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The amazing life of photographer Peter Beard comes to an end

Peter Beard working on his diaries or collages in “Hog ranch”, his 50 acres home he bought back in the 60’s where he established a safari tented camp in the middle of Nairobi. Picture taken in 1998.

Peter Beard was like a real life Gatsby.  He spent long period photographing wildlife in Africa, living in huts, wearing animal pelts.  And then would return to his metropolitan world to chill with Jackie O, party with Warhol at Studio 54 and meet and marry supermodel Cheryl Tiegs.

His photos do right by him, showing his bohemian and glamorous lives running side by side.

On March 31st he was reported missing from the Montauk NY home he shared with his wife, Nejma and their daughter Zara.  An exhaustive search by police turned up nothing.

NY society began wondering where he was.  “I was not shocked,” model Cheryl Tiegs, who was married to Beard from 1982 until 1986, told The Post of his disappearance.

“Maybe someone picked Peter up and he is on a joyride across America. He does pretty wacky things. The night after we got married, he did not come home until dawn.”

But his wife new better. In his old age Peter suffered dementia and their concern was warranted.

On sunday, a hunter stumbled upon Peter’s remains, not fair from his family home.  His last adventure.

Peter was 82. God Speed.