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Album John Lennon signed for his killer comes to auction

Lennon seen signing the album for Mark David Chapman whose face is seen partially on the right.

Starting today, you can own one of the most tragic pieces of Beatle history/memorabilia.  This is way heady.

On December 8th, 1980, John Lennon and Yoko Ono were leaving their home at the Dakota in New York City.  Lennon stopped to sign an autograph for a fan. He signed a copy of his “Double Vision” album and went on his way to a recording studio.

Eight hours later, John and Yoko returned to the Dakota and the young man who had gotten his autograph just hours earlier stepped out of the shadows and fired multiple times, killing Lennon and marking one of the saddest days in music history.

Apparently the shooter, Mark David Chapman, left his signed album at the scene and someone picked it up. it was used as evidence in the trial and then returned to the guy who picked it up that day and eventually sold in 1998.  Now it’s back up for sale and I am waaaayyyyy curious what this goes for.

Bidding has started at $400,000 and continues for 20 days at

Lennon’s signature is in blue pen on the neck of the image of Yoko Ono on the front. Lennon also inscribed “1980” below his signature. The numbers above Lennon’s signature in black marker are police evidence markings. On the back of the album on the upper right corner to the left of the song listings, handwritten in blue pen are other police markings tat reads “Det M. Struk #7247 20 DET Sqd 1330 Hrs 12/9/80”.