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12Kelly Clarkson’s New Album Online Now

Kelly Clarkson New Album

Despite her ongoing feud with label head Clive Davis (which is far too tedious and retarded — on his part — for me to cover on this blog), the former Idol has moved forward with her new album, My December, most of which she wrote herself. You’ve probably heard the first single, “Never Again,” on the radio by now, but there are three new tracks that you can preview up at AOL Music:”Sober,” “Maybe,” and “Can I Have a Kiss.” They’re a slight deviation from the pre-packaged, teen-friendly pop tracks she’s put out on her previous albums — they’re more raw, and seem to be intensely personal — but I really like them, and I hope her album does well. The poll up at AOL Music has 75% of listeners voting “It’s awesome, love it” for the album, so hopefully it will.

May 30, 2007 at 3:08 pm by Evil Beet
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  1. Barry Ward says:

    Does anyone know for certain that the track ‘Can I Have A Kiss’ will be on the UK release of the album? On online stores where they list the tracks (,, amazon etc) the track is missing.

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