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Jean Paul Gautier has his last runway show in Paris

Jean Paul Gautier is probably best known to Gen X’ers as the man who made Madonna’s famous cone bra that she wore in her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour.  It was a show stopper.

Last night in Paris, JPG took his finally bow after announcing his retirement from the fashion business after an impressive 50 years of mind melting fashion.

The show was Spring 2020 Couture and it was 173 looks deep! If you’re not aware that is a gigantic show by any standard, but for couture its unheard of.

And yes, you’ll say “where would anyone where that”.  Couture isn’t about wearable clothes. That’s what “Ready to Wear” clothes are for.  Couture panders only to the designer as he’ll only make one of each.  All hand stitch. Never touching a machine. They’re art more than clothing and to answer your question, if you could afford a piece of couture, then you likely have some where you can wear it.  The Kardashians are never out of places they can wear crazy gowns to.

Here are some of the final looks (I trimmed it significantly) for Jean Paul Gautier.