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Paris Hiltons 23 year old dog dies

I’ve got lots of big feelings about Paris Hilton. She was a terrible person in the early aughts, but supposedly has changed a lot as she’s grown. But one thing that we’ve always known is Paris is an animal lover.

So it’s super sad to hear her beloved dog, Harajuku Bitch, has died at the impressive age of 23. That’s wayyyy old for a dog!!!

Paris posted the sad news on instagram:

“Today, my heart breaks as I say goodbye to my precious chihuahua, Harajuku Bitch. For an incredible 23 years, she filled my life with so much love, loyalty, and unforgettable moments.,” she wrote alongside a carousel of photos of herself and her litter of pooches.

“She lived a long, beautiful and iconic life, surrounded by love until her final peaceful slumber. Words cannot express the immense pain I’m feeling right now., Hilton, 42, continued. “She was more than just a pet; she was family to me, a loyal friend who was always by my side through every twist and turn life brought my way.”

We’re thinking of her today,