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Britney Spears’ ex husband spotted at Capital Hill riot

Boy this girl sure can pick em, can’t she?

Remember back in 2004 when Brit had that whirlwind night in Vegas that ended with her marrying some dude Jason Alexander?  The joy lasted 55 hours and it was over.  Seems like she made the right decision.

As TMZ reports, it is currently unclear if Alexander was part of the mob that broke into the Capitol Building.

Alexander’s Facebook page, which is public, displays anti-mask and pro-Trump leanings; under “employment”, he wrote “Journalist researcher at Conspiracy Theories & History”.

Posting selfies in a “Trump 45” beanie to Facebook,  he captioned, “DC. Millions showed up.”  But I think it seems likely, if he believes all these crazy conspiracies, that he’s capable of anything when in the mob.

He also wrote; “I don’t wear a mask bc I don’t listen to tyrannical orders  not voted on in a fair election. I don’t consent to the mark of the beast practices and I don’t value material shit and I’m locked and loaded ready to kill anyone or thing that trys  to make me,, now cowboy up all you bitches….”

Enjoy your Covid, asshole.