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Tosh.0 Cancelled at Comedy Central after 12 years

People have mixed feelings about Daniel Tosh and his often brash sense of humor.  I used to think he was ridiculous and then slowly he won me over.  But I’m not the sensitive type when it comes to jokes.  That’s not to say there isn’t a place in this world for those who are… I just… if it gets a laugh it’s worth telling.

Well that’s all over now.  Tosh will tell his final jokes on his Comedy Central show starting September 15th.  A ten show run.

Sources say that while it’s technically a firing, Viacom is helping Tosh find an outlet for his show on other networks.  I say hit up HULU.  They’ll take anything once.

Execs at Viacom have been aggressively mining the company’s vault and rebooted animated series including Beavis and Butt-head, Ren & Stimpy and picked up a Daria spinoff, Jodie, as part of the strategy.

“I look forward to doing an animated reboot of my show on MTV in 25 years,” Tosh said in a statement Thursday.