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Elvis Biopic gets primary cast!

It’s always surprised me that a really papow biopic about Elvis hadn’t been done yet.  Something that really captures the oddness of the music legend.  He was a pretty fucking creepy dude.  Married a 13 year old.

So director Baz Luhrmann has decided he’s the man for the job and he’s getting a pretty cool cast together to make it become a reality.

Maggie Gyllenhaal as Elvis’ mother, Gladys Presley


Rufus Sewell as Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley


Tom Hanks is set to play Colonel Parker, Elvis’ manager and enabler.


Olivia DeJonge will play Priscilla Presley. The only person in the film whose real life counter part is still alive.


And Austin Butler, who was just in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, will have the privilege of playing Elvis.  Which, depending on what version of Elvis they make this about, could be on his way to instant fame.