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“Gunther” of Friends fame battling stage 4 cancer

A lot of people who checked out the HBO reunion of Friends were wondering what happened to Gunther.  I mean he wasn’t principle cast, but he’s ironically attached to the show and maybe should have been spoken to at least.

Turns out, tragically, that Gunther, played by actor James Michael Tyler, has been battling cancer for a while now.

His current condition is quite complicated. Friends and family though speak of the great desire to live exhibited by Tyler. Sadly his condition is currently not great.

Back in 2018, James Michael Tyler was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He revealed on the show “Today”, that he’s currently dealing with stage 4 cancer. He was sadly very realistic about his chances. Saying, “Eventually, you know, it’s gonna probably get me,”

At the time though it was speculated that as “Gunther” he had made around 4.5 million dollars. He also mentioned in an interview that he indeed received residuals from the show. The amount of money he currently makes from the show is unknown though.

We wish him all the luck in the world!



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