise_kids5.jpg denise_kids6.jpg

May 31, 2007 at 11:05 pm by Evil Beet
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246 Responses to “I’d Be Unhappy if Denise Richards Was My Mom, Too”

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  40. bill bullock says:

    Denise, I watched your show on t.v. last night and find you to be both beautiful physically as well as having a beautiful heart. Your love for your wonderful father would make any father proud!!His response towards you-especially having to give away the shoes for using some bad language during an interview showed his love and commitment to you and your love and desire to please him was just fantastic. To be truthful, I do not know much about you except to see you on t.v. now and then, but my prayers are for you and your children-do not get too down on Charlie -eventually he will leave you alone… You seem to be a wonderful person andI tust Godwill Blessyou and your daughter richly!

  41. danny bonaduce says:

    denise is a kick azz woman. all of youz haterz need to shut da f*ck up. i personally know DENISE and she is one kick azz honey. she beez one kick azz mom and lovr. SO all da haterz pleez stop and recognize diz beez one of da finest hunies of da 21st century.

  42. Crystal says:

    Jenni, do you have any proof to back up your claims that Heather has an her alcohol problem and Heather was already out gallivanting and shagging any man who would look sideways at her.

    Unless you are an insider or are pyschic, that only happened in your fantasy world.

  43. Sprmcandy says:

    Beautiful Lady, love her pretty blue eyes & blonde hair.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Yeah she’s pretty, but she obviously uses her children for attention and she must not have noticed her kids are unhappy and never smile in any pictures she has had taken with them. I wouldn’t put my kids through mediafests for all the money in the world (I’d be off living where Johnny Depp is). Was she even looking at her children in any of those pictures?

  45. Marion says:

    Yeah she’s pretty, but she’s obviously using her children for attention which is very ugly IMO. She is the only person smiling in every picture, I don’t think she noticed anyone else in any of the pictures but herself when she was choosing which ones the media could use.
    There’s no way I’d put my kids through the mediafest, I’d be off living wherever Johnny Depp is not using my kids to further myself. People who use their kids like Denise, Charlie and TomKat are scum.

  46. Your Mama! says:

    Apparently moderation of this site has been abandoned!

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