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JLO Cancels World Tour

JLo has been a hot messy dumpster fire for months now. She fills the tiktok airways with delicious tea as people make fun of her silly documentary where star after star turns down her requests to be in her movie.

And of course, where there was once shameless PDA there is now awkward absence for the viewers of her and Bens two year marriage.

So it seems understandable that she would want to cancel (she says postpone) her world tour to work on her family. But I’m here to tell you that ain’t whats going on.

If you’ve seen any stadium shots from her concerts, they’re often half empty. Reviews of the shows have often used words like “embarrassing turn out”.

And this sort of thing would be hard for anyone to suffer through, but for a person like Jennifer Lopez, who’s spent her adult life believing (and being told) she was invincible, it’s just got to be earth shattering.

THATS why the tour got canceled. She can’t physically stand to look at that audience.

As for her Vegas residency… she should have started that first. Now maybe Vegas wont want her.

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