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Rob Riggle accuses ex of hidding cameras in his house

Rob and ex Tiffany

So this is creepy as hell.  You totally know Rob Riggle, by face at least. He’s been in countless shows and commercials and is what you call a consummate character actor.

Rob and his wife Tiffany have been living separately for some time, but Rob began to get suspicious when his estranged wife was aware of things she shouldn’t know.   Things discussed only in his home or via text.

So Rob and his current gf decided to test her and planted fake stories to see if they would get back to him.  And they DID!!!

So in April Rob hired professionals to “sweep” his house for bugs and a camera was found in his smoke detector.  Rob claimed the memory card in the camera had over 10,000 videos with sound, leading him to believe that it had been installed around August 2020, according to the report.

This is SOOOO disturbing to me.

He also believes she’s hacked into his apple account in order to download his texts and messages.

In one of the videos showed Tiffany standing on a ladder to install the camera. He claimed that another clip showed her sitting on the floor of his home office and counting money after $28,000 of his emergency funds went missing.

Rob was granted a temporary restraining order against Tiffany, and they are due in court in July.

Tiffany filed for divorce from the comedian in October 2020 after 21 years of marriage.

They share two teenage children, Abigail and George.