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Everything coming to TV and Streaming in April

April 1:
All American (The CW, Season 6)
Lovers & Liars (The CW, new dating competition series; fka FGirl Island)
Vanderpump Villa (Hulu, new unscripted series)
The Magic Prank Show with Justin Willman (Netflix, new prank series)
The Synanon Fix (HBO, new documentary miniseries)
A Thousand Pines (PBS, new drama series)

April 2:
Lopez vs. Lopez (NBC, Season 2)
Dr. Phil Primetime (Merit Street Media, new nightly talk show)
Morning on Merit Street (Merit Street Media, new daily news and lifestyle series)
The News on Merit Street (Merit Street Media, new daily news series)
Food for Thought with Devon Franklin (MergeTV, new talk show series)
Chatter (MergeTV, new talk show series)
Finding My Romeo (MergeTV, new dating competition series)
Preachers Wedding Edition (MergeTV, new series)
Katching Kierra (MergeTV, new cooking series)

April 3:
Walker (The CW, Season 4)
Sight Unseen (The CW, new drama series)
Loot (Apple TV+, Season 2)
Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer (Netflix, new docuseries)
Files of the Unexplained (Netflix, new docuseries)
American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2 (FX, Season 12B)
A Brief History of the Future (PBS, new docuseries)
Take My Tumor (TLC, new docuseries)

April 4:
Elsbeth (CBS, Season 1B)
Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount+, Season 5; final season)
Ripley (Netflix, new drama limited series)
Crooks (Netflix, new drama series)
I Woke Up a Vampire (Netflix, Season 1B)
Ninjago: Dragons Rising (Netflix, Season 2)
Hop (Max, new animated series)

April 5:
Sugar (Apple TV+, new drama series)
Parasyte: The Grey (Netflix, new drama series)
Monsters at Work (Disney Channel, Season 2)
Dinosaur (Hulu, new drama series)
Mary & George (Starz, new drama series)
Alex Rider (Freevee, Season 3; final season)

April 6:
Say Yes to the Dress (TLC, Season 23)

April 7:
Beacon 23 (MGM+, Season 2)
When Calls the Heart (Hallmark Channel, Season 11)
Mr Bates vs The Post Office (PBS, Season 1 of British drama series)
Space Shuttle Columbia: The Final Flight (CNN, new documentary miniseries)
Blue Ridge: The Series (Cowboy Way, new drama series)

April 8:
Spirit Rangers (Netflix, Season 3)

April 9:
Grand Cayman: Secrets in Paradise (Hulu, new unscripted series)

April 10:
Blood Free (Hulu, new drama series)
The Challenge: All Stars (Paramount+, Season 4)
The Hijacking of Flight 601 (Netflix, new docuseries)
Unlocked: A Jail Experiment (Netflix, new docuseries)
Chucky (Syfy, Season 3B)

April 11:
Patty Stanger: The Matchmaker (The CW, new unscripted series)
As the Crow Flies (Netflix, new drama series)
Midsummer Night (Netflix, new drama series)
Elkhorn (INSP, new drama series)

April 12:
Fallout (Prime Video, new drama series)
Franklin (Apple TV+, new drama limited series)
Good Times (Netflix, new animated comedy series)
Dora (Paramount+, new children’s animated series reboot)
Best Bite in Town (Food Network, new competition series)

April 14:
The Sympathizer (HBO, new drama limited series)
24 in 24: Last Chef Standing (Food Network, new competition series)
Secrets of the Hells Angels (A&E, new docuseries

April 16:
Ctrl+Alt+Desire (Paramount+, new documentary miniseries)

April 17:
Under the Bridge (Hulu, new drama series)
Our Living World (Netflix, new documentary miniseries)
The Grimm Variations (Netflix, new anthology series)
Don’t Hate the Player (Netflix, new competition series)
The Circle (Netflix, Season 6)

April 18:
Conan O’Brien Must Go (Max, new docuseries)
Orlando Bloom: To the Edge (Peacock, new docuseries)
Bros (Netflix, new drama series)
The Upshaws (Netflix, Season 3B aka Part 5)
Going Home with Tyler Cameron (Prime Video, new docuseries)

April 19:
The Spiderwick Chronicles (Roku Channel, new drama series)
The Never Ever Mets (OWN, new dating competition series)

April 22:
CoComelon Lane (Netflix, Season 2)
90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise (TLC, Season 4)
The Proof Is Out There: Military Mysteries (History, new docuseries)

April 23:
Brigands: The Quest for Gold (Netflix, new drama series)
Fight for Paradise: Who Can You Trust?(Netflix, new competition series)
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch 
(History, Season 5)
Farmhouse Fixer (HGTV, Season 3)

April 24:
The Big Door Prize (Apple TV+, Season 2)
Deliver Me (Netflix, new drama series)
My 600-Lb Life: Where Are They Now? (TLC, Season 8)

April 25:
Dead Boy Detectives (Netflix, new drama series)

April 26:
100 Days to Indy (The CW, Season 2)
Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story (Hulu, new documentary miniseries)
The Asunta Case(Netflix, new drama limited series)
We’re Here (HBO, Season 4)
Knuckles (Paramount+, new live-action/animated limited series)
Art Happens Here with John Lithgow (PBS, new docuseries)

April 28:
The Mega-Brands That Build America (History, Season 2)
How Disney Built America (History, new docuseries)

April 30:
Police 24/7 (The CW, new docuseries)
Hostage Rescue (The CW, new docuseries)
Fiasco (Netflix, new comedy series)
The Veil (FX, new drama limited series)

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