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Court grants Bill Cosby his appeal

The courts have spoken and they will listen to whatever new evidence Bill Cosby has in an attempt to overturn his conviction for various rape charges.

Cosby, 82, has been in Montgomery County’s SCI Phoenix since Sept. 2018, serving a three to 10 year sentence for three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

An order issued by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Tuesday lays out two parts of Cosby’s case which can be reviewed. These aspects involve controversies which were at the heart of Cosby’s trial and debate over the legal logistics of his case: the way the prosecutors used the testimony of five women who had previously accused Cosby, and the “immunity” deal which Cosby reached with former Montgomery County District Attorney back when the case first surfaced.

That’s just a lot of talk for “just let him plead his case and lets move on”.