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Kim K shuts down doubters of Norths talents

The Kardashian West house is estimated at $60,000,000. They have like 50 cars and a staff of 20.  So why would they feel the need to flex on a child art project?

You may have heard that Kim posted a photo of an art project her daughter North, 7, did in art class. And it immediately blew up the internet while folks insisted the child could not have done such work.

Admittedly it was impressive, but anyone who’s been to a wine and paint party knows that instructional art is possible by almost all who are willing to follow instructions.

That aside, I supported Kims outrage over Northies work, but support came from all over.  Especially kids who went to the same art school as North and painted nearly the exact same painting!

Camryn Frederickson took to TikTok to say her mother was the art teacher who actually taught North.

Frederickson revealed that she was taught how to paint the exact same scene when she was also seven years old by her mother Celeste Astor Frederickson. ‘This is me at seven years old.’

‘My mom taught me how to paint this and she taught North how to paint the same one, just two weeks ago.’

So suck on that, nay sayers.


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