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Shelter Island resident suing Beyonce over video shoot


Mike Gaynor, a resident of New York’s Shelter Island, says that Beyonce tread on sacred ground when she and Disney filmed her “Black is King” video.

Page Six peeped the documents filed and revealed Gaynor claims Beyoncé nor Disney applied for permission to film at Sylvester Manor, the former home of slave trader Nathaniel Sylvester.

Gaynor calls Nathaniel “top a-hole and CEO of a worldwide slave-hunting and trading operation” — but says the site demands respect because slaves were buried there.

Gaynor, who lives in a neighboring property, filed suit in New York Supreme Court last Wednesday against the town, all of the town trustees and the Community Preservation Fund board’s member.

He donated $30,000 last year alone to the Manor.

“I have official confirmation from the town clerk that no permits were obtained,” he told Page Six, “I was deeply offended when I learned that The Manor took money from Disney to allow the film… on what is without argument on wholly sacred ground.”
He added, “Please know that there are at least 200+ enslaved Africans and Manhasset Indians buried on their land and so that’s just not a place where you film a dance-off.”

Gaynor believes that the council knowingly allowed the superstar to film without permits. “There’s no way they would have allowed her to turn up without knowing — I believe in fact the town did know about this and the town was signed up on an NDA so that the Manor and the town could make money,” he said.

Shit is going down and we’ll be front and center as long as our press passes work in NYC courts. (hint: they don’t, but we’re skilled at the art of disguise).