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Rubik’s Cube everything will soon be everywhere

Remember back in the 80’s (everyone under 40, just nod politely) when videogames were being turned into cartoons for the jam packed Saturday morning cartoon slots?  And one was about a town full of sentient Rubik’s Cubes? I’d say you can’t make this stuff up, but someone came up with that and someone else green lighted it sooo….

Here we go again.

Hyde Park Entertainment announced this week it will be producing a movie based on the game, although no word on whether or not the cube will have a speaking role.   There is also talk of a game show based on the same idea as whatever the film is and that leads me to believe colorful cubes are about to be all you hear about for a little while.

The combination puzzle was invented by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Erno Rubik, in 1974. To date, the Rubik’s Cube has sold over 450M cubes worldwide.