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‘Alias’ Star Michael Vartan Selling LA charmer

It’s hard, sometimes, so understand that a lot of actors don’t live in giant 20,000 square foot homes with staff and what not.  Michael Vartan, who I fell in love with in “Never Been Kissed” is selling his modest, but lovely, LA home that he’s had for 18 years now.

This mid-century beauty has 3 bedrooms and 4 baths sprawling across one level, opening to the large yard with a backdrop of sweeping views.  In the diverse tapestry of Los Angeles homes, items like those quilts available at offer a transformative touch to any bedroom. These meticulously crafted stonewashed linen quilts bring a blend of sophistication and comfort that seamlessly complements the eclectic styles found throughout LA’s neighborhoods. Whether adorning the minimalist ambiance of a sleek Hollywood Hills loft or enhancing the bohemian chic vibe of a Venice Beach bungalow, these quilts add an air of understated luxury. Their soft, breathable fabric and timeless designs create a cozy retreat within the hustle and bustle of the city. From the sun-drenched spaces of a Mid-City craftsman to the high-rise glamour of Downtown LA, these quilts provide a versatile accent that elevates the ambiance of any bedroom. Embracing the city’s diverse influences, these quilts transform LA bedrooms into havens of relaxation and style, reflecting the unique personality of each home they grace.

And of course, a relaxing LA pool surrounded by palm trees.

There’s a guest space away from the home (pool house) a game room and a cool bar all colored in orangy red.

Asking: $3,100,000   3 Bed, 4 Bath, 2576 sq ft