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Dixie Chicks drop the “Dixie”, now just “The Chicks”

The Dixie Chicks are now called The Chicks, according to their social media accounts and official press releases for their new video/song “March March.”

While the group has yet to make a public statement, Their Twitter handle is now @thechicks, and their cover photo featuring upcoming album Gaslighter has been changed accordingly.

The band’s name change comes amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement; Dixie is a nostalgic nickname for the South, and the band has faced pressure in recent days to drop the word.

Another country act, Lady Antebellum, also recently changed their name to Lady A, stating, “After much personal reflection, band discussion, prayer and many honest conversations with some of our closest Black friends and colleagues, we have decided to drop the word ‘Antebellum’ from our name and move forward as Lady A, the nickname our fans gave us almost from the start.”