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Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs Slams Tara Reid

Jason Biggs surprised us all by revealing he’s actually not Jewish, and now he’s surprising us again — by saying some incredibly mean things about former co-star Tara...

Oh, Jason Biggs, No

See, we just don’t mock people that do things like this. Because it’s not normal, and unless you’re under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol Lindsay Lohan, then chances...

Here’s Some American Reunion Stills!

Can you guys seriously believe that American Pie came out twelve years ago? TWELVE YEARS AGO. It was on television the other night and I happened to catch, like, the last twenty minutes of...

Not Divorced Yet!

Jason Biggs takes his quickie-wedding wife, Jenny Mollen, to the premiere of My Best Friend’s Girl, and they still look happy as can be! Good for you, Jason!