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Skip Bayless to DAZN when his FOX contract expires?

Skip Bayless , the very popular sports columnist and personality, is currently in the final year of a Four Year, 25 million dollar contract with Fox Sports. So he’s basically a free agent.

It looks like he may be reuniting with some old colleagues when his Fox Sports contract ends.

According to SBD, if Skip Bayless leaves Fox Sports at the end of his contract in September, he’s most likely going to sign with DAZN. Skip was seen with DAZN’s executive vice president of content, Jamie Horowitz, during Super Bowl week so already, that brings a sense of familiarity to Skip.

DAZN, led by former ESPN execs John Skipper and Jaime Horowitz, who Bayless credits for “changing his life” when he was at ESPN.

Horowitz had a very public reunion with Bayless at a Miami hotel during the Super Bowl, so even if the two are just friends, that’s more than enough reason to expect the change.

Apparently, Horowitz is also committed to sticking with the hits as he builds out DAZN’s content strategy, and debate shows seem to be something they want to expand on their platform.

It is clear that when three big players are fighting for you, you are a hot commodity and that will be reflected in your salary. So life is good for Skip Bayless no matter where he ends up.

Bayless started his career in the 1970s at The Miami Herald, where he wrote sports features. He then moved to LA Times doing investigative reports on the Dodgers. At 26 he was writing the lead sports stories in Dallas, where he stayed for 17 years before moving the the Chicago Tribune.

In 2001, he was a regular on Fox Sports Net’s The Last Word. He was hired full time by ESPN in 2004 and in 2016 he made the move to Fox Sports.

His next step is TBD, but it looks like he’s got enough pairs of shoes to get him there!!