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Scott Baio movie first to be shut down for not being COVID19 compliant

So Hollywood literally opened yesterday and already they got people disrespecting the basics of the Covid procedures.  Is it a coincidence that the movie is starring two of the (pitifully) most famous republican actors?

SAG-AFTRA has pulled the plug on a movie called Courting Mom & Dad, accusing the producers of having “failed to comply with LA County Health Orders and SAG-AFTRA protocols in connection with COVID-19 as well as California regulations related to minor performers.”

In a statement, the guild said that SAG-AFTRA members “are hereby instructed to withhold any acting services or performance of any covered work for this production until further notice from the union. Please note, accepting employment or rendering services on Courting Mom & Dad, may be considered a violation of Global Rule One. Violating this order may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the SAG-AFTRA Constitution.”

SAG-AFTRA did not elaborate on specifics about why it issued the “do not work” order.

I fully expect some nonsense over this from Baio and Swanson who take to twitter often to praise love on Trump.