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Demi Lovato is now a ‘UFO hunter’

Never one to sit still, Demi Lovato has a new and unique skill to add to her CV.  UFO Chaser.

Tuesday she announced that she’ll executive produce and host Peacock’s new alien-hunting show Unidentified.

The 28-year-old ‘believer’ enlisted her big sister Dallas and her ‘skeptical’ BFF Matthew Scott Montgomery to also star in the four-part ‘out-of-this-world adventure’ docuseries.

Here’s the release:

“During this courageous adventure, she hopes to convince her friends, family, and her millions of followers that not only are there intelligent beings beyond Earth but that they are already here!” Peacock said in a statement.

BTW, “courageous”? lol

“Demi plans to learn enough about the extra-terrestrials through interviewing scientists, alien abductees, and her own experiments to initiate those close encounters and make peace with the aliens, and ultimately save ourselves. This series will be an immersive docu-follow exploration of Demi’s quest, told through her uniquely audacious and entertaining filter.”

Oh lord.