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Martha Stewart tells her pick for best plant based meat

Why rely on your own plebeian brain, when a domestic master can just tell you what to eat.

Martha Stewart has officially given the thumbs-up to the plant-based meat that all the kids are eating.  She’s chosen Beyond Meat.   Stewart held a cooking demo this week for Beyond Meat’s breakfast sausage by making frittata and grits for guests.

She told her Web site, “I have a vegetarian daughter, Alexis, and two grandchildren who don’t eat meat but do eat fish. They are very astute about the problems created by farming meat.”

While Martha says that she wouldn’t ever become vegan, she did mention that she rarely eats meat and most of what she does consumes comes from her own farm. “I have a garden, so I grow almost everything I eat now, even in the winter. I made a turnip soup this weekend, I make salads every single day, I’m growing cucumbers and tomatoes. I raise my own chickens for eggs,” she said.