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Stephanie Beatriz gives birth to baby girl!


I’ve been SOOOO happy to have Brooklyn Nine Nine back on tv that I started last season over to really get in the spirit.

So when I heard Stephani Beatriz, aka “Detective Rosa Diaz,” had a baby I felt like I was welcoming a new niece!

Steph announced the birth of her baby girl Rosaline — pronounced Roz-uh-line, per her Instagram post — on Sunday.

“BÉBÉ HAS ARRIVED in style (and more importantly SAFETY) in @nuna_usa’s Pipa car seat,” Beatriz captioned an image of herself smiling alongside her newborn daughter, both of whom are strapped into the backseat of a car.

“I’m very very in awe of the entire experience of having a kiddo. it is INCREDIBLE and HARD AF and BEAUTIFUL and EMOTIONAL, and I can’t remember ever being this amazed and feeling so overwhelmingly full of gratitude. Roz, you are so cool.”

Congradulations, Rosa Stephanie!