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Amy Schumer supports women accusing Bryan Callen of Assault

Amy Schumer is showing her support for the women who came forward to accuse comedian Bryan Callen of sexual assault.

The L.A. Times published a bombshell reported this morning titled “Actor Bryan Callen accused of sexual assault, misconduct.”

The outlet spoke with multiple women who claim Bryan assaulted them going back to 1999. A comedian, Katherine Fiore Tigerman, claims Bryan raped her. He denies all allegations of wrongdoing and says the encounters were consensual. One American Apparel saleswomen told the outlet the actor “pinned her against the wall of a fitting room against her will and began to kiss her.”

Another woman who was an aspiring actress said she had a four-year affair with the actor while he was married. She claims at one point he told her women have a “biological, primal desire to be raped.”

The L.A. Times spoke to a female comedian who accused Bryan of offering her stage time and money in exchange for oral sex. A request the women shut down quickly.

Amy Schumer posted a lengthy statement to her Instagram after the L.A. Times published their story. She supported the “brave women” who came forward with their stories of the alleged abuse. She asked any women who experienced abuse from Bryan to call her to talk.

She wrote, “The @latimes just published this article by @amykinla about the repeat offenses of Bryan Callen. Thank you to the brave women coming forward and sharing their stories. You are saving the women who may have come after you. And to the comics who are annoyed with me for standing with these ladies what are you so afraid of? Available on my number in my bio if anyone wants to talk about Bryan or any one else who has sexually assaulted you. @bryancallen have a nice day.