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Paul Haggis Released in Italy Following SA Charges

Last month director Paul Haggis was arrested in Italy on charges he forced a woman to have sex with him over several days and then dropped her at the airport, where workers found her disoriented and called for help.

Now a judge in Italy has released him citing an “absence of constricting violent behavior” from Haggis, according to Italian news agency ANSA, adding that “the methods of meeting between the suspect and the offended person” were “spontaneous.”

Judge Vilma Gilli of the Court of Brindisi also noted “a complex story that blurs the original judgment expressed in the ordinance which had ordered house arrest for” the Canadian writer-director, 69.

Whatever the hell that means.

Prosecutors said in their written statement that the woman was “forced to seek medical care” after the alleged incident, which they said occurred over the course of two days.

Haggis is best know for his 2004 film “Crash”.