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The Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

Are you looking for the right hairstyle for your specific face shape? We have some really helpful tips for you ladies. Once you go through them all, you will be able to find a hairstyle that will flatter your facial features. Once you have determined your specific face shape, it is time to check which hairstyle will be the best for you. It is all about covering the flaws and accentuating your best features. We will guide you through the proper hairstyles, so make sure that you don’t miss this post!


Oval face

Ladies with an oval face are considered to be the luckiest. The oval face shape can bear any kind of hairstyle. You are free to experiment, as every style will look flattering, however, keep in mind that there are certain styles that look more flattering than the others. You can go for layers around the lips or cheeks. Hairstyles that frame the face can also be considered. If you want a cool hairstyle for short hair, consider a bob. If you are up for mid-length, you can always go for a lob. It is a slightly longer version than the classic bob. This kind of hairstyle will do wonders for oval faces.


Round face

The round face shape lacks length and is wider in the cheek area. You need to elongate it using a few tricks. The first one is long hair. Or, choose hairstyles that add volume on the top. Short side fringes will look flattering, and so do long layers. You would want to avoid excess volume, so stay away from full curls. Choppy pixie cuts can be considered as well.


Square face

One of the most recognizable features for a square face is the defined jawline. Try to soften it with gentle layers around the chin and jawline. A bob will really add definition in the chin area, so you want to avoid this kind of hairstyles. If you really can’t let go off the bob, then opt for a longer bob.


Rectangular face

This face shape is long, and also has a defined jawline. Avoid long hairstyles, as they will make the face even longer. Soften the jaw with layers, and make the face appear shorter by adding side-swept bangs. If you do have long hair, try to add some nice volume. Go for a voluminous blowout or just add some sexy waves. Avoid sleek high buns, as they will elongate the face.


Heart shape face


This specific shape has a narrow chin and a wide forehead. This means that you should add volume around the chin to bring balance. To cover the forehead, you can go for bangs. Side-swept cut is also a great pick, as it covers a part of the forehead too.


Diamond face

A diamond face is very specific, as it has a narrow forehead, wide cheeks, and pointed chin. Opt for nice layers that will frame the face and cover a part of the cheeks. Avoid any kind of bangs, as they will cover the narrow forehead. Bob is a nice choice for you, as it will highlight those beautiful cheekbones. Another great hairstyle that will accentuate the lovely cheekbones is the sleek high ponytail.


Triangle face

The triangle face shape is recognizable for the narrow forehead and strong jawline. You will need to soften the jaw, so go or layers that fall around the eyes or the cheekbones. Go for short and light bangs, while avoiding full bangs at all costs. If you like short hairstyles, avoid bob. Instead, opt for a pixie cut that won’t emphasize the jawline.