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The private celebrity Wordle group you want in on

I knew I had more in common with Bradley Cooper than just a dazzling smile. Turns out there’s a group of A listers that play wordle each day in the competition. Here’s how it works.

Ben Affleck told Hollywood Reporter that each morning he enters a word game death match with the likes of Matt Damon, Jason Bateman and Bradley Cooper.

Ben explained the group play three versions of Wordle. Original Wordle, Quordle and Octordle. Ben describes the other two as “Wordle with more words.”

“Actually, the first rule of Wordle is don’t talk about Wordle. Unless you get it in three guesses. I used to do the crossword compulsively in the mornings and think I was good at word games,” Affleck said. “And let’s face it, going up against actors, it’s not a high bar. I expected to do fairly well, so I was seriously humbled.”

“You have to do the Wordle, the Quordle and the Octordle, and add up your score, and then whoever gets the lowest score wins for the day. It’s fiercely competitive, and there’s a lot of mockery and derision,” he continued. “So I’m in training.”