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Frank Sinatra’s gold toilets sold at auction

I’m a fan of Frank Sinatra’s music and that’s hard for me because I’m aware that be beat his wives something terrible. That seems like an odd way to open, but I had to get that out before jumping into the frivolous end of things…

Three gold-topped toilets from Sinatra’s “Chairman’s Suite” at the Golden Nugget hotel in Atlantic City went up for auction Sunday.  People bought them.  People that need a hug. That’s my guess.

The lavish Italian marble-and-gold loos, made by the New York City-based Sherle Wagner International, were among a collection of Sinatra goodies up for grabs by SS Auction Inc.

The assortment also was flush with furniture, lamps, artwork and antique clocks from his crap there at the hotel.

So how much? Well first you need to know that the things are supposed to have cost $30k when made.  They sold for $4,250, $3,500 and $3,750.  Ha! Dummies.  All of them.