Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Sofia Vergara joining America’s Got Talent!

For me this was completely out of left field.  Sofia Vergara has signed on to be a judge on AGT!

Why Sofia would want to go in this direction with her impressive career, is beyond me.   And I get that she likes having fun and all, but this feels like a step down.

Of course Modern Family is over now, so I guess she felt like this was an easy pay day. Keep your exposure. And for the shows part I AM a bit curious to see how Sofia and Simon interact.  She’s not one to keep her opinion to herself and I hope she puts his wife stealing ass in place.

Strangely, also returning to the show is Heidi Klum.  Klum was sent packing two years ago with Gabrielle Union and there was a lot of attention paid to the treatment of both women, but mostly Gabby.  Still it feels super thirsty for Klum to go back to a place that just tossed her away for a younger judge.

Howie is still a judge and my boo, Terry Crews, is hosting.

We shall see.