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Lil Pump is banned by JetBlue for refusing to wear mask

This Lil’ Pump guy is a real spaz.  He’s part of the Covid denier population, which alone is enough to make one question any sanity.  But his real name is Gazzy. Who has a name like Gazzy and then changes it to Lil Pump?? You had the perfect name!

Anyway, this jerk was on Jetblue this weekend flying from Florida to LA and refused to wear a mask as mandated.

JetBlue representatives claimed Pump became unruly and verbally abusive with the flight crew, taking off his mask mid-flight and then refusing to put it back on.

The airline even had to call ahead to LAX airport to request the police be on standby when landing, but apparently no arrest was made nor report filed.

TMZ also correspondence from the flight deck, saying that the captain reported that LP was (perhaps purposely) sneezing and coughing into a blanket without a mask on, that he had to be dealt with ‘firmly.’  Although the rapper finally did comply and put his mask back on, he later took to social media in a rant against JetBlue.

In a since-deleted video snippet on Instagram, Pump said ‘f**k JetBlue’ and that he will never wear a mask in ‘202021’.

So fuck this dude.