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Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari finally come together

Laguna Beach took the US by storm for a couple years during the early 2000’s and if you had one take away, it was that stars Lauren Conrad and Kristen Cavallari did NOT like each other.

They were in constant competition for the affection of Stephen Colletti. A less than desirable smart ass that loved nothing more than these two beautiful women cutting each other down over him.

Now Kristen and Stephen have a podcast called “Back to the Beach” and Lauren was on it this week and the two apologized for a very specific fail. Calling each other “sluts”.

“My biggest regret, [rewatching it] … I called you a slut,” Conrad, 36, said on the Dear Media podcast, referring to the infamous Cabo episode. “I’m so sorry.”

“Thank you!” Cavallari replied.

“I couldn’t believe I did that,” Conrad continued. “Because I think where I’m at now, I would never call another woman that, or girl.”

“I feel the same,” Cavallari agreed.

Conrad called the scene “the most embarrassing moment.” Cavallari clearly accepted Conrad’s apology and had a mea culpa of her own.

“I called you a slut in a later episode,” Cavallari admitted, “and I was going to apologize to you also.”

“I was so embarrassed,” Conrad added.

“I said some really dumb stuff. When I watch it now, I wasn’t confident at all,” Cavallari shared. “I was actually so insecure.”

“Same,” Conrad agreed.

“And I took it out on you in a lot of ways,” Cavallari continued. “And so I am sorry for that because I said some horrible things.”

“We weren’t great,” Conrad declared.

“We were not great!” Cavallari laughed.