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Selena Gomez sues mobile game for use of likeness and name

So brazen. Just so so brazen.  I know we’ve all been in the dollar store and seen … i don’t know… a shower cap that appears to be used, and approved, by lets say… Julia Roberts.  And you’re all “what da..?”  Of course Julia never authorized these people to put her name on the cap, but it’s there and the company is in deep china and has 14 parent companies so good luck.  And whats more, there’s little chance she’ll ever see the damn cap to begin with. Jules ain’t in no Dollar Family.    So it’s like that.

Selena got word that an app game had people dressing up her exact likeness and they never got it approved.  And Selena sees no chedda from the app.  It’s just all around bad because you can’t deny it.

According to TMZ on Tuesday, the pop starlet has filed a lawsuit against software and technology firms behind Clothes Forever – Styling Game.  The 27-year-old is seeking damages as well as a cut of the profits from the game.  I know that’s right.