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Sharon Stone give instructions on creating a safe room in IG video

So ok… Can we discuss Sharon Stone’s IG video from Monday?  First of all, she’s gone full Grey Gardens and if you don’t get that reference check it out because it’s crazy accurate.

So she appears to be on a porch somewhere, but very little back ground is seen. Which makes sense. If you’re creating a panic room in your home, you’re probably not down with giving out your location. She’s wearing a scarf around the circumference of her milky white face, brown glasses and red beaded necklace like Marge Simpson might wear.

She begins by only acknowledging that riots are going on and then goes right into how to construct a safe room in your home.

“If it is your bathroom, you want to put some blankets and pillows in the tub in case you’re going to need to sleep there,” she says on camera.

She adds, “If you feel like you might get broken into or you have nowhere else to go, especially if you’re trying to self-quarantine and you want to take a cooler, you want to put water in there and a few, you know, non-perishable things that you can eat, some fruit or some protein bars and you want to put your cell phone or your computer chargers in there and your computer, your extra cell phone. You’ll want to board up the window.”

Just… just watch.  It’s curazy.



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Make a safe room here’s how ????

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