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E! Networks Has Super Smart People Working for Them


Today I got a lovely letter from a staffer over at E! Networks with regards to the Simple Life promo shots I posted earlier in the week. I don’t mind these types of letters. I get them often, from all sorts of people, and I pull the images in question, because, you know, it’s definitely not worth going to court. I was particularly impressed by E! Networks, though. They sent a very important-looking PDF with my real name and real address and a very scary letter authored by their “Intellectual Property Administrator” and with a real-life lawyer cc’d. Here’s what cracks me up: there were several grammatical errors in this letter. In fact, this ultra-intimidating genius actually used “you’re” when he meant “your.” Jesus, buddy, Paris Hilton knows the difference. Honestly, E!, have your people proofread their shit before they send it out across the blogosphere. I’ve attached the file here with my mark-ups. Click to behold the stunning intellectual capacity of an E! staffer.


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  • wtf …. you are giving the show some attention and my guess is that E! was invited to the shot – hey who knows maybe expenses paid.

    So E! is reading your blog … maybe you should check them out to see if anything they are using comes from your blog?

  • What alternative, implied meaning do they have for “rough drafts,” I wonder? As long as you’re correcting their grammar, however, I suggest you make note of “such time that.” It should really be “such time as.”

  • In regards to the title, most italicized titles are that of something longer like a movie or a novel; a television show is shorter and can probably stand being in quotations.

  • No, television show titles should be italicized or underlined. A specific episode name can go in quotes.

  • But that’s very good “point,” Jen. I just “don’t” know why they “needed” to put that in quotes.