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The Britney Spears Crotch Shot!!!!


Jump inside for the uncensored pics.

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  • wow i bet all u people only came to this page to get brittney porn! i only came to this page to say that youre all retarted and so is she, underwear was created for a reason but im not sure she knows what it is because she always has some stoners dicck in there.

  • I am so tired of people like you saying, “oh britney spears she doesn’t wear panties because she wants to have sex with everyone” or “she deserves all this shit she gets” or “oh she is the worst fucking mom” well you know what, everyone that hates on her just needs to go die. She is the strongest fucking person on this planet. Do you see the shit she goes through everyday? Do you know the things she has heard from people? If you were in her shoes, you would’ve all died off a long time ago. All you are doing is making everything worst. If there were less people like you, this world would be a better place. All of these people are just jealous, I strongly suggest you turn your life and opinions around because honestly, you don’t know what the fuck your talking about. You probably rely on tabloids and the latest magazines well you know what most of that shit is not TRUE! get that through your head! There are so many people in this world that don’t wear underwear, you guys just need to fuck off. Have you ever heard that song piece of me? You should really sit down and listen to it sometime. She tells you in the song, she is not a bad person it’s just that the tabloids and paparrzzi can’t leave her alone, they are the ones who make her look bad and are ruining her life. It’s ruining my life, too. It really tears me up inside to see this happening to her. Just take a second to look up the lyrics or something. I love her so much, and it kills me to see this happening to her. I am 16 and she is my idol. And nothing will ever change that.

  • hey jamie lynne, go have a cry you stupid skank!!you are 16 and looking at pictures of your idols fucked up pussy! what kind of wierdo are you? Do you like scat films? Daddy would you like some sausage!!!!

  • lol, silly jamie, u have to realize her “Lyrics” along with all of what she does , was made up for her, i hope maybe u will soon realize what a shitty “idol” she is. actually u know what? i hope u grow up to be just like her, just so i can make fun of you when u show up in a crotch shot on this website :)

  • what jamie lynn doesnt want to realize ,is that for her idol( i hope its a her, if not then………) is doing what she has to in order to support the fantasy life she can no longer control………what i wonder is if she was doing herself in the car on the way without her posse knowing!!!!!!!!!

  • With the millions of dollars these stars make/inherit, you’d think that they might occasionaly want to show off the expensive undies that they can afford. Correct me if I’m wrong, but not every one in the world thinks that worn out va-jay-jays are sexy. Most would rather let their imaginations wander concerning the unknown territory underneath the clothing. Personally, I vote that we all go back into the 60’s where the famous kept their privates, well, basically private to the public eye, and where most people didnt have the technology to take, veiw and masturbate to the colour photographs of these so called “roll models”

  • well I think that Jamie Lynn is right, I feel bad for Britney, she is having a hard time right now and everyone whats to jump on the band wagon and make it worse, don’t we all have times that are hard and we need a hand up, ya she has done some things that didn’t help her but I am sure that if we look at our own lives that we have all drank to much and have done some bad things, but we don’t have people following us taking pictures if it and putting it up on web sites and magazines, I think we should give her a break, and I love her new CD and am proud of her for the song a piece of me, good for you.

  • you bitches that feel sorry for these girlz are fucked in the head too!! These girls are jst cum buckets and only good for peeing on! they know what they are doing so dont defend them!! at least if you are gonna flash your cunt, shave it, tuck in the lips and make sure it does not smell like tuna, rather than opening your legs to a flogged out pussy.

  • Yall should just leve brittney alone shes been through enough already without all yall think about if this was to happen to U really THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!

  • HEY!!!!!. calm down, she puts herself on show, besides no one is responsible for her crazed behaviour except herself

  • Hey life is rough and because of our worlds hunger to know about the media’s life we know about brittany’s stupid mistakes. Anyways, if u were famous dont you think that you have a choice on what clothes you wear and what your going have on when you step out in public.

    also who ever “…..” is, this is an celebrity upskirt website, all i expect to see on this forum is talk about her vagina. if you want to stick up for brittany then go to some other website.

  • why yall all pepz here are talking to much britney!! mine on your bussines no ones is perfect in this world, i know this is the most embbarassed thing had happen here life,,

  • so you aite better stop talking to much badword for her!!!! if these things would happen it to you guys are you happy that somebody talking you to much with a fucking shit crotch shot!!

  • One thing that is of borderline interest is that you can see a scar on her abdoment from a cesarean section. I hadn’t seen that pointed out before.

  • I am back bitches,

    So, all the people are defending this crack cum bucket, are fuckin loosers and should go swim in a pool of urine and horse shit!!! And stop saying imagine if we were in here shoes, if i was in her shoes i would play with my cunt all day and go have lesbian sex with paris hilton, and then shit on her!!

    What up!

