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David Letterman will be on Dave Chappelle’s podcast

Why do I keep forgetting Dave Chappelle has a podcast now?  The show only started in April, but I fancy myself a fan of Dave’s and always mean to check it out.  So maybe June 8th will be the day.

That’s the day Dave’s interview with David Letterman will drop.

Letterman has gotten a bit of shit lately for the numerous times he appeared to make guests uncomfortable on his show.  As a longtime fan and viewer I initially thought that was just his humor being taken out of context.  Then I remembered how uncomfortable I would get when he would all but stroke Jennifer Lawrence who he clearly had an infatuation with.

But I digress.  I just wonder how ‘real’ they’ll get with their conversation and will Dave speak on the way past behavior was tolerated when today it would mean instant cancelation.

Show airs on Dave’s podcast ‘The Midnight Miracle’ at midnight, June 8th.