  • Why is it , that u always see these nice photo’s of some fucking boring celeb ? never they show u the shots where he or she’s all fucked up , instead u see only the nice shots , u know what i say is : FUCK all these celebs that has the (MY ASS DONT STINK) attitude !!!!! As for Bulshit Miss Spearse , Jamie i think you need to look before u deliver a Bunch of crap , B.S is way gone UpStairs And down in the dungeon . Her live and her PUSSY Fucking Sucks and she’s a role model to kids , Fuuuck me , if she’s so Fucking Smart , Why’s She Always Fucking Up And Fucked Up ? JUST ASKING .

  • yo scat fan your a fuckin nut lol and i support everything you’ve been saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Fuck yes “Poo on the Chest”, For those of you who do not know what a blumpie is, a blumpie is when you are getting your dick sucked while you take a shit! Fuckin hot ey!

    Love the comment about the fishnet stockingsm i bet she is into scat too!

  • get a fuckin grip the lot of us the lassies havin a hard time of it just now because of that fuckin rat fag “K-FED” al kick his balls & all of urs!!!!! get of her bk u little weird internet geeks. give me half a day with brit n a would get her life bk on track. n jamie lynn ur right to have a roll model like britney she young, successful, n gorgeous (Y DO U THINK THESE FREEKS R ON HERE!) xxxx

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  • This message goes out to J Boy and Sagar… You guys should go and poo on each other and spend the weekend watching gay porn…. Then maybe fist each other while you listen to george michael and spend the rest of the day tossing each others salads! You guys are the true definition of shit! Go fuck each other!

  • Jamie Lynn is right! U know that a lot of people doesn’t wear underwear, u know that! But you prefer to be like these fucking paparazzi ! Magazines are bullshit, and just idiot people can believe that! But u will stay idiot!
    I’m not a Britney’s fan, i only respect human people! If you learn one day that “we are not different”, contact me.

  • ok britney, seriously, get a life, soon would be good. and don’t feel special because chris crocker stood up for you on youtube. chris chrocker is a fucking gay retard.

  • okay krystel, you are so stupid for believing jamie lynn. she named her username after britney’s sister who got pregnant at 16.not smart at all to name yourself after a slut.

  • I do believe that Scat Fan has eaten way to many turds, Now he has shit for brains, ROFLMAO!!!! If I loved watching people drop turds on others and play with and eat peoples turds, I for DAMN sure wouldn’t get on here calling so girls pussy ugly or talking bad about someone, DAMN BOY THAT STINKS LOL..

  • The thing I’ve realized about these crotch shot pictures is that essentially, all vaginas look the same.

  • I like the tone. But you should learn the difference between the vagina and the vulva. Wikipedia explains all.

  • Plz more. Love to watch the disintegration of morals and the collapse of society. Are you all foul mouthed sickos or just 99%??

  • You know you would hit that freaky shit, just to say you did. Don’t lie or you might as well go bang your boyfriend, cause you are a gay mf. It’s Britney bitch, she has got one rich punani. She shits golden eggs.

  • You people who are making comments, some are a little too crazy and most of you cant spell…thanks to public school. To you people who are defending Britney…… you realize what kind of site this is, HELLO! First of all, if she didnt want people to see her twat after the first time everyone saw it, then she would have done something about it. I can see where she is coming from with the people following her everywhere, but you people who defend her and read all the articles and everything else published, are the people who are the reason they follow her….dumbasses.
    Now, Britney has been in the “lime-light” since she was a child. She is used to all of us watching her. If all of you intellectuals will realize, everytime she hasn’t been on camera for a while, she does something to draw attention to herself– like a child throwing a tantrum… only as an adult when she is supposed to set an example for people. She IS a bad role model. I dont know what kind of mother she is in person, but she has obviously been irresponsable more than once. Furthermore, I would probably shave my head, do drugs, and act a little crazy myself if I had all of you people commenting, following, running, and criticizing every aspect of my life too.
    I wish people would leave her alone as well as all of the stars. Just think, stars might not mind talking to a regular person or letting people in on their lives if people werent so up her ass (no pun). Jamie should not have to answer for her mistakes and neither should her older sister to the general public. But they feel like they do because people attack them. We all make mistakes and I am sure we will all make more, I guarantee that you will. Wait NO your lives are perfect I am sure!!
    I am not siding with anyone, Just pointing out the facts that everyone overlooks. Jamie,and Britt, stop worrying about every little comment someone makes, you know the truth/ good or bad, Tabloids are there to make money, it is the people who keep them in business, who dont have a life of their own do criticize.
    By the way, you already know, but you do look great.

  • Irresponsable? People in glass houses …. Perhaps you should take your stuffy private school educated head out of your ass so you can check the spelling of your posts?

  • All i want to say is ya’ll need to leave Brit. alone . After seeing these wide pussy pose shots , i’m ready to tap that ass something fierce!!!! If she ever comes to my town I’ll ask her if she is down to make a tape (R. Kelly style)


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